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Jason Oct 2
Ascending shadows free frigid forest
From silently stalking sylvan guest
Lilac light lilting songbirds astir
Crystals cascade from ruffled fur
Halting hoof crinkles tinkling grass
Seeking silver trickling under glass
Softly stifled step echoes eerily alone
Tickling giggling reply from icy stone
Drinking doe darts sight unseen
Elusive as spring in this snowy scene
I originally posted this in March 2021, it's had a bit of a snip and tuck.  Let me know what you think!
© 09/30/2022 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved.
Jason Sep 25
I like to take a second to think about the things I say.

Unfortunately, this usually tends to occur after I say a thing...
Jason Sep 19
Life's a broken clock
Stopped dead in its tracks
It was just a little talk
Where love slipped the cracks

It was her choice, after all
My opinion mattered little
I'd be the one to take the fall
It'd be my heart in the middle

She was justified, she was right
And she had a list of wrongs
Things that made our love a plight
Things she said she'd said all along

Despite small truths, she reeked of lies
Her stoic demeanor and all she'd said
Was an expert attempt to cover my eyes
But she'd called me by his name instead

Coming up on my birthday, and that means, you guessed it, Anniversary Effect! Yay!
So, here's some 27-year-old pain, aged and bottled for your enjoyment!
Jason Aug 7
Lonesome pair of warring stars each toiling against the other,

Immense gravities shadow-spar, the sky-fires tide and tether,

Spiral waves of brilliant sparks spin out on the edge of never,

Shining light gives way to dark, the eyes of heaven stare as ever,

Embracing entropy eon-stark yet twinkling twice as clever,

For that which forces stars apart is that which binds us together.
Jason Jul 30
I stood looking up under that same moon
More desolate than the lunar landscape
More isolated than the furthest galaxy
More nebulous than any constellation

I stood looking up under that same star
Heart blacker than the void
Love brighter than a pulsar
Tears tailing like a comet

I stood looking up under that same sky
Missing you
Jason Jun 22
I've cut open the corpse of this love
So I could crawl inside to survive
The eternal cold night of this loss
Jason May 13
I have wings,
but no feet.
I am escape,
without retreat.
I am surrender,
but not defeat.

What am I?

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