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neth jones Aug 17
all of this
    is addled
all of this is tamed
    behind clothed eyes...

Persists a sable seascape
            flotsam is cerebrum
a featureless osmotic cathedral
  distant of all
a sense deposed vault
        of the heavens muggy other

I am formation
   the information
         and I am blip within

a wink
   notice from the euphoria
a gloss eye like obsidian
   alter praised pedestal
   lustcheivous spire
   with a height for a sky burial
   limpetted with devilish bloats

then it actions
                 lighthouse blinks ;
warm claps of welcome dishonesty
drum pats
              of a restorative oblivion

in the other place
my bodies face
                   plates a smile
my body
      a slack slap of meat
         on a ***** clothes heap
my bodies head
                the vices lapsed child

back in the gourdular cavern the bloats loosen
and slip down spire into the sable conducting liquid
Sara Kellie Oct 2019
Her saturate beauty
in violet black light.
The narcotic consent
some Saturday night.
Colours are bleeding
a vivid dream night.
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,

A sleep pattern paisley
purple and green.
Faceless adversaries
heard, yet unseen.
A motionless panic,
unable to run.
Contorted, curled fingers,
now, isn't this fun.
The ups and downs of an
LSD ******.
while luxuriating in the boughs aching
to imbibe solar raiment golden this summer like
february twenty first two thousand and eighteen
when old man took a mandatory brake

from mister sun spilling forth
unseasonably balmy temperatures
equated from this human drake
swallowed hard taking

respite delighting, holistically
lolling (nar gagging) obliviously par
taking paradise magical optical pulsations,
a desperate need to succor dehydration

that found me relinquishing
a coveted reading nook and cranny,
this explanation not "FAKE"

excuse withholding appeasing,
an unrelenting paroxysm
watering parched palette
**** ceded to abend
imagination immersion

linkedin radiant nirvana basking (like a robin)
while feeling spell bound by this warm weather
unseasonably tropic teaser came to an end
drew the analogy how indomitable

joie de vivre kneading love intend
ding, sans partaking draught found wealth
between bounded pages doth mend
moe so than any medication

(akin to placing a wager sparring rivals)
desire for on par,
when body needs replenishment of fluids

thus...deferring self
for healthy pleasant liquid to slake
in an effort to curtail parched mouth
felt as if being scraped

by a lab bot tummy sized rake
thence entire corporeal being
didst shimmy and shake
analogous within mine

so many dozen square feet parameters
thee earth didst quake.
thence upon gulping sweet pineapple juice
(to evade dole drums)
a poem yours truly decided to make.
mythie Dec 2017
It's a filthy word that taints your tongue.
I'm not a normal addict.
I'm not addicted to beer, or to regular drugs.

The only drug that fulfils my desires.
Is you.

You are my drug.
You fill my head with morphine.
You take away my pain.
But when I wake up in the morning I feel sick.

I take you every night.
You've helped me in ways you don't even know about.
Even though I can't swallow you whole.
I can break you and take you piece by piece.

No matter how I devour you.
You always help me.
I taste the bitterness on my tongue.
But a cool sensation spreads to my head.

Being in love is a powerful thing.
But you?

You're a chemical.
You make up my bright side.
You make up my best days.
You make me feel numb when I bleed.

I was never one for drugs.
But when it comes to love.
I dove in head first.
saranade Nov 2016
The barrier of poison and ****
                    You're better than us
                   A metal chassis of rust
This and that and jist and just
                     An abyss full of fuss
                                   No love or lust
Cease to speak or discuss
                    A might or a must
                         The empty pie crust
Preference to throw or ******
                       Detest and disgust
                         To cry or get crushed
You are defined by your choices
and so too do your choices define you,
So pray thee tell, which narc will you choose?

When you realize everyone has a thing
to which they cling
will you claim you never lose yourself
to any 'auld thing?

Everyone has some cling
they lose themselves in, some habit,
or routine.

Pray thee tell, what task was chosen, that you'd
escape from thy lonesome world, alive or
otherwise. What narc do you choose?
****** if you don't but
******* if you do.

Why this narc
chose you?
Who feels narcosis
calling, narcotic longing?
Nara S Feb 2016
I have never met a woman quite like You

That made the story of how;

"Eve was created from Adam's rib"

Make sense to its every minutiae

That I actually do am seeing, and feeling me

When You Are with Me

Though You are more, and more.

And the word Perilous is carved on You

And the word Addictive is imprinted on You.

******* is your lips I would consume everyday

Chronic is your scent I need to breathe everyday

And your love is the crystalline acid,

The only substance I crave for.

To run in my blood,
Pump in
And to my heart.
You are my sweet sweet sinless psychotropic
You are indeed, A Graceful Narcotic.
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