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Jason May 2021

Dreamscape twilight skies
Gentle light, blue and pale
Arms embracing love and life
Breathing fast and frail
Passioned gasp and sigh
Inspired by bone sharp nails
Tracing down soft thighs
Round supple tail
Chasing chills up spine
Neck arching sweetly impaled
Pupils lock eyes
Shared ecstasy exhale
Spirit-minds entwine
Heart's promise, eternity trails

© 05/06/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021
When one's life has hit rock bottom
At the ripe old age of nineteen
When the apple of life has gone rotten
And hopeful plans wither to faded dreams

When one's confidence is shot
And one's hope has slowly waned
When one's faith in love is all but lost
And one's self-esteem's been drained

When one's spent their life to overcome
The pain of losing their one true one
When one's reached out to touch only ice
To be judged and rejected once, twice, thrice

When one's messages are deleted unread
And pictures cannot fill the hole in one's heart
When the only chance to hear your voice is in one's head
One begins the onerous process of falling apart

When healing has begun and the dull throb doesn't beat one jaded
When the sunlight breaks the clouds for the first time in dark ages
When the black hole ***** a little less and the stars aren't so faded
One will still be here waiting to hear an answer sought by fools and sages

Some things you just never get over,
Even after all the stages of grief, and all the healing,
The simplest things can still smack you right out of your body,
A phone ringing, for example, why am I still waiting for that call?

© 05/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021

I would rather have lived in a trailer with you,

Than to have lived the rockstar life without you.

© 05/17/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021
The cost of a soul is never cheap
A heart broken whole sleeps ever-deep
Healings toll is inclined to be steep
Heaven toils, devils reap
© 05/20/21 Jason R/ Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021
Her star is her spirit
Her heart is my light
Weather, far, or near it
Illuminates my night
© 05/20/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021

I was never sure if she was
locked away in a tower somewhere

Or if she was the dungeon master
and I was the one on the rack

Jason May 2021

Salt in a sea of pain
Vast, deep, and pure
Ocean of tear-fallen rain

© 05/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Jul 2021

Circumstance-severed ties
Shine like fugazi
Labor under lies
Instead of being, set free

Smothered in shadow
Beneath that Giving Tree
Struggling to let go
The aftermath of deceit

Falling for the untrue
Failing my destiny
Calling out for proof
Smoke-signaling my sanity

© 07/05/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Jul 2021

Bury me beneath assumption
Obfuscate me behind illusion
Crush me under false proof
I'd love to be lost in your confusion
Where each epiphany and every realization
Is you

© 07/16/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved.
Jason Apr 2021

In sweltering sun love sprouting
Light rain falls
Gently nourishing

Flowering despite autumn's chill
Struggling to survive
Thriving still

Flourishing cloaked in winter's cold
In the darkness of the soul

Warm thaw brings new growth
Humid heat inflaming
Inspiring passions oath

Fierce frost freezes tears
Discord reaps only stress
As baleful blizzard nears

Condensing spring-dew clouds form
Lightning racing
Lacing the summer storm

With autumns leaves fall our dreams
Drowned silent
Deep in icy cold streams

Blossoms wilt as the winter sky fades
Denied warmth
Given too much shade

Life will show us incredible beauty and replace it with indescribable sadness. Impermanence is the only permanence.
It is this transience itself that makes all of our experiences so vitally important, so beautiful.

Mono no aware describes both an appreciation of this beauty and a gentle sadness at the ephemeral nature of existence.
It is generally regarded as nearly impossible to translate, but I have done my best lol. :p

I wrote this as an homage to a very important person/relationship.  I have struggled most of my life to overcome the loss of this person's friendship, and this concept has helped me begin to view this in a way that I can actually process.

I attempted to capture the beauty, love, strife, and sadness of this experience in a 'mono no aware' style with senryus for this reason.

I rewrote this one a bit so I am shamelessly reposting. ;)

© 04/17/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
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