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bring me one step closer,
brimming loss of composure.
binge and hope I make it out,
i may be alive but not myself,
I'll die before I get closure.

swallow nothing but my pride,
feel like im passing out tonight.
is it anxiety? **** please help me.
feels like no one will ever find me,
just remember I really tried.
lol idk how good this is. I pretty much know it *****. but I tried.
I'm sorry
Aubrey Aug 6
toxic people LOVE playing the victim..
what was even more funny is how they’re SO GOOD at manipulating you and themselves and anyone around them into thinking you’re the bad guy.
sad but true, especially when you loved them for their flaws. ignored all the bad, even when EVERY SINGLE PERSON around you told you to stay away, walk away. you don’t listen, you decided to see the good, always.
second thing,
it’s very important to stay true to who you are and walk away from a toxic environment/person if there’s no sign of improvement.

learned that the hard way this year.  

Amaris Jul 24
You gave me silken scarves and solitude
To weave my own bindings
You gave me surpluses of satin
Bandages for skin you broke
You gave me Swarovski accessories
As if it excused your absences
You gave me smooth apologies
A salve to my twisted fingers
Andromeda Apr 19
Cries the Cymbals!
Screams the winds!
the show is beginning
and the characters shall sing!

says the audience!
cries the narrator!
the foreshadowing melodies
must be remembered for later!

listen close
listen carefully,
for behold the characters pain
is about to be told.
let the spiral begin
lisa Apr 3
searching and searching
desperately searching
year after year
you broke the surface
my diamond

your shiny personality
dazzled me
your gifts
wowed me
the endless love
fulfilled me
my diamond

despite the love i gave
i could not break through
your armor
my diamond

turns out
everything was a lie
your "i love you"s
meant nothing
our kisses
our time shared
the secrets i told
meant nothing
to you

you were not a diamond
a moissanite

faking your way
through life
lying about your family
your health
your education

i still want you,
my diamond
written for national poetry month
Andromeda Mar 30
you loved me
like your favourite song
on your favourite side.
played over and over
again and again
repeat after repeat.
the cassette became worn
the vinyl became scratched
no needle or player could fix it.
the song distorted
taken out of proportion
but you blame it on the cassette.
you threw it out
like a broken toy
and purchased a new one.
but the song could never be the same
as the song played
on cassette side 1.
You once told me
that Monday was Thursday,
Tuesday was Friday
and Wednesday...
-well Wednesday was Wednesday
and I believed it to be true

You were the force
that pulled the sun across my sky
and brought rain,
miraculously placing laughter
on my parched lips.
You wrote the maps
and formed minutes into hours
-letters into words
And when you smiled,
I believed it was just for me.

Your wish was my command
and my truth was your word.
I happily danced
when you pulled on my strings.

You vanished in a storm
and the blur of October, November,
Here one moment, gone the next
-with no goodbye,
apology or promise-prophecy.

But my world kept flowing
and the sun traced its arc
across my sky without your help.
My chest rose and fell
and Monday was Monday again
-the rain poured of its own accord
and my cracked lips found song.

Perhaps you have returned
from time to time
to your empty temple
-found it void of worship
and the voids filled once more.
Perhaps the legends are true
and you have become
deaf and blind
-unable to find your way back to me.

I should like the rumours
to be true
because my world turns
just fine without you.
I have no further words for this poem. It is all at once everything I wished to say, and nothing of importance.
madison Feb 11
i apologize
for all the things i never said anything
for all the times i didn't speak up
for all the times i let you make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin
for all the times i let you make me feel guilty
for all the times i let you get away it
for all the times i let you win
for all the times i let you make me cry at 2am

i apologize for never telling you
that you were ruining everything about me
that you made me hate myself
and that this hate continues to run through my veins
for you
and for me
and everything that slipped through the cracks in between
as you broke me
you were known for having no empathy
aury Nov 2018
You play the victim well
Beg for sympathy where you know you’ll get it
As if you aren’t the galvanizer of the hell that you live in
Present yourself as the sad boy
With the broken heart
Left alone with no one to love
As if you didn’t isolate yourself
The destructor of each and every single relationship
Like a tornado
Blowing through all that once was happy
I have no sympathy for you, lonely boy
Just a hope
That one day you’ll open your eyes
And end your pity party
you’re a sinner
and you always have been
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