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the words you said to me
were stained into my skin in blue and black ink.
it took me years to rub them off,
but now i’m just left with the invisible ink
that will forever be tattooed into my skin.
and they will only ever show
when the lighting is right.
i’m left with these chronic thoughts
that won’t leave me alone once they’ve come.
i wish i knew what it was like to be loved,
truly loved,
like the way you pretended to love me.
but your love wasn’t love at all.
it was hate.
i know this because you don’t
intentionally hurt the ones you love
just to have some fun.
we were both intoxicated.
i was drunk on my loneliness and numbness,
and you were drunk on your desire to have power.
i just wanted to feel important,
and i hated myself so much that i was too blind to see
the lack of compassion that laid right in front of me.
instead i followed you and your crooked lies
that led me into a rut.
a rut that i spent years trying to climb out of.
but i always kept falling back down.
i would sit in the bottom of that rut and cry and scream.
i would pray that you never happened,
that we never happened.
but i can’t deny it,
and i can’t deny you.
you were once a part of my life,
and no matter how hard i try
to rid you from my thoughts,
you’ll always find your way back to me,
and you’ll always find a way to ruin me.
so, thank you for breaking me.
and thank you for showing me
what real love is not.

// q.h.
May 2, 2018
Grace Summers Dec 2018
He fell for me,
I didn't catch him;
For I thought
I loved someone else back then.
But he didn't care.
He just wanted to use me,
Just like he'd already used
About ten girls already.
He didn't harrass me,
He didn't swear at me,
Heck, he didn't even touch me,
He just snatched my popularity from me.

But that's not where it ends.
He still flirted with me.
And I, like all the other girls,
Fell for his boyish charm.
This time around,
He didn't catch me.
Yes, he'd flirted with me,
But he said he was with someone else.
All just a petty trick
To make me realise I wanted him.
But I didn't even wanna use him,
I just wanted him to be mine.

But I moved on,
And life went on,
And time kept passing,
Without him to think about.
I found someone new,
Someone it felt safe to have a crush on.
But he flirted on, like days past,
And I,
Being as stupid as I am,
Fell for him again.
This time, though, he said it to my face,
"You're never gonna be worth it."
Maria Vasileva Nov 2018
She is multi-faceted.
She is not a wallpaper.
If she could , she would,
but still,
she is a landscape.
Winks at him,
then leaves,
kisses another,
her intentions don’t comply,
creates as if they are crafts.
Voo-doo dolls
with prejudiced faith .
She is a princess
of all them towers.
She is a queen
of undisturbed motion
and vibrant colours .
Her attention span
is longer than her eyelashes
and lasts more than
your miserable
Moeshfiekah Oct 2018
So you wanna put on a show.
**** momma that's a low blow.
Ya slick and you're sly like a crow.
Ya runnin' ta catch me , ya slow.
There's something that you gotta know.
Ya tell me to give what I owe.
In the darkness of lies , you glow.
Ya tasting the demon you grow.
Destruction ya sip on-the-go.
Now I'm rhyming and braking the flow.
Ya braking  , deflating , do you need a tow?
In the light of day you're a ***.
Words speak a language of their own
Natalia Lopez Jul 2018
I've held hands with him,
I've laid in bed with him,
Laid my head against his chest,
Nothing, NOTHING is what I heard.
He had no heart, no soul, no emotion.
When he would speak it was as if he was alive,
Nothing mattered anymore.
He loved me and I him.
I knew that I wanted to be with him forever
I threw myself away just to make him happy
I had no choice --he- he said I was already dead
He told me it was too late.
I hate him!
I don't love him anymore.
I was in so much pain
I cried every night.
What did I do to deserve this?
I took all the pain, I would wipe my tears away and still reach out to help him.
“Why did I stay?” I repeatedly asked myself.
Im stupid.
All he did was press his disgusting, dry lips against mine and I was dead "In Love?”
what was happening?
Why was I doing this to myself?
From that day forward for the rest of my life, or so it felt
I would wake up in Hell not realizing
I was dating the devil.
Armand-DeamoJC Jun 2018
This is not a poem, 'tis a story
The story of how I went so far backwards
'tis the story of me falling in love
and falling... out of life

I fell for a girl, and I ****** her up, because I was scared
This is not a poem

I lost this amazing girl, and drank away my sorrows
Under age and a drunken mess
This is not a poem

I had a friend, she helped me through that mess
and I hurt her more than I ever knew or realised
I was too stuck in my own ****
drunk and high
escaping reality
again and
she left

This is not a poem
I realized that she had not left and she only escaped me dragging her down
I cannot connect or attach with anyone
For I have lost too much of myself
to take that thing away from
another person, because
is a ravaged thing and
I'm and untold lore
and this is not a
True Poem
'tis a story of
a brokenhearted
and pathetic little boy
who had not told his lore
to anyone, but one and thus
He realized 'tis not a story
to be told for anyone
written words here
**This is not a poem
My apologies if it is not what was expected or true
Liz Carlson Dec 2017
i only see what could've been.
your kind eyes,
warm smile,
strong arms,
wrapping me in ever so tightly.

i try to re-spark the fire,
but that boy is gone.
never to be seen again.

that's how i know it's not love.
Lizzie Nov 2017
i thought i loved you.
the way you called me princess,
or you called me yours,
how you declared me your favorite
and let me fall asleep in call.
how you messaged me when i couldn't sleep
even when you had work at 7 am

i really ******* thought i loved you,
and sometimes i think i still do,
but you made it really clear that you didn't love me
when you called her princess,
and claimed her as yours,
and said she was the most important person to you
how she fell asleep with you,
and how you helped her back to sleep,
even when you had work at 7 am

i sometimes still think i love you.
astro eyes Oct 2017
i do not wish to



your scent.

for it is a reminder that you are not mine.

when you are done,
you leave me behind.

your scent,
in the place I sleep.

your scent,
                                               suffocating me.

a reminder that we,
play for no keeps,
just our scents,
smothered in sheets.
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