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  3h Jason
we fight
and fight and fight and fight
but you better bet your ***
i'd still talk to you all night long
we'd argue til the world ended
and still, i'd want you in my bed
i could say it over your grave
that this is the last time, i swear
i hate you
i never want to see you again
but still, i always come back for more

in the end
the fights are just that
just a fight

i love you
more than i love
being right
and thats the realest **** ive ever felt
Jason 1d
I just wanted to say to all you awesome HP poets, that I'm sorry I don't comment as much as I should.  

First, I have pretty bad anxiety, so if I try and comment I usually have to write and rewrite it like 50 times, decide not to say anything, feel guilty, and then, ultimately, just say something like, "Awesome."

Second, I feel like I have to conserve my awesomes, cause at some point, they're gonna run low, and I'm gonna have to resort to saying "Rad," or "Radical..."

Aaaand then someone is gonna be like, "***, who's grandpa is this?  ARE YOU OK OLD GUY?  Someone better come get him..."
It's easy for you to forget me
Wish I could say the same
Your memory stalks me like a ghost
Haunted by your name
Jason 1d
I remember learning about Japanese culture in elementary school.

They taught us to say a few words, told us some Japanese stories, we learned how to fold Origami, and we got to try sushi and some Japanese candies.  

It was one of those cultural-week things.  It was cool.

Anyway, I remember at one point the teacher was telling us how every inflection matters when speaking Japanese, and that saying a word with the wrong inflection can turn it into a great insult.  

I remember thinking, "Wow, it must be really hard to speak Japanese."

Only now, when I'm almost 45 years old, do I realize it is literally no easier to speak American English or any language for that matter.

Every inflection counts, every word counts.  There are uncountable ways to insult someone, and indeed to be insulted, and the path to speaking (or writing) without unwittingly tossing out insults like candy (don't throw sushi, it's very messy) is a narrow one.

This is especially true when writing about something painful.  I try (but probably still fail) to be sure when I write I [attempt to] take that into account.

So, anyway. I just wanted to say, that if I have said something to offend you, such was not my intention.

Just sayin, y'all be careful with that thur 'Murican English, it's loaded!
©02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason 1d
I suppose the knife was used,

More like a tool,

But having been stabbed in the chest,

To not consider it a weapon,

We'd be thought the fool,

So to give the story that final deft twist,

We were convinced the blade didn't exist,

It's a scenario Kaiser Soze simply couldn't resist.
© 02/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason 1d
The idea of living life, not just surviving, but actually LIVING life,

Is like the idea of Angels or Miracles or Nightime-alien-visitations:

I've heard stories, but it's never actually happened to me.
© 02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
  1d Jason
I want to tug your head back by the hair
touch you, slowly, everywhere
kiss your lovely patient face
find every sensitive ticklish place
fill you with anticipation and joy
become your favorite vice and toy
I want to live inside your gentle arms
surprise you daily with sneaky charms
be your love, your passion, your girl
dance innocently with you forever
our hearts will sway and shake and twirl
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