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Jason Feb 22
The gentle bite of the stars reflected in the night sea.

Holding my gaze, and holding me fast to my vision,

So that I need never know the difference,

Between your eyes and the light of day.

Turn not away from me, but into me.

So that we might savor the entwining heat of our embrace.

But if you must leave me, know this;

That I shall surely fall into the depths of that same sea,

To perish, still contemplating the wonders of you.

That I should remain, still, beneath such turbulent waters,

Eternally reflecting a love further than the stars,

It would be the sweetest rest,

Suspended in the deepest sorrow.
© 1994 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Jul 17

I just wanted to say I love you before
I'm not forty-four anymore
Cause 44 = 2 x 22
And those numbers mean you

© 05/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Apr 16

Fragments forlorn
Harmony's halcyon healing
Fortifies Hearts

© 04/16/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Mar 3

I am a mouse tempted by scent of cheese,

                                                        ­      I am a little lever,
                                                    by wightish weight released.

                                                                     I am the

         Tip me over and off I go,

                                        just as mapped,

                                                       Chain reactions
                                                                ­               crashing
                                                                ­                          choreographed.

                                                 ­               I am the ball bearing on its
                                                                ­                                     tilted track,

                                                         ­            Precariously poised
                                                                ­    awaiting that last flat

                                                               ­               CRACK!

                                                       ­    Startling astart at starting gun,

Gravity-well-willing I wobbly-spin-roll-run,

                                          ­                Back and forth I wander like a top,

Dizzily confused when off the end I
                                                                ­     plop.

                                                  It's alright, everyone, I'm okay,

This cup was here to catch me...              luckily.

                                                  Ah, I'm the cup too, of course,

                                      Rattling 'round rampant without remorse.

                              It's not a problem, I've already served my purpose,

                                  Ball-bearing-brained, I was useful for impetus.

                                  Downward-driven delivering incidental dues,

                         I am now the toy robot set off on a cruise,

               Wheels turning, less one brain (lest I hurt myself)

        Wound-up tight only to travel the length of a shelf.

Gears ground, I spark-stumble-halt,

      I've kicked the bucket, but it's nobodies fault:

                I'm also the water cascading through air,

                                                           ­   Splashing happily,
                                                        but predictably,
                                                   to be fair.

                            Sloppily graceful I stick the landing,

Releasing the cage, design-demanding.

 ­                      robot

I might even be the little mouses tiny outrage.

It seems I was all the pieces of the trap I set,

Honestly, everything fits just fine, except:

We seem to be missing one of the architects.
© 03/02/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Mar 1
Rising shadows release frigid forest

From deadly-dark silent guest

Lilac light lilts songbirds astir

Crystals cascade from ruffled fur

Halting soft steps upon frozen grass

Seek chilled silver trickling 'neath polished glass

Sudden stifled step echoes eerily alone

Tickling giggling reply from icy stone

Drinking doe darts sight unseen

Elusive as spring in this snowy scene
© 03/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Jan 29
Standing outside looking in,
Running circles with the wind.

Lose the self I've never known,
Chasing light that's never shown.

Forever rise to no avail,
Rusted, bent, and brittle mail.

The rising sun breaks on eager round,
It's dying screams release no sound.

This sadness might pass me by,
If I was ever left alone to cry.
©1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Ok, last throwback, for now lol
Jason Jan 29
Darkened dioramas seen through fading sight,
Wistful shadows of tormented light.

Twilight sifting through waking dreams,
Leaving me bare and clutching at seams.

We once flew on high with spirits of air,
We made light with the sun without a care.

Now I live only at night, sleeping through life,
Disgusted by struggle and sickened by strife.

Living for death but only dying my hair,
Heaven cancelled for the rain in the air.

So I gather my strength and I wish for the power to heal,
But when I give her my heart she says the magic just steals.

I've traded my eyes for a vision of sight,
And traded my soul for a photo of light.
©1997 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Jan 10
I'll never see it's like again;
The springtime coming to life
In my grandmothers back yard,
The birds singing, insects humming,
Sun dappled camouflage on the pond.
One mid-morning, mid-mourning,
Dreaming of love lost,
Hoping for hope.
It's funny, how young love is like childhood,
Gone before you truly value it,
Only cherished after the fact.
Only, cherish that fact,
Value it, before it's gone.
Humor your heart, like a child,
Hope for hope,
Dream of love!
And some mid-morning, quit mourning,
Let your camouflage fall, feel the sun,
Let the birdsong bring you back
To the wonder of childhood!
Love the autumn of life,
You'll never feel it's like again.
© 01/10/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Written about one of the most beautiful mornings I have experienced, wishing that a certain person were there to share it.  It was one of those moments where you don't really know whether you should go on. I decided that morning, that instead of ruining every beautiful moment mourning, Instead I would imagine she was there with me, sharing every beautiful moment. That I would take her with me in my heart forever. And that's what I did.
Jason Oct 2020

Bewitched by the charming graces of my private hell

Honesty, leave me be, that I should never kiss and tell

Soul to the winds, body to the flames

Salvation is ash, destruction a game

Spirit starving, though gorging be

Whether passion, love, or ecstasy

Only eyes am I

No hands to grasp the things I see

Only prayers am I

Never to reach the powers that be

On bliss' wings I soar upon high

A slobbering slave of darkening sky

Mind for fire, heart for dust

My remains trapped in a body in lust

The master plans the subjects scheme

The circle of life, the cruelest theme

Only eyes am I

No way to catch the tears that fall

Only now am I

Too late to save one from the fate of all

At the end of my rope I dangle and twist

Should I climb for the top or cease to exist?

Reason and sorrow to sweetest wits end,

Ignorance and wisdom dance, twist, and bend.

Grey rains fall and tired eyes swell

Never again to kiss or to tell
© 1997 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Oct 2020
It is ever-breaking fragile pain,
Thinly-strung lightning-flames.

It is stressing, tense, and pulsing life.
To force down grief, to strengthen strife.

It is flowing wonders' pouring heart,
A weathered, broken beggars' cart.

It is swimming through the sunlit air
On perfume-scented strands of hair.

It is sprouting springtimes luscious glade,
And lying down in burning shade.

It is a flashing trick of fading shadow,
In summer sunlights only meadow.

It is broken trust and spoken lies,
An angry haze in bleeding eyes.

It is sipping sweetness and pouting lips,
A flag of peace that snags and rips.
© 1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
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