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Jason Apr 2021

In sweltering sun love sprouting
Light rain falls
Gently nourishing

Flowering despite autumn's chill
Struggling to survive
Thriving still

Flourishing cloaked in winter's cold
In the darkness of the soul

Warm thaw brings new growth
Humid heat inflaming
Inspiring passions oath

Fierce frost freezes tears
Discord reaps only stress
As baleful blizzard nears

Condensing spring-dew clouds form
Lightning racing
Lacing the summer storm

With autumns leaves fall our dreams
Drowned silent
Deep in icy cold streams

Blossoms wilt as the winter sky fades
Denied warmth
Given too much shade

Life will show us incredible beauty and replace it with indescribable sadness. Impermanence is the only permanence.
It is this transience itself that makes all of our experiences so vitally important, so beautiful.

Mono no aware describes both an appreciation of this beauty and a gentle sadness at the ephemeral nature of existence.
It is generally regarded as nearly impossible to translate, but I have done my best lol. :p

I wrote this as an homage to a very important person/relationship.  I have struggled most of my life to overcome the loss of this person's friendship, and this concept has helped me begin to view this in a way that I can actually process.

I attempted to capture the beauty, love, strife, and sadness of this experience in a 'mono no aware' style with senryus for this reason.

I rewrote this one a bit so I am shamelessly reposting. ;)

© 04/17/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Wordsmith Dec 2018
Particles collate, clouds gather
An uprising it seems, stronger together
Resolute it stands, till it holds no further
As any body collapses, under mounting pressure

Little drops to torrential downpour
The inconvenience it brings, just what we abhor
Struggle we must with virtuous patience
If we are to enjoy befallen petrichor

Trees are fed, flowers bloom
From this garden, brilliance loom
As all things present, this too is transient
A reality so poignant, about an existence impermanent

Leaves frail, flowers wither
Consumed by soil from which it consumed
No such thing as eternal bliss
Such are the laws of our symbiosis

We arrive from dust and depart as stench
A reality from which, we shouldn't flinch
As we gaze into a horizon so eternal
All we have, are moments so ephemeral
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

"We arrive from dust and depart as stench" - Words not my own. Can't rem where I picked it up from

— The End —