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Megan Hammer Aug 6
1 in the morning and I'm coming over
I hop the ledge into his place
I start to undress but he stops me
He doesn't want to do anything
Except ask me how I am

Your room and your eyes are full of smoke
You were so far away from when I saw you last
You became older over the course of a few days
Thinking it over too much
How to manage a million for a friend

What does it mean to be in your position?
It only means something to you if you can get more
Silence finds your lips and then they meet my forehead
And we fall asleep so sadly
Too deep in thought to touch

I'm still thinking about it in the morning
Are you mad at me?
"No" he says, taking off my clothes
it's different from the last time
You show it in your gentle ways

He wraps me in blankets
Says I can stay all day
And when he leaves for work
I make his bed and write him a note

What does it mean to be in my position?
It means something to me until I get more
xxxxxx-x Jan 15
Staring into the darkness,
Mind is filled with unspoken words,
The coldness of my heart has gone to frozen,
I am not whom you thought you knew.
mhmm Nov 2018
I wish you all the best, but I want all your best.
I want you to finally be happy and be in a good place, just as long as that place is inside my house.
I can’t promise that I’ll ever be happy for you, because I want to love you at your happiest.
I crave you at your most productive.
most passionate.
least insecure.

I want the best you,
and I still can’t understand why you couldn’t be him for me.
K Jun 2018
As I lay awake,
I noticed my head shouting for help,
My heart aching and craving for love,
And tears falling from my eyes as I stare just above.
I am hurting.
But I chose to remain silent.
alexa Apr 2018
it's 1am here
and i can't fall asleep,
don't know of it's all the coffee
or threat of the upcoming week.
but i've talked to my sister, read my book--
i'm out of things to do.
so i guess i'll lie awake
and write some more about you.
we have pictures together on my wall,
places i'd like to go with you, my bucket list cries;
every pop of blue around the room
reminds me of your eyes.
every quote and poem and lyric,
they all sing the same tune
about a boy a girl writes about
every night by the light of the moon.
the letters you've written me
are tucked safely next to my bed,
and i still take them out to read them
even though they're memorized in my head.
maybe it's your handwriting
or the way you try with all your might
to tell me through each word
that it's gonna be alright.
so i'm kinda sorry that
everything reminds me of you,
i guess i'm just in love with
everything you do.
actually written this morning at 1am. i am very tired.
Winter Child Apr 2017
It passed midnight when i took my medicine
Life has been treating me bad lately
I reached for my phone on the right side of my pillow
Blood was racing inside my cells,
no wonder i'm over anxious all the time
I swiped unlock,
went through my phone storage
In minutes i'm about to puke,
the world was sickening me out

I stopped upon this picture
of the guy who owns 4 piercings on his left ear
The helix one is my favorite
I giggled to the screen
Feeling familiar with the warmth he got on that curvy lips
The tension was chilled a bit—
as i entered my own little world
I felt my brain slowly turned into confetties

It passed midnight when i took my medicine
As every cells on my body
Praised him our favorite love song—
thanked him
For being the most effective way of healing
him contains 3 letters, so does hjs
chuckae Jan 2017
I go to sleep at
eleven eleven so
all my dreams come true
I wake with a 1:00 am
nightmare, it's reality.
a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
Can we just chill for a bit? It doesn't have to be on some romantic type ****. Just some 'let's get together' type ****. Smoke blunt and just do whatever type ****. Cause we're friends right? And I don't need all the benefits. I just need someone- someone who'll be around, who'll give a ****. I'm just reaching for some company. Hoping you'll hit me up, just to see what's up with me. We don't have to get up or anything, but I do know this park up the street and the city just installed new swings. So if you're down... I'll push you, you push me? Or we can take a walk and just talk about things. Get lost and forget what tomorrow might bring. Or take a drive, hit the interstate, let our minds break free. We can even just sit on the roof, stare up at the stars and relax. We can just be. You know, together, just you and me. And we don't have to be together in any other sense of the word, just be here physically. And we don't have to be together, if that's what's going through your mind. If you want more, I'm fine. And if you don't, I promise, I'm fine. All I'm reaching for is some company. So if you're down, I'm here. Come see what's up with me.
Death-throws Mar 2016
An angel saw my ****
And told me god would forgive
And so i told the angel
If god could forgive me,
I would have wished to never live
I mean come on, my search history is bad
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