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Nobody Jun 6
There's always been a little blue bird flying over me, whenever I look up to the sky. One rainy morning the little blue bird flew directly to me, as I stood looking out my open window. I was crying along to the sound of the pouring rain. Then the bird landed on my window sill and looked me right in my eye, sitting as still as could be. We stared at each other for a moment in silence. Then the bird started singing. He was trying to talk to me through his song. So I asked the little blue bird "what are you trying to say"? Of course the bird only continued to sing its song, so I listened. I knew I must listen. I listened to his song and the sound from the rain, and sat in peace. Once he finished his song I reached out to touch my little blue friend, but he flew away. He always comes back now, but only to sing to me in the rain. I know I'll always see my friend again, when he flies back to sing to me.
I was once a seed tossed away
to the side of the concrete
until you paved a place for me to stay.
You dug into the dirt.
You watered my soul.
I was once a seed,
now I am a rose.
Leo Jul 2017
I once exposed myself to another man just to show him he was not alone.
PSR Jan 2017
Last night I wanted 6 inches
I wanted it really deep
I wanted it coming all over me...
But that ******* snow never sticks round here
Matthew Randell May 2015
Tentpole, stature tall and strong and
Firmly placed between the thin sheets
Members of the boy scouts, boy clan
Flames extinguished, his body heats

At dawn it rises, makes me wake
******* for the fire he gathers
Morning wood, embers of the stakes
Soon home; disapproving Fathers

Morning **** calls, but we're busy
Pack our bags, get all the work done
Juice of life makes me quite dizzy
Mem'ries of our weekend of fun

I'll be dish and spoon to your spoon
Spend nights together o'er the moon

— The End —