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Olivia Jul 2021
Dear Nana,

I miss you
I miss waking up to your voice
I miss making you tea
I miss our late night desserts
I miss your comfort and words
I miss your love stories and hugs
I miss your worries and calls
I miss combing your hair
I miss your warmth, love and care
Dave Robertson Dec 2020
Never more distraught
than when parents dared
to have a night out near Christmas.
Complete desolation at their betrayal
was quickly assuaged by nana,
babysitting like a boss,
with a steady stream of treats
and staying up late to watch
Dempsey and Makepeace
Destiny Jul 2019

Ever since I was a little girl, I never called anyone old.
I referred to older people as elderly.
One day, out of nowhere I decided that a person is "old" when they reach the age of 70.
My grandmother, who I call nana turned 70 last year.
Now I am morally allowed to call her old in my mind.
She thinks it's hilarious and she loved her mockery of a cake!

All jokes aside though, being "old" scares me. As I'm sure it scares many. To me "old" means; out lived desire. The desire to live becomes almost invisible; non existent. My mother is fighting two battles. Mental and physical. The mental aspect of her brain is fueled by her children's emotions and her physical pain. She is constantly worrying about her children and if they are okay mentally and physically. She has had her share of mistakes but she will always be my momma. Her physical battle consumes her whole body. Pain 24/7 with little to no relief. She is a strong women but because of her mental battle all her life, her body is that of an older woman. Medicine only goes so far and sometimes it feels like my prayers hit the ceiling and fall. My mom is not "old" but sometimes I feel like she "out lived desire." She continues to fight these two battles with a smile on her face [most days.]

Today you are 18,036 days old, but today, you are stronger, braver, and wiser than when you were 18,035 days old!!!
Cherish your family!
c Apr 2019
We never broke up
We just sort of broke down
I was wearing my shame
Instead of my crown
You spat out the ashes
That tasted like flame
And it hurt cause it burnt
When you said my name
Now there’s time for regret
And moments for tears
The mistakes I made
Will stay with me for years
But you’re nothing royal
No knight sent for me
You’re more like a dragon
You like when I bleed
And though I’m no princess
I’ll keep my head high
Inside I slay dragons
And you’re just a guy.
Olivia Daniels Feb 2019
My nana told me
in a letter she once wrote:

come into
your life when
they're needed

they stay
for weeks, months
years even. And go
when both of you have
given each other all
that you can.

So not to
cry when those
you thought would
be with you forever
walk out that door
and move on

For if the day comes
when you need each other
again, your paths will
cross and repeat
Crystal Apr 2018
My mum got a call
I wasn't supposed to listen
But I did
You have passed away
Hopefully without pain
Shes still on the phone
Not knowing that I know
I cant let her know
That Im choking back these tears
Why is everyone
Leaving this Earth
This year
I know you were old
And I know I have never seen you
Because you live so far away
But I love you dearly and I hope you are okay
I love you my nana
And forever will
well guess what. my great nana just died....
Perri Mar 2018
Your skin was so thin
your structure, so frail
but your mind so available
like a puppy
down a trail
You would hold me close
my red hair and skin pale
I miss the smell of liquorice
that was always so stale
But I wouldn't care
because your presence was fresh,
Every night
an enlightening tale
And your grasp so warm
at night when I'd wail
for my mothers absent touch;
your love purer than hers,
without fail
So I hope you're watching
and know
my love for you
will always prevail
She was my best friend
Meg Howell Mar 2018
I took a walk down a sloping path
Trees and brambles, nature’s bloodbath

My hands, a guide
My eyes, a map
My mouth, drooling and drawn to that amber sap

The ground below finally led me there
A trusted fort, a quiet town square
A lonely whistle serenading the unsoiled air

A symmetrical tree sat waiting like a snare
For me to take its’ paragon
But, oh, do I even dare?
Reflecting on times spent as a child adventuring through my nana’s backyard.
ashley lingy Jan 2018
I see her hands when I close my eyes
long fingers and perfect, natural nails,
delicate veins.

I feel her feather-light grip on my back, as she holds me.
And she says
"My perfect girl"

She looks at me with her sky blues.
She smiles.
Goodbye, I love you.
Emily Rene Oct 2017
She has a pretty smile,
That goes on for a while
Her teeth are really white,
Some might say what a sight
She is always quick to hug & kiss,
When she's away, I really miss
When I am hurt, she cares so much
She always has that special touch
She quit her job when I was a baby,
So she could play & watch me daily
Brownies, cookies, candy, & cakes,
My Nana really loves to bake
For her job, homes she cleans,
Her clients love her so much they scream!
There really is no test,
My Nana is the very best
I found an old poem I wrote in the second grade & couldn't help but light up at the younger days.
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