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foam signatures
remained on the shoreline
telling of wave flow
bs Jun 2018
When we were 10, we laughed loudly at the back of the room. Teeth buck, and eyes shut, shoelaces untied and knees untouched. I looked at my own reflection only to see how red the sun had turned me, I chuckled at the peeling, though it hurts, I knew there was more for me to see. There was no need for rouge- just rough. My best friend looked at her own reflection only to see how badly she had scraped the bend of her knee. Ugly was not in our dictionary, but neither was pretty. In unkempt braids, hair bouncing as we chased the pink butterflies we did not intend to mimic. We knew these kinds of wounds would fade. We didn’t realise ugly was supposed to bring more hurt to feel, when it came from girls who thought pretty was supposed to heal. And still, I touch the burns from the steam iron and the far-too-many cicatrices from the concrete. I remember the desire and the bittersweet, my body made a map for the universe to mark out where I’ve been. In my sleep I run through the wild wheat a thousand times over, but I flinch at the idea of female bathrooms and looking past the landmarks and monuments to see dirt roads. And still, we remained burnt, we remained scraped, we remained unkempt.
ugly, self-image, body image, positivity, love, life, sad, heart, beauty, girl
Nylee Dec 2017
he went away as fast as he came
but caused so much disturbance
that nothing remained quite the same. 

Tori Schall Oct 2017
Lights flickered
I screamed
my head spinning
What did it take?
You can't hurt me
You can't stop me
What remained of me?
It was finally over
Black Out poem I made for class rescently
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Important to be convinced before conceiving something new
Time has always remained important.

Important is the present moment in time;
important is the available time,
important because everything needs to be done within a stipulated time frame.

Every now and then there is always something to think of,
something new to think upon.
Every now and then there is something that goes on in the mind,
something different comes across the mind.

Important is that something that goes on in the mind
Important because it connects the past, present and also the future
Important is that moment in time when something concrete gets figured out in the mind with regards to the future.

Facts never need any conviction,
so does truth,
both of which never require any conviction.

Thoughts keep coming and going one after another
Positive attitude, positive mindset is what makes all the difference.

Think of past and present along the line of all that is going on in the mind keeping in mind an uncertain future.
The past will remain a thing of past while the future will get ascertained.

In any case,
at any point of time and at any stage,
it’s always important to have a conviction of own with regards to what needs to be done.

A convinced mind always knows the kind of efforts that are required and also puts in the same
A convinced mind knows the exact direction in which to move with regards to an aim that has been set, so as to refrain from all the negative thoughts and negative way of thinking.

Having a conviction of own makes all the difference,
a convinced mind can solve, resolve and settle everything and all that comes along it’s way,
if not by the way of it's thinking,
then by putting in the much needed extra effort,
which can also be the need of the hour.

So always have a conviction of own and then step ahead.
"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."  - Ben Sweetland
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Decide once and for all, all that’s going on in mind
Decide and then proceed
It's important
Also important is the fact that you make sure nothing else is going on at the back of mind
Once decided, time to move ahead with what to do next.

As simple as it seems what seems to be simple is not that simple
Life has never remained simple
Ups and downs
Highs and lows
Success and failure,
life consists of everything and all.

As simple as it seems what seems to be so simple is not that simple
Life has never remained simple
Remembering and recalling the past
Reconciling the present moment with past
Continuing with the present moment of time
Ascertaining the future,
life consists of everything and all.

Whatever goes on in mind at the present moment in time,
one thing has always remained for sure,
life remains unpredictable.

Uncertain and unpredictable are ways of life
Vagueness and ambiguity remains a part of life
In all the ways of life, remember one thing for sure
One thing that must remain the same, must not change
As and when, whenever you get a chance,
seize the right moment in time,
the best available opportunity in time and make use of it,
remember then, don’t forget to smile.

Live life to the best of your abilities
Live life to the fullest, until the last moment in time is over
Never leave the opportunity to smile in life
Life continues with the ups and downs, highs and lows
Never does it mean life is all about odds
The only thing it meant was to look at life with a positive approach.

Never give up
As and when you get a chance smile
It’s important since when you smile, life will smile back at you
The odds will remain, but the ways of dealing with them will become simpler.

Be positive in life,
A time will then come when something will fall in place and the rest will follow soon.

Have patience,
Be confident, have faith in yourself,
definitely, a moment in time will come when you will have a way of your own.
Thereafter you will realize that victory is not far away, it’s on the way.
A time will come when you will reap the benefits of all the efforts that you have made.
Until that moment in time life continues on its own,
so don't forget to smile as and when you get the right moment in time.
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
The battle is far from over, since the battle is yet to be won.
As of now in the present the battle continues.

The risk of failure of failure remains somewhere at the back of mind.
The thought about failure not only triggers, but also gives surge to an anxiety from time to time.

What now?
What next?
What else?

The battle continues.
Not only the battle needs to be fought,
also important is to fight the battle with a positive mindset and a never give up attitude.

Important to keep in mind the fact that a win in the battle is the only thing that needs to be achieved at any cost.

Agreed and accepted that winning and losing remains part of the game
Still it’s winning that makes the real difference
It’s winning that counts.

As and when you win, then only things and people around you change
Definitely everything will not change on it's own,
nor do the people around you,
it's the mindset that undergoes a change
It's winning that makes all the difference.

The outside world looks at winners from a different point of view.
So once you win, then things change for you.

The outside world will then look at you differently.
Even you have to change your views about the outside world and look at with the same level of difference in mind
At first you were no one,
now that you have won,
winning has given you an identity, a new face.

Definitely, then it will come to mind that it’s winning that has made all the real difference.
It’s winning that counts

Keeping in mind the fact that the battle needs to be won,
move ahead with a desire to win and fight the battle till the very last moment in time.
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Let's think about it
Discuss it out
In a team of more than two
Always it has remained important to take views of all.

Let each and everyone get a moment or two
Once thought and decided upon something
Then it’s time to take a proper line of action.

Between probablity and priority
Between the two of them
Priority will get the upper hand
Priority will get an advantage

Hence always decide upon something definite
In one way or other,
Some sort of solution to the existing problem will definitely come out
While working as a team it has always remained important to put the right efforts in the right direction.

— The End —