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Carl D'Souza Aug 24
tastes nice:
with tiny nourishing pips
which squish on my tongue
as I swallow.
Z Jul 25
Peel me mangos
And the pain goes and mixes with the fruit’s sweet flesh,
Dripping fresh and bitter-sweet

You still come to me when I’m asleep
to whisper pretty nothings in my ear
until my brow sears each passing thought with your image
I imagine you as timid as at our first meeting, as bold as at our last, your laughter repeating on and on and on

on our last day you kissed me sweetly, the taste of mango on your lips
Daniel Jun 15
That sweet orange juice
dripping from your
rosy lips

makes me imagine how addictive
their sticky taste
could be.

Squeeze gently like lemons and fruits
Sweet nectar juices produced

**** tongue close to core
Butterscotch like tapped sycamore

Perspiration seeps from peel
Porous citrus aromates near

Grown in sun among the wildflowers
Oh how I love her, even when she sours
ronnie hunt Jan 24
you were as a kid that day and the one after and then again and after that too and I'm not sure what was in your OJ that first morning, the tuesday morning, that you shrank 10 pants sizes and threw out your books to make room for bright things but I wish I'd had apple juice in my fridge that day
B Sonia K Dec 2018
It fuels my imagination
Intensifies my passion
And directs my emotions

Overwhelm me and let me create.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Look, the blue sky arch
is up until now
an upside-down cup!
The juicy bit, for sure,
is down on the veiled earth.
III Oct 2018
it's a late night drive
down a foggy street,
completely empty and
illuminated by the
soft glowing sign of an
underhead street light.  

neon juice
flows through your veins.  
the world
forgets how to spin.  
the trees
are still and
the engine roars.  

everything falls into place for someone.
Roman B Sep 2018
It's fat
All black and likes it's tummy scratched
This **** cat will not leave
Back to my back full of pain
I want sleep to carry me away
Sleep has it's own agenda
Taking the hours of my life out with the cool Fall air
Giving me hours of painless moments
I wish the laundry would be done now
I wish this cat would leave me alone
I have a mind that runs and runs
Laundry is keeping me awake right now and all I want right now is sleep. When I sleep I don't feel so much.
Munching on the cold interior,
Every speck of juice running down my chin.
Longing to sit here,
Only me and my watermelon,
Noises all at bay.

Only the crunching
From the tasty treat can be heard.

The sweet taste
Hitting my taste buds,
Ever so slowly.

Whether rain or shine,
Anguish or glee,
The succulentness watermelon brings to me.
Everlasting juicy redness,
Refreshing melon of the water.
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