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Johnny walker Mar 2019
Heaven the Angel you sent me when you first heard my cries you who
have decided to take her from me and return her to Heaven where she came
from but what you didn't realise
or maybe It just didn't concern you, the beautiful Angel, you sent me on hearing my
I fell In love with please hear my cries and send my beautiful Angel back to where she belongs here In my arms
Heaven who sent me an Angel
on hearing my cries who then recently took her and returned her to Heaven were you not aware I had fallen In love with this  Angel you sent me so please send her back to me
where she belong In my arms
Luke Mar 2019
My mind can be indecisive;
but when things are about you,
my mind is made up-
yes it’s really true.

Nothing can make me as happy,
then being besides you.
Our love came fast,
just out of the blue.

With you things are natural,
No pretending or games.
You are my definition of happy,
No that's not a false claim.

Oh how lucky I am, to have you in my life,
no superficial emotions.
How can someone be so perfect?
Nothing but pure devotion.

So silly, so sweet;
but can be so vicious,
you have incredible charm,
With heartfelt intentions.

Not only the love for yourself,
but for everyone else.

My mind can be indecisive
But this I can say is true.
I love you so much, you don’t have a clue.
A love poem for my lady
Johnny walker Feb 2019
Sometimes time at night whilst I'm awake cannot
sleep with my darling on
my mind It was Christmas time a year
came my closest to dying then ever I'd been for the mess I was now finding myself In there seemed no way out
at least not for me, I was holding to the wrong side
of railings hanging of a motorway bridge contemplating my fall to the road down
then realising I couldn't fall without endangering Innocent people even If dead I wouldn't want It to be the last thing I'd
came as close to the devil that night than ever been  when something decided to save
Something decided I was worth saving rescued me
came close to the devil that night
Johnny walker Jan 2019
Today Is the day I try to move on, sat In my local cafe coffee In
looking around at the people pasing me by got
to make a move or die In not doing
I know life can pretty crap at the best of times but we only get one shot that's
so might as well make the most of what ever time I have left
Decided to make the most of what I have of my life time to move on
aniket nikhade Feb 2017
A few things in mind,
few important.

A few things planned,
few defind,
decided upon other few

In the meantime also discussed upon something that is important, which needs to be kept in mind.

What remained in mind after doing all this is the importance of time,
really finally it’s time that is important.

Time is important regardless of the fact that most of the time everything needs to be done on time
Experience is gained when efforts are made in the right direction, however, expertise follows later on again explaining the fact that time is important.
Aly Aug 2016
I've decided to get over you
decided I won't play this game anymore
To rid myself of the fond memories that keep me holding on
get these thoughts of our happy ending out of my head.
over all this nonsense, I really am.
you never saw me the same way.

I know it will be hard
know that i will have to interact with you everyday
it is something unavoidable to people in the same friendship circle
will I be able to do this,
be strong and firm in my decision to let it go?
hard as it is I have decided to get over you.

It is going to take a while**
is all of this easy? No not at all.
going back and forth and fall all over again if very frustrating.
to suffer so much anxiety and be all over the place again.
take my feelings away already I don't want them anymore.
a cycle of falling again and forcing myself to move on.
while hard to end, I've decided to get over you.

And I am not over you yet though
I wish I was.
am I? I don't think so.
not always in the best position as i am
over acting making excuses.
you probably think i am just avoiding you, which is partly true
yet my friends are your friends and pulling away is not easy to do
though I've decided to get over you

But I will soon enough.
I am going to scream with joy of getting over an us that never was
will I shed a lot of tears though? I probably will but
soon the pain will subside and I will get my way because
enough is enough, I've decided to get over you.
A quick poem I did just to left some feels out.
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Also otherwise there was something else that was decided in the mind prior
Now that everything has fallen in it's right place
Now that the right thing has happened at the right moment,
things look different.
The past looks a thing of past and the present moment is occupied in ascertaining the future.
Definitely good things happen in the life of an individual over a period of time.
Never wait until that point in time.
Keep going
Keep on going till the end is reached upon when something definite is achieved.
aniket nikhade Feb 2016
Step by step one step at a time
One by one, one step at a time
Whether you are climbing up a flight of stairs
Even while climing down a flight of stairs
Always better to keep in mind and also follow the same
Always take one step at a time.

Decide first what needs to be done and then decide what needs to be done to get done what's decided first.
Definitely priorities come first
So always better to start with the topmost priority,
followed by the next and then so on and so forth.

Nature of things definitely matter, but what matters more is how to get the things done.
Keeping this in mind and with this as an aim,
it's always better to set priorities and follow the same.
Always better to take one step at a time, followed by the next and then move on further.
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
Up above in the sky the sun is still hot and blazing
Routine activities of the day are in full progress
Like everyone else even I know there will be less work of substance that will be available to do throughout the day
Only a few moments throughout the day will be interesting,
otherwise apart from that the present day will be same like the other days.
It's routine and it's boring, so I decide to take a leave from my work
Purpose behind the same been simple, to do something different from routine.

Once decided, I leave behind me the routine for the day as I enter into nature and its surroundings to spent my entire day.
Clear blue skies with few white clouds can now be seen moving here and there
Everything seems to have changed from prior
Each and everything seems different from routine
It’s life one gets to experience amidst nature and it’s beautiful surroundings.

The wind that blows
The water in the river that flows
The grass that grows along the riverside
The trees that sway to and fro
The clouds that move, above in the sky
Everything seems to be so normal, something that might have been seen before in past, yet so fascinating.

Life be so different, so calm, so quiet and still so interesting.
It seems as if this moment of life continues forever.

The world looks different from top of the mountain
Having reached there, the air there is clean and pure while the weather remains cool.
It's a cool, soothing experience admist nature and it's surrounding.

Green trees, green plants, green grass spread everywhere, all around the entire surrounding with the water from the river that keeps flowing.

Life seems to be so beautiful, yet so different
Still this aspect of life seems to be much more fascinating
Not only such moments in life are enjoyed, but even cherished for a long, long time,
something that will remain in the memory for quite sometime even when routine life, which will commence very soon.
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