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Laokos Sep 26
the   view
                            stands beneath
the carousel efforts
to blast through
impregnancy aBLOOM!!!!
(w)ith feral legacies
aligned intimately ornately
     posthumous adulterer
awakens    in               need
****** corrective agency
towards Fenitbow
           and Glightrovee  ab-surd as
qua as qua
asqua aqua qua
a^s is trite melody infer[no]
t a x i     yellowing  each pavement
by truth in yo ' fa ' ' lo ((lo))
    i by horns and turns
in plyable waves arrest
what justice      juices
quai noyh thlume
Cherry juice and sweet surprises,
how wonderful it is that you light up my eyes.
Cold and refreshing, sip of juice, like the sugary kisses that bright up the room.
Lick my lips, smother me in your lavishing desires, as for one day we will have forever eternal love.
I love to love you.
Jonathan Moya Sep 14
You worked hard for the plum,
to bite into the Mariposa
before the heat comes
and it rots.  

Its purple plumpness
pulsates with juice,
so dark and clear
through and through.

The comfort is not startling.
It’s the taste you know
from a thousand memories,

What takes you back
is the shock of seeing
your heart in your palm,
the taste of your blood rich
in this other thing.

Yes, it’s not what you hoped,
maybe more for such
a late summer surprise.

Yet, in the shrinking light you
don’t begrudge yourself
this small purple reward for
a lifetime of regrets and doubts,
unborn hopes and still-born pleasures.

This plum blossomed
despite you,
apart from you.

It reached you
skin sweating
ripe to be your miracle.

It’s not just sweet,
it’s sweetness,
full of the seasons
of its short life,
your everything- nothing joy.

Bite into it, and
you must bite into it,
taste its smallness
in your fullness.

Feel it run
down your cheek
overflowing your palm.

Feel it mesh with all
your runny happiness.
William Marr Sep 6
now that autumn is here
it's hard to avoid
biting insects and pecking birds

but he finds it impossible to moan
no sooner has a wound opened up
than it's filled with sweet juice
Breanna Apr 26
Gentle rain storms heighten
the scent of lilac bushes lining the fence
anticipating perennials
lively from the dampness and the sun
when days stay dry
carrying a bucket of water in one hand
walking barefoot to hydrate them
sunshine fruits
are being morphed into juice
behind the silk curtains
I see the wrinkled hands
firmly holding fruit peels
covered in shiny liquid
rays focus on her hands just right
this view
in citrine shades.
JW Apr 26
i bring an extra cup of orange juice
every morning to keep you healthy
while you take an extra step
to keep me sane during quarantine
all i want is to pay tribute
to you who taught me a million things
but all i bring is orange juice
hoping that it will make you feel a little better
i wish i could give you a flawless world
since you already conquered it as it is
for my friend
Bullet Apr 18
The juices you know you’re sipping
The mango peach goodness
******* these fruits
Tasting their sweetness
Drinking the sugars
Drowning in the flavoring

Yellow in the cup
Yellow in the eyes
Enjoying the dancing
Reaping the benefits of your fruit
Slipping in extra flavor to drown in it

Make a man go crazy over a peachy princess
But the juice in the golden holy grail
Is the truth of planting seeds in the soil
A fruitful soul can grow
But keeping the poison will put you below
xavier thomas Mar 19
I want to journey through the valley of your lips.

Then travel the hills to kiss your neck
Guide my tongue through the mountains of your chest
Journey across the great plains of the stomach
Until I reach your twin legs of smooth cocoa butter.

Where a garden temple lies
A natural waterfall
Flows sweet juice inside

See, I use my tongue to drink from your fountain

~Take a sip
I released a trap causing juice to overflow

~Take another sip
I hear a perfect melody from the garden

The twin legs start to cave-in
Guide my direction of where to go
I search deeper
As the fountain begins to overflow

Reached your peak
Juice flows out like a river
As I hear you moan softly
You fall into a deep dream of pleasure
thispanman Mar 1
Creative Juices
Flowing From the Genius Mind
Haikus are not easy
My dad wrote this. I thought it was genius. Enjoy
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