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anica Feb 16
so i sat there as always,
across the road near the railways,
i keep looking back as i silently hope
while thinking of cutting ties and rope

within my reach i extend my hand
i look around til i reach the land
quietly sighing as i realised
i was often the fool, never the wise

so at 1 am in the bright city lights
with unending lengths of every heights
i yearn for you, i long for you
in all the lies, this is what's true

the cold that shivered through out my body
as i heard steps i remember clearly
you stopped me from glancing through an embrace
this very moment i will never ever waste
Luna Maria Dec 2020
its 1am and I’m sitting here
scratching my face
lowkey hating the way I look
and when I look in the mirror I wish I could see what you see in me
Karly Codr Sep 2020
I'm tired.
I didn't stay up until 1am on purpose.
Please stop telling me
I look dead
I'm not in the mood.
Does anyone ever get so tired that they're angry? Because me too.
Nely Dec 2019
They say master what moves you. Can one really master a past presence that was once a favorite presence? One who's enterity is elsewhere with whomever. How can one master a has been? A one that isn't even a part of your today life? You've shed. Therefore, you're not entirely the person of 4 years ago whom I met. What mystery and answers lies within you, and what mastery may I develop in conjunction to you, to who's really you and who's who.
Megan Hammer Aug 2019
1 in the morning and I'm coming over
I hop the ledge into his place
I start to undress but he stops me
He doesn't want to do anything
Except ask me how I am

Your room and your eyes are full of smoke
You were so far away from when I saw you last
You became older over the course of a few days
Thinking it over too much
How to manage a million for a friend

What does it mean to be in your position?
It only means something to you if you can get more
Silence finds your lips and then they meet my forehead
And we fall asleep so sadly
Too deep in thought to touch

I'm still thinking about it in the morning
Are you mad at me?
"No" he says, taking off my clothes
it's different from the last time
You show it in your gentle ways

He wraps me in blankets
Says I can stay all day
And when he leaves for work
I make his bed and write him a note

What does it mean to be in my position?
It means something to me until I get more
xxxxxx-x Jan 2019
Staring into the darkness,
Mind is filled with unspoken words,
The coldness of my heart has gone to frozen,
I am not whom you thought you knew.
mhmm Nov 2018
I wish you all the best, but I want all your best.
I want you to finally be happy and be in a good place, just as long as that place is inside my house.
I can’t promise that I’ll ever be happy for you, because I want to love you at your happiest.
I crave you at your most productive.
most passionate.
least insecure.

I want the best you,
and I still can’t understand why you couldn’t be him for me.
K Jun 2018
As I lay awake,
I noticed my head shouting for help,
My heart aching and craving for love,
And tears falling from my eyes as I stare just above.
I am hurting.
But I chose to remain silent.
alexa Apr 2018
it's 1am here
and i can't fall asleep,
don't know of it's all the coffee
or threat of the upcoming week.
but i've talked to my sister, read my book--
i'm out of things to do.
so i guess i'll lie awake
and write some more about you.
we have pictures together on my wall,
places i'd like to go with you, my bucket list cries;
every pop of blue around the room
reminds me of your eyes.
every quote and poem and lyric,
they all sing the same tune
about a boy a girl writes about
every night by the light of the moon.
the letters you've written me
are tucked safely next to my bed,
and i still take them out to read them
even though they're memorized in my head.
maybe it's your handwriting
or the way you try with all your might
to tell me through each word
that it's gonna be alright.
so i'm kinda sorry that
everything reminds me of you,
i guess i'm just in love with
everything you do.
actually written this morning at 1am. i am very tired.
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