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Mary May 11
The most beautiful green
I’ve ever seen
is the one between
the budding trees
and their fully formed leaves.

The color of spring.
I got a tattoo for my best friend,
It’s a tombstone,
And every time someone sees it they tell me “I’m so sorry for your loss”

I say that’s okay, she’s alive, we just have a morbid sense of humor,
And they look at me strangely,
Like there’s something wrong with me,
And I always reply,
If I can’t laugh at death, how can I live without fear of dying?

We are not promised tomorrow,
There’s a chance this second could be our last,
My lungs could refuse to **** in air,
Your heartbeat could stutter out at any moment,

Why worry about that ticking tick?
Let me laugh about it now,
So when death does come for me, just like he will come for you,
I can greet him as an old friend,
Instead of the monster we all dream of.
Side note, she has a matching tombstone tattoo.
I asked him, “what is a bird to a worm”

He looked at me and grinned “Food”

I wrinkled my nose,  “but worms don’t eat birds”

He laughed at my innocence and replied, “they do when they’re dead, and one day they’ll eat you too”
Claire Gordon Apr 24
she laughed at my confusion
as she snipped the flowers throat.
Perfect little blooms lay scattered at her feet.

“They might be pretty,
but if they stay,
the plant will never bloom again.”
Paras Bajaj Jan 15
Someone, somewhere is creating life.
Someone, somewhere is ending it.
Someone, somewhere is loving life
Someone, somewhere is pretending it.
Someone, somewhere is getting loved.
Someone, somewhere is getting hurt.
Someone, somewhere is making promises
Someone, somewhere is breaking trust.
Someone, somewhere is telling lies
Someone, somewhere is believing it.
Someone, somewhere is causing pain
Someone, somewhere is healing it.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Deepali Agarwal Oct 2018
बनती है, टूटी है।
पर्वतों से, नदियों में बहकर,
समतल जमीन पर एकत्रित हो जाती है।
फिर किसी बढ़ में बह जाती है।

किसी को जीवन देती है,
किसी के जीवन को पोषित करती है।
टूटी है, बनती है, गुणों का समावेश करती चली जाती है।

कभी समीर संग उड़ जाती है,
तो कभी रत्नाकर से मिल जाती है।
अपने अस्तित्व को ख़त्म नहीं करती है।

फिर कहीं एकत्रित होगी,
नए जीवन को रूप देगी,
पर अपने मूल आचरण को कभी  न भूलेगी।
This is my first Hindi poem.
M G Hsieh Sep 2018
The fire, the foal, a coming of age
in the light of the darkness
be still.

Faithful, adjourning
take flight in the stars.
Wind gushes.

Away, you fools!
Grasping the straws
of camaraderie.

We light
we sparkle
then fade

OpenWorldView Sep 2018
I was born into light
from a warm and cozy ****.

Raised protected without a fight
in blissful ignorance of impending doom.

The separation made it fonder
and the blue had no bounds.

But I lost the ability to wonder
and life made no more sounds.

Now I am sinking into the abyss
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
I don’t know
Who I’m

May be, I'm
A collection of wishes

At the age of,
2, wish was to be like my father
5, wish was to be faster
10, wish was to be stronger
15, wish was to be popular
20, wish was to be myself
25, wish was to be reflective
30, wish was to be content
40, wish was to be in peace
50, wish was to be silent
60, wish was to be out of medicine
70, wish was to be free of pain
80, wish was to see more new faces

90, wish was to feel every single tomorrow
100, wish was to live  

I started to

So that,
I can fulfill
All my wishes
I reach 101

By next year.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Human perspective cycle
Seema Feb 2018
Everything that exists, has a life cycle,
Once lived the life span, there is no recycle,
We live, we wither than we die,
However, some still wonder why,
Some have short life, some have long life,
But who knows whose stabbing you from behind,
Many have grudges but pretend to be kind,
Come in our lives, rule our living than destroy our mind,
As time changes so does our surrounding,
Once we live, later find ourselves grounding,
Beneath the soil where no light touches,
Only we lay there waiting to be tortured,
By creatures to decay our lifeless body,
No one to see the life cycle of nobody...

Spilling thoughts.
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