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Madison Rea May 6
Ready to give up now or never
Another way to make this river run
Not another cut let’s pull out this gun
Rays of yellow and gold cursing me again
The counter clicking closer
Blessed in another life please just bring me the knife
Piercing my veins again with the chemicals
One more bill to pay I won’t ever carry a tray
Don’t you want to hear me cry your name another to tally
It’s just a let down all this pain is temporary never reaching my limits
Wishing I could win this always deserving why can’t I earn this
Just one more battle know I will never win the war
The devil will have my soul another pill to swallow
Hoping only death will follow
Rachel Faith Apr 24
I found closure when you came back
   and I proclaimed back
   that I didn't want you back.
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
What day is it?....
Oh... !!!
Why couldn't it be yesterday?!
I survived yesterday.
Do you ever make a bad start to the day?
Arke Feb 19
stop forgiving and cutting slack
to those who don't love you back
Dream Dec 2018
You were at fault,


I blamed myself.


I loved you even through the heart break.
When you truely love someone, you start to justify their wrongs too.
Aaron LaLux Aug 2018
Who Cares,
about anything,

Itunu S Apr 2018
I’m over him.
I say
While stalking his profile.
Get a grip.
I’m so over it.
I say
Staring at him in the hall
Totally over it.
Congrats, I fooled myself
I’m Actually over him. I just like writing about love. And how it can feel
I feel empty
Like all the emotions are still inside me
But I don't feel like letting them out anymore
Besides, what is that even for

I feel empty
My starving mind and body can only tell one thing
That this world is too crowded for a person like me
And this is the moment I doubt in voluntarily breathing

I feel empty
I don't wanna think straight
Everything has happened in sync and in serendipity
These actions are just too late

I feel empty
No music, game or form of excitement can wake me up in this reality
Nothing at all can help me now
It's like passing away is planned somehow

I feel empty
This heart that is palpitating or brain having a migrain
Can't make me forget about things that just adds to the never-ending pain
Truly numb forever, this is me

I feel empty
If this will ever be my last goodbye
I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done to me
All those advices at my crisis
Or the shoulder to cry on during my vices
Thank you and now I'll probably die
A poem I made a long time ago that I could still relate to now.
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