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Darkly Nov 2017
I wonder what it would be like if gravity released it's hold on me.

And I just floated into space, traversing the cosmos.

Until I die.

That wouldn't be so bad.
Oh look it's like three o'clock in the morning. Again.
Annie McLaughlin Jan 2016
delightful*                                                      (pleasing, full of delight)
dreamy                                                ­         (peaceful, abstracted from reality)
demure                                                ­         (reserved, modest)
distant                                                ­           (seperated in space/mind)
delirious                                                ­        (not able to think or speak clearly)
dangerous                                             ­        (able or likely to cause injury, pain, harm, etc)
daunting                                                  ­     (tending to make people afraid or less confident )
destructive                                                    (causing a very large amount of damage)
decrepit                                               ­          (weak/fragile, not strong enough)

dead                                                ­            (my father/heart/hope)
This is the timeline. The timeline I wanted to avoid.
ABadPenname Jan 2015
I dont want simple;
Feed me yourself in silver spoonfuls.
I want simple,

Lie to me,
and tell me
I am not an Animal.

   I am an analyst-dissecting details.

4Am fresh snowfall
I will remain capable!
Make first new footprints,

in a circle...
  Till I reach the middle.

I will remain incapable of
Tying my shoes.

   I am a participant in social warfare.

Looking forward:
Possible encounters &
Spring Rain.
Fantasizing both in measure.  

All I am to you is what you see, and
What you hear,

All you are to me so far
Is what I see, and what I hear;
So i am looking very hard,
   And I am listening very closely.

I want logic,
Tasting honey when I ******.
I want harsh confusion,
Complete absence of logic in it's essence.
Kissing a part of you that potties.

I can remain content in chasing my tail; I sleep balled up on top of the ocean, my clothes and fur strewn;

   Chewing paws in strange positions.

I want contradiction, an
Assurance of the Devil & a
Total disregard for ghosts.

Constructive chaos:
   Dress like ghosts on Acid and
Wear rollerblades.

I want my resumé to read:
>works well with others,
>great fighter, &
>An outstanding Lay.

I want to leave behind dreams,
I want to rent a room in your
dream bed&breakfast;,
Sometimes sharing yours, but always paying rent on time for mine.

swinging an axe against a rough stump,
Craving lemonade and
Spring Rain.

Part of me wants to grow old and
Mad, and sit by rivers; I could smoke ****** from a wizard pipe for my
Sore joints.

( I am alright with the possible outcome of Alone. )

[ I would rip my hair out,
Glue it to my body, & become
A boy in wolf's clothing. ]

I want creative destruction,
borderline Mind ****.
Learning to pick the banjo half-decently.

   That Deliverance tune.

And walk around ski towns
   Scaring the **** out of some tourists
And other antagonists.
My nail polish
like wallpaper
on a dead house

and i suppose
what i am
a dead house

decrepit and torn
down and old
from 16 years

of broken mentality
******-manically wanted
Lips, Hips, thighs.

But what if thats
and my wallpaper is
peeling like ripe fruit

— The End —