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rhionna May 13
It's always give never take
giving out all my kindness
giving out all my love
giving out words of comfort
but for all that I give
nothing is returned
all give no take
a laugh can't help but to escape
ha, such a sad fate
Jules Oct 2019
Your incompetence
is no accomplishment
Your inhibition
is no excuse
What're you waiting for?
What're seeking for?
It's all a mess
What're you waiting for?
What're you crying for?
Get over it
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
...on a tangent,
writing lines on my laptop as my emotions run rampant,
in a parking lot outside a Sprouts on Santa Monica Blvd.,
typing vows like they might make some kind of difference,
woke up, restless, on the wrong side of the bed today,
welcomed back, to this Waking Life with tightness in my chest,
& this relentless feeling of eternal loneliness I can’t shake,
which has got me thinking, maybe some souls can’t be saved,
& maybe that’s why I’m now sitting in my car,
with tears in my eyes & nowhere to drive,
because there’s nowhere I want to go,
other than back to the one place where my love was denied,

the only place I want to go,
is back into the arms of the one that let me go,
but she’s so far gone memories seem like only dreams now,
even though I’m not dreaming, I’m wide awake, woke,

I feel so far away from her, for real, it’s almost unbearable, tears start to flow, I think about taking my own life, but don’t,
instead I shake it off, write it down, get these words out of me, to show we all hurt & it’s okay to lose control,

& yeah I know I’ve got nothing really to complain about,
because I’ve got a great life & all that,
but knowing my life is better than most of those in this world,
doesn’t really make me feel better or enhanced,
in fact, it actually makes me more depressed,
it makes me wonder what hope we have left,
as the forests burn, the wars rage,
& the polar bears frantically panic on ever melting ice caps,
& I’m constantly aware of all of these obvious facts,
& maybe that’s why I’m in my car with tears in my lap,
lost with no motivation running out of time & patience,
can’t see a future, feel the present, or remember the past,
This Unruly Mess We’ve Made looks great, shout out to Mac,
but it wasn’t built to last so how much more can it withstand?...

excerpt from poem #63 of THHT3:
The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy Vol 3
available worldwide 9/9/19
Maddie Rea May 2019
Ready to give up now or never
Another way to make this river run
Not another cut let’s pull out this gun
Rays of yellow and gold cursing me again
The counter clicking closer
Blessed in another life please just bring me the knife
Piercing my veins again with the chemicals
One more bill to pay I won’t ever carry a tray
Don’t you want to hear me cry your name another to tally
It’s just a let down all this pain is temporary never reaching my limits
Wishing I could win this always deserving why can’t I earn this
Just one more battle know I will never win the war
The devil will have my soul another pill to swallow
Hoping only death will follow
Rachel Faith Apr 2019
I found closure when you came back
   and I proclaimed back
   that I didn't want you back.
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
What day is it?....
Oh... !!!
Why couldn't it be yesterday?!
I survived yesterday.
Do you ever make a bad start to the day?
Arke Feb 2019
stop forgiving and cutting slack
to those who don't love you back
Dream Dec 2018
You were at fault,


I blamed myself.


I loved you even through the heart break.
When you truely love someone, you start to justify their wrongs too.
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