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madison 6d
i apologize
for all the things i never said anything
for all the times i didn't speak up
for all the times i let you make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin
for all the times i let you make me feel guilty
for all the times i let you get away it
for all the times i let you win
for all the times i let you make me cry at 2am

i apologize for never telling you
that you were ruining everything about me
that you made me hate myself
and that this hate continues to run through my veins
for you
and for me
and everything that slipped through the cracks in between
as you broke me
you were known for having no empathy
You wanted me,
because you were spoilt for choice
and soon recognised
that I was the only "off limits" one.
You had it all
and yet you wanted more.
having the world at your feet
isn't enough
And you needed space too.
I was the forbidden fruit
and it drove you crazy
because all of the other fruits were dry and plain
or at least so you THOUGHT
but how were you to know?
because you never ACTUALLY
took the time to understand
JUST how special
each and every one of those unique tasting fruits
were like.
You just wanted what you couldn't have,
And overlooked
and didn't appreciate
what you DID have.
The only downer
on all those fruits
that you had in the palm of your hand,
Is that they were blind with delusion,
Because if they opened their eyes
they would see,
That you are the most rotten fruit on the earth.
Just imagine all of the capitals In italics please thanks.
aury Nov 2018
You play the victim well
Beg for sympathy where you know you’ll get it
As if you aren’t the galvanizer of the **** that you live in
Present yourself as the sad boy
With the broken heart
Left alone with no one to love
As if you didn’t isolate yourself
The destructor of each and every single relationship
Like a tornado
Blowing through all that once was happy
I have no sympathy for you, lonely boy
Just a hope
That one day you’ll open your eyes
And end your pity party
you’re a sinner
and you always have been
Sam Sep 2018
First you gain my absolute trust
Then you get close to my friend
Next you start dating her
Finally you emotionally manipulate her.

But guess what?
She’s actually fine
Because she knows what she’s gotta do
To help herself

You talk about being newly popular
But I bet you’re a scared little girl
A scared newbie
Who tried to hurt my friend

Just because you didn’t get your way
You decide to **** talk a group
Right after you knew they almost got hurt
And you didn’t care

But you expect everyone to drop everything
And help you when you feel hurt
I’m ******* done

Done with your *******
Done with your toxicity
Done with how you act to others
Done with you

You manipulative little girl
You’re only gonna get worse
I could see that from the moment I met you


Don’t ******* come back

You won’t be welcome
Julia Martin Aug 2018

Arrogance filled my head
As I skipped every consequence
'I don't pay the price,' I thought
'No one can ever get me caught.'

And so I went on my merry way,
Living in sin day by day.
And when people saw through my lies,
I convinced them to doubt their own eyes.

And then I met a special somebody,
Who trusted me implicitly.
There was not a doubt in his mind
That I knew not how to lie.

The people who I'd despicably used
Tried to show him the awful truth.
They told him of my past sins
But he would refuse to believe.

They presented the solid evidence
Of all the truth they had said
The evidence spoke clear and loud
Still he refused to give me doubt.

He would passionately defended my name,
Said I was the victim of their games.
He thought he slayed my monsters faithfully,
He did not know the true monster was me.

And here is when guilt shows up
For though I am evil, I learned to love.
He furiously fought and drove away
People who loved him, all for my sake.

True love is wishing him all the best
Even when the best isn't yourself,
But how could I possibly give up
The only thing I truly loved?

Before him I loved myself the most,
But my love for him continually rose.
And very slowly I had learned
That sometimes you put others first.

Now all I can feel is regret
That I am not somebody else.
Now myself I've learned to hate
For the sins I've done are countless and great.

I have him constantly deceived
That a good, moral life I've lived.
The things I once was so proud of
Are now the things that make me scoff.

I hate this tongue that always lies
I hate this hand that destroys lives
I hate this head that thinks wickedly.
I hate that all these things make me.

I will never be good enough
I will never deserve his love
And if I even try to change
My past will always stay the same.

And so I'll tell him the truth
That I played him a fool.
I'll spit out every wicked deed I did
And confess every little horrible sin.

And I'll die a little bit inside
When he throws me off his life.
I'll fall to the ground as he walks away,
The greatest price I had to pay.
This poem is about those manipulative girls who get away with ****** by batting their eyelashes and weaving lies that never fail to trick people.
Marisol Quiroz Jul 2018
when roses rooted in your heart,
you let their beauty grow.
but in the beauty of their blood red petals,
you forgot about their thorns.

— beware what lies beneath the beauty
if something seems too good to be true, it is.
amber Jul 2018
why was it so hard
to cut ties with you
why do i still struggle
with keeping my life
so you can no longer
infest it
Marisol Quiroz Jul 2018
you can dip your words in honey and sugarcoat your wicked tongue,
but nothing can change your rotten heart or change what you have done.

― poetry doesn't make what you did pretty
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