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Jason Sep 19
Life's a broken clock
Stopped dead in its tracks
It was just a little talk
Where love slipped the cracks

It was her choice, after all
My opinion mattered little
I'd be the one to take the fall
It'd be my heart in the middle

She was justified, she was right
And she had a list of wrongs
Things that made our love a plight
Things she said she'd said all along

Despite small truths, she reeked of lies
Her stoic demeanor and all she'd said
Was an expert attempt to cover my eyes
But she'd called me by his name instead

Coming up on my birthday, and that means, you guessed it, Anniversary Effect! Yay!
So, here's some 27-year-old pain, aged and bottled for your enjoyment!
Jason Aug 7
Lonesome pair of warring stars each toiling against the other,

Immense gravities shadow-spar, the sky-fires tide and tether,

Spiral waves of brilliant sparks spin out on the edge of never,

Shining light gives way to dark, the eyes of heaven stare as ever,

Embracing entropy eon-stark yet twinkling twice as clever,

For that which forces stars apart is that which binds us together.
Jason Jul 30
I stood looking up under that same moon
More desolate than the lunar landscape
More isolated than the furthest galaxy
More nebulous than any constellation

I stood looking up under that same star
Heart blacker than the void
Love brighter than a pulsar
Tears tailing like a comet

I stood looking up under that same sky
Missing you
Jason Nov 2021
My life was no stage
'Twas a catwalk suspended
Over your absence

And I still can't figure out how to turn off the lights...
Jason Feb 2021
The idea of living life, not just surviving, but actually LIVING life,

Is like the idea of Angels or Miracles or Night-visiting-aliens:

I've heard stories, but it's never actually happened to me.
© 02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Mar 2021
Next best thing to crying...

Telling someone how you feel.

Next best thing to dying...

When they don't believe you're real.
© 03/19/21 Jason R. Michie  All Rights Reserved
Jason Apr 11

Worn photograph clutched
Tightly in the mind's eye
Faces faded, edges rough
Light preserved by hopes lie

Lush garden terrace
Woven through with thorns
Soft smile turned sharp grimace
Scarcely healed scars torn

Fairytale truths delude
Poison apple dreams
The really-real world
Seethes behind the seems

Dark mirrors reflection
Bends reality
Echoes of connection
Charm eternity
Jason May 2021
When one's life has hit rock bottom
At the ripe old age of nineteen
When the apple of life has gone rotten
And hopeful plans wither to faded dreams

When one's confidence is shot
And one's hope has slowly waned
When one's faith in love is all but lost
And one's self-esteem's been drained

When one's spent their life to overcome
The pain of losing their one true one
When one's reached out to touch only ice
To be judged and rejected once, twice, thrice

When one's messages are deleted unread
And pictures cannot fill the hole in one's heart
When the only chance to hear your voice is in one's head
One begins the onerous process of falling apart

When healing has begun and the dull throb doesn't beat one jaded
When the sunlight breaks the clouds for the first time in dark ages
When the black hole ***** a little less and the stars aren't so faded
One will still be here waiting to hear an answer sought by fools and sages

Some things you just never get over,
Even after all the stages of grief, and all the healing,
The simplest things can still smack you right out of your body,
A phone ringing, for example, why am I still waiting for that call?

© 05/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021

I would rather have lived in a trailer with you,

Than to have lived the rockstar life without you.

© 05/17/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason May 2021
The cost of a soul is never cheap
A heart broken whole sleeps ever-deep
Healings toll is inclined to be steep
Heaven toils, devils reap
© 05/20/21 Jason R/ Michie All Rights Reserved
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