Erin Marie Dec 2016

Be careful boy,
behind those pretty blue eyes
is both hope and heart break,
that has eaten men alive.
The things that go on
in her head
are chaotic, yet beautiful.
I dare you
to look deeper,
because if you can handle her,
your life will never
be the same.
She will be your muse,
and your biggest critic.
She will be your little spoon,
and steal your shirts.
But most importantly,
she will show you
that not every love,
is the same.

IsReaL E Summers Nov 2014

Only God.
We think we know.
Drunk on the blood of fools
We like to show
But He who sits in the heavens
Playfully scoffs
And sends the enemy into derision.
Willfull vision
Not prison
I final inquisition
Not what or how but why
Eventually you will find

Water spills over me,
As softly and silently as a sniper kills.
Ne'er does he brag about his polished gun,
One forgets, he too has a pride and joy,
She is carrying his son.

He is called out, anything works,
She knows his funny mannerisms, his funny quirks,
Most are appalled by this death, destruction,

It's caused only by one quick call.
We remember the death counts,
More and more,
But don't forget,
She loves him after all.

— The End —