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Jeremy Betts Jan 26
I'm not a good lover, no good at hand in hand
Never not been exposed, still I pretend
The real me casually breaks free,
What do I do then?
No suggestion comes in
It's what goes around then comes around again and again,
When will it end?

Nobody knows...
...I let no one in so no one knows the situation

I'm not a good adult, I'm not a good friend
Never not been exposed, why do I still pretend
The real me awkwardly breaks free,
What do I do then?
I suggest hide the specimen within
It goes around then comes around again and again,
Is it going to end?

Nobody knows... and rescue called off for no reason

I'm not a good man, I'm not a righteous person
Never not been exposed, I've given up pretendin'
The real me aggressively breaks free,
What do I do then?
Didn't we call each other friend?
What goes 'round, right 'round comes right 'round 'round again and again,
It's just not gonna end

Nobody knows...

Jeremy Betts Jan 11
If I gave you all my air
Along with every single moment I could spare
If I exposed my everything, choosing both truth and dare
And encouraged you to take more than your fare share
If I were to wear my heart on my sleeve and allow you to rip and tear
If I gave you an entire life, without a care
Offered to carry both of our crosses to bare
While letting you name the time and place and going straight there
No argument here, I swear
If I submit before warfare and declare you ringmaster
If I kept the days I don't tell you exactly what you want to hear rare
And was able to turn a blind eye to every extracurricular love affair
Cause, ya know, buyer beware
If I pretend I'm not fully aware that you rather not be here
That you just take joy in being the puppeteer
If I could manage all that would you even care?
...could I ever consider it sincere?

Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2023
Should I hide complex emotions from you?
Pull out my heart to bleed on the floor
Promise me you'll keep it safe
Even if lacking qualities you are searching for

Feeling faint
I count imperfections
Sincerity leading my voice
One by one petals plucked proving patience
Each dripping with the stubbornness of my choice

With darkest intentions harbored
The silence sins subtly cast
Trust no words besides memories
Carry lessons from the past

I will not reach out for your hand
Close to an honest profession
Bite my lip in anticipation
Peeling off skins
Battling confessions

The planet quiet for a brief instant
Coming apart under gaze
Breathing in moisture from feelings shared
Love set on fire
Cloudy haze

In clutches of uncontrollable desire
Caught by attraction attempting to hide
Life ripping apart with ease
World determined to wholly divide

I must be foolishly enchanted
Have to break the spell
Breathing is raspy and ragged
Can feel my windpipe swell

It's up to you to save my soul
Chosen to make the call
Hate how you let me suffocate
You loathe my newly built wall

I'm afraid to show I am vulnerable
I put on a frigid act
Although needing you close to me
Never let you know that fact
It ***** feeling exposed
Destiny C Jun 2022
I can barely remember the last time I felt seen by a man.
Truly seen for what I was.
Passed the partying.
Passed the thirst traps.
Passed my naked body.

I carry a depth you can't see from the surface.
I carry pain you can never quite grasp.
I carry emotions with such passion,
Love is one to name.
I carry many parts of me hidden behind a self-constructed ivory tower.
But you saw it.


I had never felt so exposed,
But I reveled in it.
You were everything I thought I would never find,
But you were never mine.
Just a glimmer of hope.
mark soltero Aug 2021
exposed myself
my true form
present in a moment's time
glimpses of me
rushed sequences in your mind

we stayed in
just like i planned
my heart doesn't ache
please don't put your hands on me anymore
i know that this is only momentarily

nothing you do can amount to what i felt before
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Malignant predators.
You cut me up, hunt me down,
maligned my medical records!
I can't even go to a dentist,
nor check up with medical MD.
But still I am my kid's mother.
Can't separate genetic geneology.
**** you ignorant superstitious
hainas you the villains in
my interesting fairy tale life,

Gone wrong when I missed
my mark not in pride nor disobedience but in grief
truth known to higher authorities.
You all are well known to me,
the many you trash me to,
are your murderers for hire.
  Covert greedy cowards!
hunting me down still in USA!
You are not above the law.
Everyone must ovey the law!
Life liberty, we the People!
I have rights I am a human being.
Take me to the court of law!
******* habitual drug user
Yes BBA.- AA its just a name
ignorant malingned unforgiven
criminal satanic worshiper fools!
Back off my V for Vendetta!
"Beneath this mask of mine,
there's more than flesh,
there's an IDEA!
Beneath my mask BBA- Karijinbba
my ideas are bullet proof."
Nothing and noone can k'l them.

Assassination of character
is your only banner of pride!
Mine is truth grace
I obey and respect all USA laws.
judged by my contents of my character where I shine best.
where all you bafoons shamefully failed and in all my fertility blessings,  all you failed miserably in yours!
your worst is my best
in motherhood i shine brightest.

The universe is wiser about kids.
My new name is Victoria
Verdad Truth!
Eat your heart out jealous nagas.
flip now banished be to
another darkest
realm where you shall render
restitution and penalties due
fir all your crimes known to me abd tonyour accomplices and God against me and ny children unprovoqued
Back off Elizabeth Arthur Susan RHenrys ***** nurse, and Judy Gim A
ignorant mendicants hill Billy fools. .
By: Karijinbba
In reference to criminals of
1984- at (Harmony Pictures.)
Burbank CA.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them.…
— Mark 16:17,18
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2021
How exposed are you,
all that lies in your heart?
All the pains and hurt it knows,
all of what you are.

To the naked eye of I,
I see in you a spark of fire.
As it longs to see you exposed,
but not when you remove your clothes.

Save that for later.

Let out your emotions,
leave them bare.
The bare essentials of you,
the deepest parts of your soul.

The battle scars carved throughout,
all that you've fought.
All that you've conquered,
all of which shows me your worth.

I'll make the effort worth the time,
awe-inspiring, for you're so sublime.
But it only gets to be as such
if you really don't mind.

My naked scars on display,
a showcase of my being.

We could be naked together.
Jason May 2021

The plains-stretched sky soars sullenly,
Graceless sans hills, lonely less trees.
Starkly exposed tending swept-grass streams,
With naught but sparse clouds to mask modesty.

Let me glimpse the sky peaking playfully behind arboreal eaves,
Branches breaking blue monotony with autumn-bright leaves.
Show me a valley mid-winter-doze, cozy between mountains steep,
Sleepy sun-shadows shifting on snow as the sky climbs for her peek.

© 05/27/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
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