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xavier thomas May 29
Becoming her life
After the hard aches
Brought back
Those inspiring eyes

God gave her a soul with life
Jesus gave her a heart with faith
Parents gave her a home with siblings
I gave her a world with commitment
A question so repetitive,
It stifles my mind.

As the more I think,
The less I hide.

The more I speak,
The less I lie.

The more I feel,
The less I disguise.

For the more I live,

The less I am alive.
This poem is about self-conflict and uncertainty in life. Some of us feel hopeful, some not so much, some more energized, some more tired. It is a constant cycle for some, and I wish nothing more than happiness and faith for you all.
Leeeena Mar 2023
Behold, I emerge from my slumber,
ready for the fluttering touch of another.
Who shall dance to the death with me?
Who shall fall in their peak to the voyeuristic sea,
and tuck themselves in 'neath the slobbering tongues
of the little fishies starving for the tastes of the young
that I gave my life to create.
They'll never get a chance to appreciate
all that I've sacrificed for the cause.
The world carries on, no grief and no pause.
All in a day's work, no thanks for the mother
who lives just to die for the meeting of another.
Jason Apr 2021

In sweltering sun love sprouting
Light rain falls
Gently nourishing

Flowering despite autumn's chill
Struggling to survive
Thriving still

Flourishing cloaked in winter's cold
In the darkness of the soul

Warm thaw brings new growth
Humid heat inflaming
Inspiring passions oath

Fierce frost freezes tears
Discord reaps only stress
As baleful blizzard nears

Condensing spring-dew clouds form
Lightning racing
Lacing the summer storm

With autumns leaves fall our dreams
Drowned silent
Deep in icy cold streams

Blossoms wilt as the winter sky fades
Denied warmth
Given too much shade

Life will show us incredible beauty and replace it with indescribable sadness. Impermanence is the only permanence.
It is this transience itself that makes all of our experiences so vitally important, so beautiful.

Mono no aware describes both an appreciation of this beauty and a gentle sadness at the ephemeral nature of existence.
It is generally regarded as nearly impossible to translate, but I have done my best lol. :p

I wrote this as an homage to a very important person/relationship.  I have struggled most of my life to overcome the loss of this person's friendship, and this concept has helped me begin to view this in a way that I can actually process.

I attempted to capture the beauty, love, strife, and sadness of this experience in a 'mono no aware' style for this reason.

I rewrote this one a bit so I am shamelessly reposting. ;)

© 04/17/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Merlie T Jul 2020
We have cried rivers
We have cried seas
We have carved cliffs
Mountain ranges
And the shore
When our tears were dried up
We exhaled the deserts
Made beads of sand
All the grains
Of the universe
We have consumed
And rebirthed
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
to be your
all webs
and legs
and tasty things
in the parlor
and then when
the eggs
hatch away
it's curtains for
you and me
Jenifer S May 2020
Life is a lie that seems real
When we hold hands and think we feel.
We forget we are all the same,
With the same brain but different names.

We observe, learn and imitate,
Follow the laws of nature without debate.
Like Gods, we rule over the land,
Blind to the cycle in which we stand.

We live and die and so it goes,
This chain we can never oppose.
'We are the masters of our destiny' we say,
Then why are we destined to end the same way?
What is season without cause?
And what  then is life without love?
To say seasons come and go,
would it mean love comes and go?
I am at a crossroad,
my love hangs in the balance,
my life in question.
Why am I who I am?
Am I a seasonal blast,
that comes and goes?
To say the least, what purpose do I serve?
I am burning, inside and out,
longing for immortality.
My bones are souless,
cringing for rest,
my soul weightless
with pounds of over-shaped flesh
I longed for slumber,
beautiful and dreamless
Life is a painful dream,
love a ceaseless nightmare.
The cycle of life makes
love an endless season,
it seems the purpose of life
has endless reasons.
Painful nightmares and ceaseless dreams,
it comes and goes as it pleases,
Leaving in its wake, a tide of emotions.
share24 Feb 2020
A dog chases its tail
as the sun sets to the west

A man rakes fallen leaves
as the light fades into darkness

Children jump rope on cobblestone streets
their laughter fills the air

An old woman peers out a window
while memories dance in her head

Days turn into night
night divides the days

The faces change
but the story remains the same

From one day to the next
we all play the game
Ashlyn Rimsky Jan 2020
Thunder rolls in on a Thursday afternoon
Sometimes against the odds, Sometimes with warning
The pale patter of precipitation a plausible preamble of
Swelling streams and soaked soil. Soon,
He falls from his cloud. a raging storm, rolling thunder
Cracking across the sky, a chaotic chorus
Creating what makes this
Colliding with what he may
Striking with confidence, a blaze of fury
A blink of light in sky, until:
The last raindrop spills into creek
He cries a final croak.
maybe humans and thunder have more in common than once thought..
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