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Jenniff Hill Mar 26
dear chaser,
you had only one goal and yet you failed,
after all the chasing, how could you
leave so easily?
of my lucid dreams
snickering rumors
and all the dam things I threw away
because I thought we were in love
Zenna Mar 2020
This is a love story
without love.
A love story
when we both said "i want you"
but im sure i did not lie.
A love story from your viewpoint,
not mine.
Of how and where
I am your mistake and you -
you were just weak.

A love story.

A love.

A story.

For you, a story.

For me, a love.
MSunspoken Mar 2020
Your words call me forward
Arms draw me near
Hold me here forever-
How about we stay together?

Your love is a harpoon
Don’t seem so stressed-
I’ll polish it to perfection-
Until I see my heart’s reflection

Your warmth is my sun
Please keep me healthy,
And I promise to try and heal  you-
Fix you up, just like new

Your crazy is my flame
stay forever in my heart,
Burn it to an ember-
Carving your name into its center

Your determination is my anchor
So let me be your captain,
Let’s sail these wild waters-
Lead this lamb to the slaughter

Your goodbye is my demise
Leave me here to rot
Broken and *****-
Love, don’t you know you hurt me?
Too much? I actually wrote this through a different perspective than usual, so keep that in mind....
Toxic relationships though, am I right? Is a moment of comfort worth years of self-destruction? Or constant regrets? No? Then maybe it's worth the self-consciousness?
Hateful thoughts?
Mhmmm, it seems really irrational...but just stop and imagine an abused, starved, and nearly frozen dog....left outside for days..Then,for just a few moments, the backdoor opens. That dog would run to the door like it would never run again, maybe even if it knows the blow that's about to well as the following days of suffering. Just one moment of warmth is all it wants.
Jayne E Feb 2020
you told me you loved me
you told me "you are mine"
you told me you'd love me forever
you told me "you belong to me"
you told me I was your alpha & your omega
you told me "you are why I was born a man, to love you"
you told me you were going to marry me
you told me "I can never love another now"
you told me you'd never let me leave you
you told me "I'll put you in a box in the ground, before I'll let you go"
you told me you'd never hurt me
you told me "I'm going to **** you"
you told me you loved me.

love is not ownership
love is not obsession
love is not violence
love is not suppression
love is not breaking bones
love is not silence
love is not feeling alone

you saw me like you see
one of your treasured
first editions
a thing to show off
to brag about
to your mates
a thing to pick up
and put down
to keep locked up
to covet
a thing you own.

I loved you
when you were
my loving lost boy of the morning
I loved you
when at loves first bloom
you were sweet
I loved you
when you made me feel safe
I loved you
before the strong arms
that held me close
broke my bones
and broke my heart
broke my faith
and tore it all apart.

Bad dreams carry bad memories into the now...
the words you said to me
were stained into my skin in blue and black ink.
it took me years to rub them off,
but now i’m just left with the invisible ink
that will forever be tattooed into my skin.
and they will only ever show
when the lighting is right.
i’m left with these chronic thoughts
that won’t leave me alone once they’ve come.
i wish i knew what it was like to be loved,
truly loved,
like the way you pretended to love me.
but your love wasn’t love at all.
it was hate.
i know this because you don’t
intentionally hurt the ones you love
just to have some fun.
we were both intoxicated.
i was drunk on my loneliness and numbness,
and you were drunk on your desire to have power.
i just wanted to feel important,
and i hated myself so much that i was too blind to see
the lack of compassion that laid right in front of me.
instead i followed you and your crooked lies
that led me into a rut.
a rut that i spent years trying to climb out of.
but i always kept falling back down.
i would sit in the bottom of that rut and cry and scream.
i would pray that you never happened,
that we never happened.
but i can’t deny it,
and i can’t deny you.
you were once a part of my life,
and no matter how hard i try
to rid you from my thoughts,
you’ll always find your way back to me,
and you’ll always find a way to ruin me.
so, thank you for breaking me.
and thank you for showing me
what real love is not.

// q.h.
May 2, 2018
Maria Vasileva Nov 2018
She is multi-faceted.
She is not a wallpaper.
If she could , she would,
but still,
she is a landscape.
Winks at him,
then leaves,
kisses another,
her intentions don’t comply,
creates as if they are crafts.
Voo-doo dolls
with prejudiced faith .
She is a princess
of all them towers.
She is a queen
of undisturbed motion
and vibrant colours .
Her attention span
is longer than her eyelashes
and lasts more than
your miserable
Moeshfiekah Oct 2018
So you wanna put on a show.
**** momma that's a low blow.
Ya slick and you're sly like a crow.
Ya runnin' ta catch me , ya slow.
There's something that you gotta know.
Ya tell me to give what I owe.
In the darkness of lies , you glow.
Ya tasting the demon you grow.
Destruction ya sip on-the-go.
Now I'm rhyming and braking the flow.
Ya braking  , deflating , do you need a tow?
In the light of day you're a ***.
Words speak a language of their own
Natalia Lopez Jul 2018
I've held hands with him,
I've laid in bed with him,
Laid my head against his chest,
Nothing, NOTHING is what I heard.
He had no heart, no soul, no emotion.
When he would speak it was as if he was alive,
Nothing mattered anymore.
He loved me and I him.
I knew that I wanted to be with him forever
I threw myself away just to make him happy
I had no choice --he- he said I was already dead
He told me it was too late.
I hate him!
I don't love him anymore.
I was in so much pain
I cried every night.
What did I do to deserve this?
I took all the pain, I would wipe my tears away and still reach out to help him.
β€œWhy did I stay?” I repeatedly asked myself.
Im stupid.
All he did was press his disgusting, dry lips against mine and I was dead "In Love?”
what was happening?
Why was I doing this to myself?
From that day forward for the rest of my life, or so it felt
I would wake up in Hell not realizing
I was dating the devil.
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