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14.8k · Sep 2014
Sunday Sinner
Sunday morning
Let the Hallelujahs
And let my
Tell me
Im a sinner
And im lost
As if
9.4k · Dec 2014
Tea Time
Tea has never tasted
So **** bitter
No amount of
Can drive out
This harsh
Biting taste
That will forever be on my tongue
Hold my hips
Losing grip
And if your hand
I wont

Social ties
the darkness
Of your eyes

Hear the bands
Making us dance
And sing
Roaming, finding
Break the wall dividing

Drawing eyes
Revealing lies
Fingers graze
Mind in a haze
The final

4.7k · Feb 2015
Its taken me this long
To realize
To understand
That not every moment
Needs to be shared
To be great

But it might be better
If it were
Because great moments
Are still
Never as great

Im so independent
I dont need anyone
For anything
But i want someone
For everything.
4.5k · Apr 2015
2 am coffee rings on my bedside table
procrastination at the expense of a letter grade
Nana's hand-stitched quilt has never felt so soft
But her funeral hit me hard
That quilt draped over her coffin
matched the color scheme
of the one she made for a little girl
who love butterflies and spring time
I remember pool side juice boxes
stuffed animals from a pretty lady
she was nice to me
her mom was mean to her
she cried at the funeral
Nana was a better mother to her than
her own ever dared to be
her sister found cigarettes
shes so thin now
I remember her lipstick
its always been red
it looks so red on her skin
the color of the ash
that falls from her stick
matching the skin of Papa
Nana's son
He sang at her funeral
He cried the whole time
Everyone cried
Not me
but I cant cry
Jade Green words
she read them
spotty reading with bad rehearsal
but I remember
her and I and him and my brother
juice boxes
that pool
its all her
I wish I had known her well enough
to miss her
My Nana's funeral was today. Her quilt is still in my room. She made us a few. It means a lot more now that im out of chances to thank her for it.
4.2k · Sep 2014
You just seem so sure.
Of this.
Of us.
Meanwhile im over here
waiting on my wings
to pick up wind
and waiting on you to be
because ive engraved the words
"disappoint or be disappointed"
into my brain
with sword of experiences
and i just dont see
how youre so sure
and calm
while im
3.5k · Feb 2015
Car Rides
Shaky hands
And i guess im not so good.

Im insecure
But you want more
I dont know what i can give.

You dont care
About my flaws
A goal
In mind

Easy come
Easy go
Im afraid
3.3k · Dec 2014
Ive never had anything
Worth breaking my heart
And dont you know
That breaks it
All the more
2.8k · Dec 2014
Hoodie Boy
Wrapped in your scent
I think of then
I think what could have been
If i had felt something more
If loving people wasnt a chore
I wish i could do more
Could have done more
But oh
Love is a bore


Love is fire
We were rain
Love was never
Part of our game
Your name
It sends chills down my spine
And no
Not the good kind

We were wet
And you loved the most
I was new to this feeling of comfort
Was it comfort?
Was it comfort that kept me up at night
Wondering if my head was alright
Wondering if i was holding you tight
Because you never seemed ok
With my selfish
Distant ways
And i never knew what to say
To do
How to act

But today
Holding your essence
In the naked palm
Of my hand
I felt that slighy

We could have been something someday
Can I wear your hoodie again?
2.6k · Oct 2015
The D
Eternal **** Buddy
Wakes up early
We roll around
In bed

Id get up
Make a cup
But he plays
With my head

He's my *******
At 2 am
Whe the liquor
Fills my blood

The coyote ugly
Try to crawl
But the boy
... Hes good

He pulls you in
Oh so easily
Doesnt even try
Yet he gets to me

Eternal **** Buddy
Hes always down
Screaming NO
just makes empty sound.
2.3k · Sep 2014
Dead House
My nail polish
like wallpaper
on a dead house

and i suppose
what i am
a dead house

decrepit and torn
down and old
from 16 years

of broken mentality
******-manically wanted
Lips, Hips, thighs.

But what if thats
and my wallpaper is
peeling like ripe fruit
2.3k · May 2015
Risk Taking
And I sell myself again
I dive in
and forget
I don't know how to swim
and I drown
in 2 inches
of water
and I jump
and forget
I cant fly
and I don't know
why we don't know
we're falling
Until we hit the ground
old poem #3
2.2k · Feb 2015
Tomboy Loves Pink
I love pink.
Chick flicks
Rom coms
Taylor swift too

If i could wear dresses
Every ****** day
I would
And that surprises you

"Did you just giggle?"
"But youre not a GIRL"
Believe it or not
Anne Hathaway is my world

I like guy stuff.
And im not crazy
About love

But i enjoy baking
And kittens
In a month ill be over you because im not one to linger anywhere… But youve made me sad like you promised you never would. I dont think you understand love but how many times have you said it? Too many really. Because it was never true. You dont understand the things that come with love. Loyalty, bad and good ****, understanding, being open. You cant do everything for you anymore. Theres someone else to consider.
I hope youre alone. I dont say that because i want you to be sad. I just want you to learn to be alone and be happy. In the 4, almost 5 years ive known you youve either been dating someone or ******* with 6 different girls. Sometimes both. And youll be offended but maybe you need to be. You need to be with yourself. Maybe hurt yourself the same way you hurt those girls. Then maybe youll under stand.
Ill be ok. Im not sad anymore. in a year ill go to college and you will just be that guy i loved in high school. That guy i gave my virginity to. Ill tell my future husband about you and hell say “wow… Sounds like a weird time.” and i smile because i had fun and it is a fond memory. You.
But if you think that you can walk out when it suits you and come back when youre lonely, guess again. Its only been a week and i already know whats better for me because youve shown me every day that youre a toxic person.
I hope you learn to love yourself because youre really worth loving. And then i hope you learn how to love others. I want you to be happy. So amazingly happy in life, but not by hurting others. I know youll be ok. Because i loved you more and im fine. I know youll be ok.
I uploaded this on my tumblr (nomadicgemini) but i wanted to put it on here as well
1.6k · Apr 2015
All my time is yours
Ive never slept so well
before going to sleep
thinking of you

and I guess this
is what Love
feels like

your hoodie
my time
and our lips


and I don't miss
my time
because I know

its safe in your care
just as I am
and you in mine

and I want to
wake up beside

and sleep
with you
1.4k · Feb 2017
Red light
I think about it
I think about it
I think about it
Sitting here with you
I think about it
I feel shame
I think about it
I feel hate
I think about it
*** has changed
I think about it
Sitting here
With a smoke in my hand
A coffee on my lips
And I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
Too drunk
and I think about it
Not my house
Not my friends
Making out
God I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
I think about it
Some things don't leave you...
1.4k · Oct 2014
Harshly Independent
"How do you keep so unattatched?"*

What do you mean?
I hear this question so much.
I guess you just dont see.

I'm not holding back
Or doing anything
I just don't know how
To hold onto anything

I never had a home
Or any long term friends
Letting go is manditory
Everything ends

This isn't a good thing
I don't know how to love
Don't try to be me
It hurts. It's numb

I'd rather be attatched
Sown at the hip
Helplessly heartbroken
Longing for your lips

Instead i despise you
For latching on so tight
I just want to run
I know that isn't right

So don't ask me that again
There's no special trick
If i could love i would
If only i could stick
An explanation
1.4k · Feb 2015
Mean Ole Mister
Mean ole mister
Never loved no one
Held his heart on his belt
Right next to his gun
Spat tobacco
On the blood red dirt
Didnt give a ****
Who the hell he hurt
Cant call mommy
When the pen fails the sword
Cant run to daddy
With no apologetic word
Give me a hand
Ill give you an arm
Take away my eyes
And your's'll come to harm
Mean ole mister
Knows what he does
Just getting by
Anyway he must
He learned that momma
Dont give a ****
He learned that daddy
Likes his mean hand
Youve gotta be tough
Hold up your own
Youve got to make sure
Through out life youve grown
Mean ole mister
Might make you cry
But mean ole mister
Sure as hell knows why
1.4k · Feb 2015
Control freak
control freak
This will be a duel
Your hand
my hair
Using me as your tool

Youll tell me
What to do
Ill manipulate
The scene
Youll be
the cruel master
But youll never
Be mean

I can play
the kitten
Just wanting
to play
And then youll
Lose control
From the ***** things
I say
1.2k · Nov 2015
She tells the woman on the phone about the cancer
And how much she makes
And how much i cost
Tiny Raindrops
She has a stone voice and i can see she has water eyes
The test results came back for her
A million tiny raindrops
And i cant see
A million tiny raindrops on the windshield
Im not worried about seeing the road
1.2k · Jan 2016
Physical distraction
Tracing shapes
My hands
Feel cold
Car seats
My makeup is
Too thick
And your
Is choking
Your sense
Mutual desire
But singular
On both ends
1.1k · Mar 2015
Debbie Downer
Ranting raving
The way you hold
Yourself is
No respect
Lack of love
Bowing down
When push
Comes to
I cant be your
When your
I cant
Youre bitter
This way
Of thinking
A bore
1.1k · Jul 2015
Everyone is high
On self pity and
Self diagnosed with
A terrible
No one knows
How to be sad
Without writing it off
As extraordinarily bad
Happiness isn't
A permanent gig
It's always there
If you bother to dig
Everyone is sad
Because the world is ****** up
And no one dares
To see the good stuff
A world of pessimism
Breeds angry babes
And they all start to believe
Theres no Other way
So load up on drugs
Get high in the rest
Because that's when the world
Looks its ******* best
No one was taught
How to smile
Despite the world
Looking dark for a while
So we all slit our wrists
And demand sympathy
From a world that never cared
If you were down on your knees
1.0k · Apr 2015
Call me yours
Going to sleep
With *** on my lips
You on my mind
And bruises on my hips

I cant tell
If i have no self respect
Or maybe my mentality
Is just wrecked

Or maybe this is healthy
The entertain and please
After all im a ****
And you have needs

What a perfect match
I have what you want
But I dont want anything
Isnt that just hot

I dont even ******* know
Who the hell i am
1.0k · Dec 2014
broken record
The track is
Like the thoughts in my brain
And the flat line sounds like my heart
1.0k · Sep 2014
Sown together
Am awkward
And jumbled

I fit together
Like sticks
And stones
With childs elmer glue

Like a macaroni smiley face
With the edges all wonky

And you say my "curves" are beautiful
But i say my "angles" are awkward
Too sharp
My hips
Too prominent

You can see my collar bone
For miles
My ribs are
All too

My skin has become transparent
My veins
An ugly blue
My freckles
Out of place
I just dont know what
To do

Im a scarecrow
Of human peices
But sow me together
I dont quite fit

Am awkward
And jumbled
Not a good poem. Not any form to it. Just some thoughts on myself.
981 · Apr 2017
Falling out of love
And my ears itch
And my eyes twitch
On a solid floor
On an iron door
I can't think about it
I cant leave
I try to be content
But I am restless and afraid
And your hugs they feel like cages
And I my mouth anticipates
And my lips are always dry
And my mouth swells in size
Because touching burns like acid
Kissing tastes like it too
And I can't help but try
And escape from this life with you
And I see
Around my life
I feel
Between our skin when we touch
And my
Tries to leave my body
Because your affection becomes too much
And I don't know
When I became scared
I don't know when
I lost that flame
But I feel
And blood
938 · Apr 2017
Life as I know it
Cigarettes taste like fireworks
And my throat is raw
From nights well spent
And I'm exhausted
But I'm living
And I'm broke
But I'm living
And what is life
If all I do is wait to die
And I'm living
But so unhappy
And nothing soothes me
I'm stuck and
Love is so gone and
I am here waiting
And spending my nights well
But ultimately
Because what is life
If not just waiting to die.
The alcohol is so metallic
And I can still remember too much
Of each blurry night
And I'm ******
But I'm living
And I'm drunk
But I'm living
And I'm a *****
But ******* it I'm living
I'm just waiting
Waiting to die
And I'm stuck
And I'm wandering
What is life If not waiting to die
907 · Feb 2015
Envy of Kiwis and Ostriches
My feet long to walk
Until i reach the ocean
Where only a boat
Might take me further

My old habits
Catch me
By the hair

Like running

This night is cold
Colder than anything
But maybe if you
Were warmer

Id Actually


I cant

Its me.
It has always
Been me.

Im afraid of words
Because i live
In their power

Holds far
Too much

If i could live by the ocean
Maybe id stay
I just had to talk to something
847 · Sep 2014
Be it caution
Or jealousy
Who does he see
When he looks at me
810 · Mar 2015
Tear this house
Board from board
Store the trash
Hoard and hoard
Living simply
Wall to wall
Little box house
Small so small

Pour me out
On the street
Nothing to wear
Nothing to eat
My whole life drifting
House to house
Never making a sound
Quiet as a mouse
805 · Apr 2017
I know it'll be good
But will it be worth it
777 · Jul 2015
comfortable confinement
I'm so tired of these same four walls.
Chalky and full of everything
I want and fear.
These walls know me
Like nothing else does
And yet they confine me
I want out
This is a comfort zone
I'm not getting anywhere.
I want to break out
And just be crazy
I want to know my dreams
I want these walls
To know a girl
Like me
766 · Feb 2016
Roses are red
I'm done
755 · Apr 2015
True Colors
stringy hair and mixed up feelings
too much makeup and healing scars
no time to worry about capital letters
when im concerned for my health

financial aid and stress management
my dad likes the army a lot
my mom wants me to go to savannah
so she can visit the beach

My brother thinks im a ******
who cant roll out of bed
and maybe I could stand
to work out some

im a bit of a narcissist
**** how do you spell narcissist
anyway, im an attention *****
and ill tell you your pretty to hear you tell me I am too

but don't tell anyone
theyd say "no! youre nice."
im a *****
stop being a sycophant

Don't tell me im pretty
someone should slap me
I abuse everyone who loves me
because I like that I can

stop letting me
tell me off
or don't
because I like this power

but that's beside the point
im rambling about myself again
its a problem

Daddy says don't swear
then tells me im not worth ****
but not in those exact words
irony all the same

and wouldn't they like to know
im not so innocent
11 years old in the mouth
but I know my way around a man

My friends don't suit me
I hate all of their jokes
I hate myself when im with them
and I hate them even more

they may read this
less bridges to burn I suppose
extra matches to light on your sandpaper hands baby
god I love those hands

the only person I never hate
and the only person I always love
I don't know how you did it
but I love you and all your fantastical clichés

this poem is long now
no one will bother to read
a long poem about
a boring girl and how shes a two faced *****

I hope this message
gets across
744 · Dec 2014
When im home alone
I like to walk outside
In the middle of the yard
And hear everything

Theres so much to see
To hear
When no one
Is there to speak.

I hear poetry
In the christmas carols
Ringing from the houses
All around me

From the train
Roaring away
Just down the street
From my small existence

The baseball feild
Is illuminated
And the cheers ring
Over the line of trees

And everything
Around me
Is so

How can i dare
To believe im anything
Next to this universe
Of noise and life
735 · Jan 2016
Cant be pacified
I only write when I'm lonely
Only sing when I'm alone
Only talk to
A chosen few
And I never get to moan

I don't have a muse
Aside from idleness
I don't have a home
Just temporary nests
I don't know anyone
I just think I do
Like I used to think
That I knew you

I'm lonely quite often
Even though im surrounded
I'm never content with my lovers
No matter how good they did
728 · Oct 2014
Who knows why

Who knows why
He chose her
Who knows why
She wants him

Maybe its because
When she looks in the mirror
She isnt afraid
of what she sees

Maybe its because
She needs to feel needed
By someone shes above
Because she feels so low

Maybe its because
I'm too scared
To feel self respect
When my back has boot prints

Who knows why
It only hurts
When the hot water washes
Over me at 1AM

Who knows why
I can feel everything
so much that
I dont even care
Just some 1 am ramblings
682 · Sep 2014
I dont care

My throat clogs

I dont care

Angry thoughts
Pacing feet

I dont care

Mental whispers
Next to silent screams

I dont care

It hurts
My wrists
My hips

I dont care

Music louder than

I dont care

Laughing too loud
Smiling to everyone
My teeth grind

I dont care
681 · Dec 2014
50th addition
Shoutout to the people who joined this beautiful site that i know in real life.

Lindsey Isbell
Evan Hayes
Bianca Grace
Jon Wilkes

These are some amazing people who ive grown to love and cherish in the last few years and they are all very deep and intelligent and i couldnt wish for better friends. I hope more of my comrades chose to navigate the blank page with inspiration as the wind behind their sails and i hope they share their work with me amd the world.
665 · Oct 2014
i like pop music
some oldies too
i dont like Mudhoney
but you do

I like rivers
I like the ground
you get thrills
im safe and sound

I like Disney
I like Pixar
You like pulp fiction
its just who we are

im not obscure
ive tried to be
its not who i am
its not who ill be

this isnt an attack
just recognition
of who i am
of what im missing

im trying to fit in
but thats not what im about
i dont get along
with the out crowd

i dont get cult movies
or grungy rock bands
it doesnt make me
less than i am

i like classic poets
but moderns good too
but i dont get those poets
you watch on youtube

maybe i thought
i could learn or understand
but im beginning to see
thats just not who i am

this is a message
or maybe just a thought
i had to say it
im all i got

ill still try to watch your movies
ill listen to your bands
ill try to get it
ill try to understand

i dont always get you
but boy do i try
i guess im just tired
of trying to lie
these are just thoughts of mine. if YOU read this just know it doesn't mean anything more than exactly what it says.
662 · Dec 2014
No matter how i delude myself
How many distractions
I cant get away

My mind is screaming terrible
Awful nasty things
And im locked inside

I used to not be this way
I was happy at one point
Now ill do anything
To stop it

If i give myself away
Its because your
gross sounds
Sound better than nothing at all

If i talk on a bad day
Its because im
Losing sense
And control

I need noise on the outside
To reasure my brain
That it wont fall apart
That maybe im still sane

And ill tell everyone im better
When in fact
Ive never been worse

I cant shake these voices
Its like im carrying
Some brutal curse
661 · Sep 2014
I keep trying to write
About us mostly
But i cannot
Fathom words
To tell about
This feeling in my chest
And this wrenching of my gut
And how the idea of
This nausea
Is so good
And i cannot
Write into life
How my skin is bursting
When i read your name
Or when i see you
And feel you
And how everything
Every being
Every particle
Every small microscopic
Piece of me
Is whispering
Your name
658 · Mar 2015
New York is for the lonely
In their tiny loft spaces
Out in the streets
Dancing to a
Lonely beat
A busy city
To hold the lie
That you have
Leave your bed
Cold at 2am
And hear
The city

California is for the sad
Looking for a sunny
Good time
Never looking behind
Jump on a plane
To go down the street
Just be very careful
About what you eat

Tennessee is for the angry
Rednecks with
Loaded guns
Searching the horizons
For mountains
And faded suns
Roam the small town sidewalks
Meet everyone you know
Go home and drink some whiskey
Drown the rage. Dont show.

I never met a man
Who only wanted me
He always wanted a side
Of whiskey with his tea
Crazy with the sweet
Strong with the weak
I guess im not well rounded
Neither bold nor meek

I never met a woman
Who knew how to love a man
Without fire in her fist
And a gun in her hand
Defensive and insecure
Scared to love at all
Ruining what they wanted
To run before theyd crawl
I feel like this is more of 2  poems than one but yeah. Dont be offended if youre from NY or Cali. These wrrent meant to be insulting. Im from Tennessee so that was a 1st person perspective
630 · Mar 2015
Please. Consider staying
I said the magic word
And now im terrified
That soon youll run
Away from my side
Leaving me heartbroken
With severe trust isssues
Choking on my lungs
Breathing in tissues
Im swimming in your jacket
Hoping i never reach the shore
Unlike all the others
Youve never been a bore
626 · Sep 2017
Mother's Bed
It's not a bad dream
It's not heartbreak
But I crawl to you
All the same
2 years old
Or 18 more
It's automatic
I'm at your door
Sleepy eyes
Blink up at me
Worry and question
"What do you need?"
I just pull back the covers
Climb in beside you
You never minded
No matter my mood
I've been gone for so long!! But I have a lot going on. I'm pregnant!! But this is just a tribute to my mom who I don't appreciate enough and who has never minded me laying in bed and talking to her about everything and anything
610 · Jan 2016
Crocodile tears
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
In hell, tell your father hello from me
Your just like your parents
Your father gone
Your mom says love wrong
You've played two people
Played me a fool
Now I understand
I was a toy
A tool
You tell them one thing
Laugh with them
Poke fun
And then post lies on here
Act like I'm
The one
To ruin your life
To treat you wrong
You were the liar
And I listened to your song
I'm not the villi an
Just stupid enough
That you could come in
and pretend you weren't tough
Act hurt
Fake a limp
Like the puppy you were
And in the end
You're a fraud
And I hope your happy with her
All of the hers
All the she's
All the girls
That's will come in your life
And let you in their head
All the ****** fools
To take the place of me
The ones who will
be cloaked in misery
You're so full of **** and I hope you die sad
598 · Dec 2014
Hospital Visits
I spend 3-4 hours a day watching a man swim laps
And then im called to
The hospital
To see my Pappa
And im watching the same thing.
A man going
Going round in circles.
596 · Jan 2016
Looking for company
I've had
5 boys
Since you came
And then left
I've had
5 toys
And none could
Give me rest

I've been bored
For months now
I've been bored
For years
A small pause
For you
And all
Those tears

I haven't felt a good hand
I haven't kissed good lips
Haven't seen a face
That makes me move my hips

I've gotten stuck
Around posts
With names
And desires
But I'm just
Sitting here
And tired

I've been with
5 boy
Bored by
I had me
5 toys
And the next
Might be a gun
590 · Dec 2014
getting over myself
I think im nostalgic for life
Through music
And books
Because i havent lived
A day of my life

No one really lives
In this town

And i think im poetic
Because im homeless
But i live in a house
But im not
Im not poetic
Im just a brat
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