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Amanda 4d
I said I would not let you back in
Here I stand exposed
Heart holds on despite the hurt
I am not blind-my eyes are just closed
I think more people should fall in love with their eyes closed
I am descending down a hole,
That I have been down before.
This time when I dive in,
I may not be coming back up again.

I stared too far into the abyss,
Dived too deep into it's depths.
Lost myself to what I found within,
And it made it's home beneath my skin.

I feel this irritation beneath the surface,
and I just got to gnaw at it.
Self-cannibalistic I've become,
Slowly eating myself away,
Carnivorous consumption of the substance that nets around my bone.
Hoping to rid myself of this irritation.

Who knew dying would taste so **** good today.
Every bite I take I am slowly eating myself away.
The only way I feel alive is taking the thing that will **** me one day.

Soon my bones will be exposed,
but even then I will not be satisfied.
I will break them open and devour the marrow inside,
Leaving myself hollowed out and broken.

I am eating myself away.
Soon nothing will remain,
but the fragments of bones of a lost soul.
And yet I still won't be satisfied.
Be careful not to enter, or all your flesh will disappear.
Ember Zola Feb 6
Surrounded by a world of complacency
Raw emotions guarded so tight
I once thought I would never be free

Now I bare my wounds on the outside
For all the world to see
For all the world to judge me
When I get frustrated
and angry,
I wear emotions
in a language that gets written all over my face.

I wear
like the traffic police
wear high-vis jackets

like graffetti
says “look at me”
to passing trains

and it feels like the very last nerve in my body
has been exposed
and people are queuing up to go for a ride on it.

My expression reads -
“stay away”
“approach with caution”.

But when I'm angry,
it’s not that I’m angry,

It’s just,
I don’t want you to see me cry.
Latifah Jan 14
where do you escape,
when you're trapped,
when you're held captive,
by your own thoughts,
where do you hide,
when you're exposed,
and all your feelings,
are on the floor,
where do you run,
when you're chased,
by your worst nightmares.
n Jan 9
But she's exposed herself.
Flesh and bone protruding out the protective bubble.
She's only just gone and dragged herself to the margins of society.
Removed from the warmth of the gooey **** she supresses a lingering shiver.
Now she resides in a ***** dimension. Present, not quite faded yet.
Now the perfectly grown princess has self-inflicted chips on her shoulders.
Addicted to self-flagulation she tries to regress back home to her former alter.
Beyond. Reach.
A stone bleeding with pleasure weighs down the remains of her birth right.
aANotes on my sheltered upbringing and how I purposly sabotaged my background and privilidged future because of the choices I made.
FallenAngel33 Dec 2018
Two pages
Of feelings never felt
Of cards never dealt
I wrote them both in less than an hour
But they both have words never spoken before
I dont know what I’m doing
Don’t know how to act
All i know is that in the end you’ll
Hopefully smile and laugh

December 11, 2018
she remains anon Dec 2018
With every exposure
I am left
nonetheless closer.
***** it off
peel it back,
find out what's underneath;
everything I lack.
I want to be a Black verse
Living off the society’s expectations,
I want to be a Free verse
Redefine this hypocrisy called democracy.

When I grow up,
I will be an exposed poem, with stanzas like a book of secrete.
Leeli Barton Nov 2018
i don't wish to be invisible
but i wish they'd never seen me
or heard my voice.

i wish to be known and i guess
also to be loved
without anyone ascribing a sense
of beautiful or **** to me.

i wish you would expose me
for the brave comment
for the snide remark
for the gentle mention
for the valiant mistake
that i am.

but--stop! don't do it,
my pretty face is my shield
and if i weren't so scared
i would've already destroyed it.
i would've made my invisible visible
and you would all see what i am,

don't do it

i wish i could do it for myself:
to be ***** but not afraid
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