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Sabika H Nov 9
Shining bright,
Leaving me
It's a vortex
And it feeds off of my light,
kind to be

It taints and slithers into
Every life's necessities.
Now it wears a badge saying:
"You cannot go on,
You cannot survive
without me!"

It has become
The Judge,
And executioner

It has become
Our only means of
Expressing beauty and
In the most perverted of ways
As it tries to
Simulate an alternative reality
Making me
A fool,
Kind to be
To fulfill a psychopath’s pleasurable dream while under psychological stress is rather an unorthodox way to keep your mind ******* on tight.
don’t do it — you would unmistakably lose yourself in the end if you treat yourself to these people’s wishes. do not fall to the manipulative appearance of a potential lover, for there is more charm amongst the living right-minded people.
Amanda Hawk Jul 4
Don’t ask me to thank you
For splintering me apart
Until I am only slivers
To pick your teeth with
Jagged are these words
And I am the one torn
Tape only lasts so long
Then you are falling apart again
So keep your promises
Your actions tell me otherwise
Stewie May 27
That night after you dumped me on the phone
I couldn’t stop crying.
My sister gave me a Xanax and my parents took us to Golden Corral.
I turned numb.
Now after 10 years later
You want to reconcile.

Don’t go back to an ex.
muteD Jan 10
A mother’s touch is
suppose to be tender,
one you would lean into.
But, instead
I would flinch.
Not for fear of any physical pain
she could cause me
but only because
she never touches me.

“you are really damaged”
21 years of searching for
a mother’s love
will do that to you.
Searching for that missing piece
and hoping that if you do everything
she wants and everything
you can possibly do to help her
that maybe,
just maybe,
you’ll finish the puzzle and
she’ll love you.
Which is absurd because
she won’t
and she can’t.
How can a mother love her children
when she knows of no love herself?

Cat and mouse..
A game I’ve always hated
but a game I know all too well.
because she always flaunts
what she knows I want
right in my face.
She knows what I crave
and how to make me weak.
My one true weakness,
Well, the idea of one
because I have never had one before.
A family to call mine?
One that would love me unconditionally
and honestly?
The universe has
a sense of humor after all
and it’s Me.
My whole life I’ve been looking for the love only a mother can provide.. needless to say, that search is over and I have turned up empty handed.
Rachel Jan 3
Am i exaggerating?
Due to all the friends I've lost,
all the things I've gone through.
Is it all because of me?
Am i manipulative?
Am i toxic?
I try my hardest to keep them and love them with all of my heart.
and they still leave.
I am not good enough.
In my heart, i know it is not me.
but sometimes it is better to think as myself as the bad guy.
Because i'm tired of being the one who keeps getting hurt.
I always like to create my poems whenever i feel the need to express myself, like this one. This poem might seem all over the place, but they're my emotions and thoughts in words.
Mark Toney Jan 3


Mike. . .




Mary :)


                                   Mischievous ;)

Mistake. . .


                                   ~Meh. . .

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
01/03/2020 - Poetry form: Alliteration - Each poem in my Alliterative Alphabet Series describes conversations between two or more people while only using words that start with the first letter of the title of the poem. I’m publishing the poems as I write them on, not necessarily in alphabetical order. My goal is to write at least 26 poems to cover each letter of the alphabet. I hope you find the concept interesting, maybe even clever. Most of all I hope you enjoy them :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2020
Alek Mielnikow Dec 2019
You drink milk
when all that’s served
is water and wine.

You ****** the throbbing
pulse of the night
with your contriving lips.

You dip into the
honey and you
bedizen your seat.

You leave a trail of blood
to lead you back to
where you are from.

You wink and
the world relents.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
Amaris Jul 2019
You gave me silken scarves and solitude
To weave my own bindings
You gave me surpluses of satin
Bandages for skin you broke
You gave me Swarovski accessories
As if it excused your absences
You gave me smooth apologies
A salve to my twisted fingers
Andromeda Apr 2019
Cries the Cymbals!
Screams the winds!
the show is beginning
and the characters shall sing!

says the audience!
cries the narrator!
the foreshadowing melodies
must be remembered for later!

listen close
listen carefully,
for behold the characters pain
is about to be told.
let the spiral begin
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