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Grey May 28
As sleep overcomes me,
my unsteady hands loosen their grip on the locket
and it slides through my fingers
and falls to the ground.
Amanda Dec 2019
Trust is a flickering flame
Perfect to warm coldest of hearts
Freeze if wind snuffs out it's glow

Do not smoke if your fire is shaky
Can't inhale after it's smothered
Once out must start all over again
New flame
When that dies
Writers block continued
Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
"Parkinson's is fun
I look like I have constant
jazz hands"- Thomas Prince
self deprecation, and for lack of context my name is Thomas Prince for those who care
lins Feb 2019
today is shaky
by that,
I mean I am
Erica May 2018
smiles at day
tears at night
laughs with friends
cries alone
shaky all the time
'i'm fine'
'i already ate'
'i'm full'
'it's nothing'
'it won't happen again'
'don't worry about me'
i'm not fine
i'm starving myself
i'm hungry
it's something, help me, please
its most definitely going to happen again
worry about me please i need it
Obscrea Dec 2017
And here I stand
On your doorstep,
With nervous eyes
And shaky hands
Looking for words
And a peace of mind

My luggage is set
But it feels like I'm
Not ready to say
ryan Sep 2017
are what i feel when my hands tremble as i pick up the phone
my heart pounds so hard i hear it in my ears as i decide what to do
i pray that you dont answer that i can leave you a message
i dont want to hear your voice i dont i dont i dont
i dont because i know that if i do
ill begin to shake
not shake how i do when im cold or angry but instead
ill shake how i do when im terrified
because the thought of seeing you hearing you merely being around you
it makes me shake so violently
like an iv filled with pure anxiety was stuck into me
yet i talk to you i laugh with you and im around you
not all that often rarely actually
but even still i feel ***** after being near you
and not everyone will see it but the hands.
my hands
will begin to shake.
i have felt nothing pure anxiety in my heart for the last two days someone help. im sorry everythings about you.
Nick Moser Feb 2017
If a delicate heart is placed within a strong grip,
It will never break.

But it is only once we see said grip released,
That we may witness how strong it was to begin with.

For those pesky shaky hands are always imitating,

What they could never be,
Just to get what they could never hold.
Those pesky shaky hands
The Napkin Poet Dec 2016
The thought of you
An uncertain utopia
Shaky and tense
To me makes little sense

The way you look at me
I come undone upon the seems
Holding and gripping
To keep my sanity is crippling

You say you can love me from a distance
But take this for instance
If I said good riddance
Would you see me as the menace?
izzi3 Nov 2016
as if you know anything there is to know about me
nothing you say can prove you know
'grow up' no SHUT UP
really should stop crying
yesterday's tears trace patterns down your cheeks
turn the other way, don't watch me cry
even that patronising tone in your voice makes me tremble
and the way you stare at me with your accusing hazel eyes
rumour has it you're so far gone but still you're just angry tears and
does this make sense, i don't know,
i'm angry and shaky and feel like utter ***** but here we are,  an angry write.
it's been a while xo
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