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Kyle Mouat Feb 11
I sat broken atop a mountain
Cursing all of the gods
For having me restrained
Against impossible odds;

For having me seek love,
Never to obtain it;
For giving nothing to write of,
And be viewed as a hypocrite;

For needing rejection,
To function in life
To never have the affection
Of caring, loving wife;

For making me soft in heart,
Afraid of the world before me;
Fearful of being torn apart
By some unholy earthly thing;

For having me always laugh
But never feel joyful and reviled
Being a joke on people's behalf,
Yet always having to smile;

Tis the gods that I curse
For my stubborn will and spirit
So that even when it hurts
I'll still be adherent;

For making me a fool
Before all of the earth
For treating me quite cruel
Making me wish I'd died at birth;

For forcing me into solitude
Making me able to see
That I am not being pursued
By those who could love me;

So I sit cursing the gods
Who sit on their thrones so high;
Hoping they'll strike me down
Leaving me up on the mountain to die.
Flint Holcomb Jul 2019
the scorching summer sun
makes the day almost unbearable
even the plants agree
the sun needs to *******

I guess its not the sun's fault
it's just doing its thing
but maybe it could tone it down a bit
since our sunscreen was washed away

it could be worse though;
the summer storms could roll through
flooding the countryside in a muddy wave
and leaving us trapped underwater

the floods didn't use to be common,
but now they happen every year
sometimes i jokingly wonder aloud
who forgot to turn off the hose

so I'll just sit in front of my fan
wishing we had ac
and longing for ice cream
that has already melted
Glenn Currier Mar 2019
The tongue wags with sudden impulse
swearing on myself what I’d never utter to another
a volcano of failure erupts like a reflex
gushing in a tide of crimson anger
making me wonder if my mind is master
or merely a servant of fleeting feelings.

I embarrass myself and subject those in earshot
to these small virile tsunamis of garbage
molesting and spoiling peaceful moments
while they silently love me
and cherish the molecules of purity
they see and summon in me.

It will take a higher power
to stem this tide
for my own devices have pitifully failed.

I call out to the heavens
mount me on eagles’ wings
bear me on the breath of dawn
change my mind
and pinch my tongue
between your finger and thumb.
Making a concerted effort to do better with this ***** vice I still court with too little forethought.
Alex Hill Feb 2019
I hate waiting
I always have
It’s become a real ******* issue in everything I do
I move too quick, I leave things unfinished,
If something takes too long, it’s easy for me to get ******
So you can only imagine
How ****** I am about you
You’re taking a sweet **** time aren’t you
Probably running around with other people I can’t measure to
Or maybe you’re like me,
Well then all is the better to hurry the hell up then won’t you
I’m tired of waiting for this great love
But don’t get me wrong it’s not standards or the idea of soulmates holding me back
It’s just
I’m still waiting for you
For the person who makes me feel so in love that I’m stupid
I want you here now
I want to write stupid sappy poetry about you
I want your dumb smile to be stuck on my mind all day long
I want to hold you and be held by you and just sit there and feel
Feel ******* comfortable for once
I want to kiss your idiotic mouth and fall deeper down the well
I want the want I feel for you to crash over me like the **** tide
I want to ******* until neither of us can breathe
I want to know your name so I can whisper it to myself when I’m alone
I want to hold your hand and imagine what its going to look like, all wrinkled and grey
I want fights and dumb arguments, days spent laying around with the worst of our thoughts
I want to be there for you, with whatever you face and whatever you’re going through
I want to love you, you insufferable *******
I want to fall stupidly and blindly in love
So could you please
hurry the hell up.
Alternative Title, It's Valentines Again and I'm ******* Still Alone
Naptural Mermaid Jul 2018
Tell them everything & don't leave out the good parts
Hell bent whispers for desperate listeners
I'm not proud of the things we did
No, it didn't work out ... we were just kids
Knowing I stand tall in courage to leave

Go on and tell them why I needed to flee
Oh, everyone is talking about me
Oh, I've kept it mute  so you wouldn't fall
Don't leave out the good parts, tell it all!

Tell them everything & in between
How you've become so mean... you've got your story & I got mine
Oh, the secrets you've told me
Uh, were a waste of my time
Good sweet lies as you said " I love you"
How do you feel now? Seeing me rise above you
Tell em how you broke my heart
Should have left but was blinded from the start

Just continuous restless nights
Knowing my decision was right

Fine lines were breaking
Unbreak my heart now that beats to a different drum
Continuous agony has made me go numb
Knowing **** well it was all affecting me

You tarnish my character just so you can look clean
Oh, after it all. I promised to never fall
Uh, at least tell them I'm a good kisser.

Think Good Thoughts! JK! *******!
inspired by the song Good Kisser by Lake Street Dive
RMBDUBS Feb 2018
I threw you into the ocean
Watched you flounder
Small and silly.

The ring was barely
Too big
For my little finger
(Probably fit just right on your ****)

I threw it too—
A stony life preserver
For the small-dicked
And emotionally stunted.

I hope you hate yourself,
I hope your time below the surface
Is all
Baking soda and sardines.

You ******* sadboy
You bigot in sheep’s clothing
You needy, whiny little

The ocean was the best
That could have
Happened to you

Remember that
When you

RMBDUBS Jan 2018
I don’t know why
You pretended
To love me

Or how you faked
The whispered sighs and
Shattered hourglasses

Or where I’ll go
Now that home
Isn’t you anymore.

I don’t know why
You pretended
To love me

When it’s easier
To use a brick
To soften me

Or to slice my
Pretty thighs—
(Would I drain the way you like?)

I don’t know why
You pretended
To love me-

Other boys would burn me
Hit me
(Run me over with a tractor?)

You were never
A stickler for

What’s the
I have a lot of feelings
alex Oct 2017
and i’d like for it to sound poetic.
poetic and sad
“the car smelled of
cigarette smoke
as we swerved
on an empty highway
waiting for the sun
to catch up”
neither of us smokes
and you didn’t swerve
and the highway wasn’t empty
and it was only
eleven p.m.
we weren’t running from the sun
i’d like to say
we were chasing it
but baby when
have we ever done something
so brave?
it would even be poetic
to admit that we’re cowards
but we aren’t those either
we’re just ****** people
you know?
that’s all we are
that’s all anyone is
driving on a highway at eleven p.m.
with other people
who are just people
and ****
if that isn’t the most poetic
and sad ****
that i’ve heard all day.
turns out the highway
was empty
after all.
alex Oct 2017
has no one ever told you that you’re the
most beautiful thing in the universe?
has no one ever told you that?
i find that so surprising.
when i took a moment to stop being so
entranced with the way the light crystallizes
on the leaves of the hammock trees.
when i took a moment to take a moment
and look at you.
oh my god
why, aren’t you just the most beautiful thing
in the universe?”
aren’t you just the most beautiful thing
in the universe?
aren’t you?
my child eyes
the same oceans that have seen storms
my child eyes
must be newborn
because you
oh my goodness
you seem to float with the clouds way up
there in the blue abyss
can you toss down your string?
i’d very much like to
join you
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