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Ryan Seth Cole Jul 2021
The sun rises over the hills touching everything turning it gold. The dew rises from the cactus as the scorpion rises from it's slumber; surely a sight to behold.

  Another day has begun another story is yet to be told. For it has been written so many times it has became a story of old. But today is no different. It is the day the world was sold.

Our protaganist a young man is not carried by the plot. He is not conflicted by his emotions. He needs no changing of his thought. He instead drives the story forward with the unraveling of his soul.

He finds himself pitted between himself and the world. Like a tree that is battered by the wind refusing to fold. He is no ordinary man, he himself has a well defined goal.

Although his expection is not certain he has yet be told that the road ahead is trecherous; it is filled with opstacles and it has many holes.

His plan is to stand his ground and by no amount of money can this man be sold.

If you find this man to be unwilling to change, there is something you must know; this man has been here before.
This man has seen with his eyes just how the story goes.

His countrymen are in turmoil held captive by the idea that a tyrant would have complete power or complete control.

They suffer from hunger for lack of rations. They trust not one another for fear that they may delivered over to the one that is in control. They our desperate for a hero

But little do they know that one of them would spark a fire that would trigger a movement that no authority on earth could slow.

Rumors of his valor would spread across the land. Surely this is he that would take the stand. All to soon would the time be that a man would rise to power. That there would be a new king in the land. One who could break the powers and fairly distrabute the wealth by the turning of his hand.

The people were filled with hope while the weak could barely stand.

His movement grew in numbers his trust would cascade in the enemies betrayal amongst themselves. Even the powerful tyrant's minions would show support for this man.

The moment was here so fast as if it were controlled opposition. Now it was time for the peoples voice to be heard. It was time they take a position.

Put they're trust in man or support the opposition.

As you would guess the choice was all so easy, so many would say. Little did they know that would be when they gave what little they had left away.

Plunged into chaos for the people had been betrayed. This man was not they're hero. He was the embodiement of they're willingness to give it all away.

A simple parable of trusting others to do what you must find in yourself to do.
Sometimes the beta has no choice but to be the alpha.
Hawa Apr 2019
Free Palestine
   Free Tibet      
But first :        
Free yourself
Maggie evans Jul 2017
You stand so proud so tall,
a beacon for all to see.
You shine your light so brightly,
when the sun fails to light the way.
You stand guard, upon a craggy cliff top,
offer a guiding path to those lost.
A helping vantage point to prevent tragic depair.
upon stormy seas small boats are tossed and thrown,
upon frothy tides far below.
Prevent lives being ripped apart,
on rocks, the unknown fear by saliors most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.
You know nothing else but to guide others.
Without ego, repression of self worth,
you no not of heartache, but are the heart.
You are not lonely, yet you are so alone.

Unselfish yet kept by the lighthouse keeper,
maintained by one that knows the importance of your light.
A pleasurable sight for many a sailor,
 when suns set upon distant watery horizons.
Offering a nurturing warmth,
a glow welcomed across blinding darkness to those that need it close.

You are the lighthouse in the storm,
the guiding hope across the sea.
You are the one to reunite sailors with family who are loved by most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.
Cweeta Cwumble Aug 2016
when i was a little girl
i sat at my window every night
and dreamed about flying away
then i would tuck myself into bed
and dream until the next day

then one night as i sat on the sill,
the moon and stars were shining so bright
i flung that window open,
grabbed a bouquet of balloons,
and set off on my flight.

the wind carried me, in my nightdress
up, up, up
to the stars and the moon
with my little toes dangling below me,
away i went with my birthday balloons.

i flew over my neighbor's house,
then over the twinkling lights of the city.
i flew over rivers, lakes and trees.
from up there, everything looked so pretty.

i flew over farmlands with cows and chickens
then over parks with beautiful fountains,
then i crossed over great, wide oceans
and floated over snow-capped mountains.

i never wanted to touch the ground
so i continued on my way.
if you look up in the sky you just might see me
flying with my balloon bouquet.
Miki Feb 2015
Its taken me this long
To realize
To understand
That not every moment
Needs to be shared
To be great

But it might be better
If it were
Because great moments
Are still
Never as great

Im so independent
I dont need anyone
For anything
But i want someone
For everything.
No Name Poet Jan 2015
I'm your mirror.
I reflect what you want to see.
But it's never really me.

I'm your mirror.
There are smudges and dirt.
Little imperfections you don't like, which hurts.

I'm your mirror.
See whatever you want to see.
But when I break, you're the one who bleeds.
Sarah Gammon Jan 2015
I think I was simply convinced
that I was confined to a cage.
But since my mind's been rinsed,
I realize I was just prisoner to rage.
Assuming the role of victim,
like an everyday outfit;
I sure know how to pick 'em,
controlling and says a lot of *******.
I let myself fall into this routine
because it was familiar, in a way,
to be a caged animal with no esteem
and have no personality to convey.
Self-discovery of lessons learned
prove that it happens for a reason,
that for every wound from being burned,
where someone dear commited treason,
there will be new light for life.
There will be a reward for each pain
should one fight through strife,
because every loss has a gain.
Learn from the pain and the loss;
don't be a victim and don't hide,
realize it's your life; you're the boss
and don't keep everything inside.
This "cage" is a figment of imagination,
a huge constriction on the soul;
stuck in a stand-still gravitation,
******* happiness like a black hole.
Stepping outside the confines...
it's freedom to stop being angry,
to smile even during the bad times.
And then, there is no cage for me.
Copyright Sarah Gammon 2014
I feel that a lot of people let their insecurities from past experiences prevent them from enjoying life. I know I do. I would choose not to do things I might enjoy because I told myself I couldn't. The reasons why we tell ourselves to stay "within our cage" vary greatly. All I know, whatever your reason, let go of it...accept it...move on and be free. Let go of anger, and loss, and sadness, and be happy! The opportunities will be endless!
* * * *
tonight I leave love
everything I held dear

tonight I leave hope
there is nothing more
for me here

finally free
memories of tenderness
reminders of how
our love could be

I see my path open beyond 
boundaries of you and me
finally understanding
that I am worthy

of loving myself
more than I have loved you.
believing in all that I am
knowing complete
have done all I can do

fresh breeze
brings me to this place
To be filled with
strength and grace

no longer will I cower
to your displeasure
now holding my self
as my greatest treasure

pain still fresh..
sap dripping from my heart
will harden now
In defence of my pride
hurt and sorrow.

new paths unfold
before my breath
mists part so I may rest
my tender being
for this night
I await fresh pain
upon daylight

I seek strength complete
to guide me thru
this inevitable act
of leaving you

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

— The End —