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In the Peak of the Summer's Hot Night
He was Following Mary Magdalene's
Aethereal Rhythmic Steps

He's mojo motorbike jacket
Without sleeves

( Manic Crazy Jim has Torn them Off
Without The Slightest Effort
At The Old Creeks Dekadent Hippy
Rock Party ----> In That Love Shack
******* AnyWoman Who Was There Until
They Were Dancing on Love's Fire ... A Pyre Held Back
A few Years Ago;
Our Dangerous Man Was Complaining:

"*******! It's Too Hot in Here!!!"

- Hrrrssllllkk
Hrrrrsssssskkk!! "N a a h!!! There You Gooo o o o...'" Said Jim very Pleased with Himself:

Christ, it Was About Time ! Mate
We Destroy This ****** Jacket
In The Most Productive Way Possible! Heh heh
ha ...''
From Now on You Can Shine On
My Dearest Mate
Be Alway So Cool As Ya Already Arr'
My dear Boy!
Like A Newborn Baby - Mate! Har' Har' Harr..." )

Has exposed and shown wonderfully
His good, strong build-up bicepses
All Glittery, Slippery, and Soaked in
Essential  Oils From Fantastic
Thai Massage
Not Long Ago
Just before his usual stroll
Around His City.

Dreamy Opportunities
Were Lurking From every Nook and Cranny
Corners of Adriatic
lean Tall Houses
Have Curved in Astonishment
Every Time
Her Rhythm has lulled His Syncopated
Steps, Beats, Guitar Blues and Cross Country Rock Riffs

As a Walking man, He Knew
What EMŠO Ment --
So -- He was notoriously faithful
to his old Walkman
Wearing it as A RifledGun
Behind his Vintage Belt

Plugged To
Tiny black Headphones
A deep ear experience! If I might Say --
A Real Son of A Gun!

Even Them were soaked, As He was -
Head To Toes
In that Allure Of Her
Skirt and Bossom's
Jumping up and Down
As She was Constantly few steps in Front of Him
Surpassing Him In So Many Alternative Ways
And Conscious?

Conscious Were Both

The mixture made out of Vetiver, Lavandum, Jasmin, and Roses
With a slight Pinch of Burned Lemon Zest and Dimmed
Scent of Vanilla as a surplus, blended beautifully with Childish Mandarin Innocence

He has Dreamt with open Eyes He is Her Saviour
The Fatamorganic Visions of Damascus, Palm Trees, Dark Coffee
Pleasures, Fresh Unresistable Fruits
Served On Bronze Platters
Devoured Together In ****** Pace

Their First Conversation . . . .
Where She has Given Everything To Him
In Submissive Moans
With Trembling Eyes, Moans of Lust
Swelled Succulent Sweet
Playful Love Games...

She Said: "You Can have It all! MyMagicalMinister!"
From then on ~ He has heard
An Unrelentles Arabic Beauties Hoard's
His Upper Arm Muscles
Have Wavered And Moved His
Dangerous Sculls With Seraphim, Saphire
And Rubie Ornamented Daggers
Weirdly    Wonderful   Mermaids
Making Love To Bearded Sailors with Tattered Open, hairy Chests Masculine Shirts
Hearts Pinched and Bacchus

Eros Pierced
Names of Many Women
As Long As He Knew
He Loved Each And
Every Marguerite, Elisabeth, Jessamin, and Erica
He was Not Sure Where All
Have Disappeared
He Has Forgotten
His Sins
Written With Dark Ink
Into his ****** Burning **** Skin
They were
To Him
And For Ever
Beautiful and Young
Every time He Gazed At His
Many bleeding hearts Again

And Him?
He Was Very Much Pleased
Riding The Best
Noble Stud in The County
Yet -- His Visions Has Made him a Bit Nervous
Would not let him be For Who He Was
With Total Harmony with Himself
With Her
In All His Entierity, He Was Most Brilliant
And Dangerous Man
Walking, Nearing .... Stalking
Wafting cozily through Nearby Sea Salted

Smelling an Approaching Affair
Yet It Never Occurred To Him
She Would Perhaps Be With Him
If She Treated Her Within His Mind Not As a Cheap Needy *****
As She Has Longed For A Love True Pure Perfect Pristine Prolific Supreme

A Reminder That Just Popped Up:
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Hey, Mister Man
Tell me why
You chose to steal concentration
Because of you,
I am in perdition
Vengeance is mine
Says the old and wise
But I can’t discern
When love fogs my eyes
So, coming down
The man in the Blue-Haired robes
Because of His brutal choke
Tonight, the choir sings
Of your deception
And my depression
So, coming down
Say something
Coming down
Do nothing
I can’t sleep while my soul
Cries at night
Hey, Mister Man
You’re coming down
The good die Young, but the wicked have it worse because they live long enough to someday realize that karma is coming for them
Nayana Nair Jul 2018
The steps I walk
and the fate I follow
all run into faces that somehow
already know all the reason to despise me.
Why is it that walking in these shadows
calms my heart and brings it pain
at the same time.
Is this how life is to be lived?
I myself this all the time.
For if not for my own voice,
there won’t be any answers returning to me
from this world that seems more far away
when I look for answers,
than when I look for places hide.

But I look at the moon today with a new eyes.
I find I am no longer alone,
when you look back everytime you leave.
I find I am no longer alone,
when left to myself, I have someone else to think of.
I no longer need assurances and promises
from this life, if only you walk this earth
with a smile and a lighter heart.
The cold returns to my heart again,
freezing your memories forever in me,
and I smile.
I am no longer alone,
nor are you.
told me
to let
tear drops
in her
let us write
this beautiful line to hold up an

word dance
I van a try to describe while sitting on me ****
how he oh bomb in lee rages with gnashing teeth
   while back a slump
blasting Democratic nomination as a sham – man
   from special interest pump

he, the epitomy of crass bloviation,
   a malignant lump
whose rants sans presidential outcome a sham bull
   with his millions beds this, that
   and another woman to ******* jump

disseminating gene pool –
birthing more quackers and additionally doth ****
the mass media as some foolhardy charade
   and caricature of a frazzled grump

   this arboreal clothed ape erecting
Taj Mahal ******* symbols where players dump
and gamble away hard earn cash for his kitty,
   as if that cachet to grind and bump

lambasting with that maniacal leering pout
   while hair *** of red bulls
atop his bulbous aerosol sprayed
   heady measly shaped Muppet
dis eased cranial hologram of a cretaceous,
   facetious and insidious mump!
Taylor Shelton Feb 2016
Shut the hell up
Keep it to yourself
Sister, sister
Thought you could be my dear sister
Hear my heart beating
hands start to shake
Soul starts to bleed
Sister's mister
Why did you kiss her?
Now Changed her for the worse
Now I'm force to help her
#sister #poetry #bars #secrets #mister #kids #changed #childhood #mister #confused #beautiful #bars #rhyming
Cody Henatt Dec 2015
I'm at the brink of falling,
Into the abyss;
Mister, would I be

It seems that the moon glows for me,
For it knows that only at night,
I can see.

Is it my friend,
The moon up in the sky?
It's always been by my side.

Bright days, sun rays,
They hurt my eyes;
The people that move during such times,
Only ever want me to die.

I can call the moon my friend,
Will he back-stab me,
In the end?

I only see during dark hours,
I don't have much power.

Is he my friend?
The glowing orb up high?
I sure hope that he'll always
Be by my side.
Wrote this when I felt very ... eerie. The speaker in the poem is meant to be a child.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
People think he's perfect when he's not,
People think he just breezes through life without a care when he doesn't,
People think he can just shrug everything off but he can't.

Nobody sees the real Mr. Perfect.
Nobody sees that he works for it.
Nobody sees how hard he tries.
Nobody hears his silent cries.
Nobody... but me.

I see the man behind the mask because I wear one too,
I see how hard he works on it though just like me,
I see how every shard of him is driven to be perfect just like me,
I hear his silent screams because I scream the same things,
Only nobody sees... at least I think.

I think he can see the girl behind the mask when he looks into my eyes,
I think knows how hard I work when I ask him for help,
I think he can sense that all of me is driven to being perfect when he stands near,
I think he can hear my silent screams when he hears my voice,
I think he's like me.
Ashley Williams Feb 2015
Eyes empty as promises




Through the rhinestone glamour
And the gleaming twilight.

Predatory desire




Snuffed by fickle hearts
And volatile tempers.
I left this unfinished awhile ago and rediscovered it tonight, so I decided to finish it. :)
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