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Me: "I'm going to acknowledge you, first."
Her: "I'm going to trust you, more."
Andy Chunn Jun 2022
It’s not easy to be a bee
Our crowded view of life
Sometimes the only thing I see
Are trouble, toil and strife

We search to find the source of food
Then hurry to the hive
We hype the others in the mood
With waggle dance and jive

The queen, protected and aloof
Not like all the others
She is the sign and living proof
When smoke comes and smothers

Work and waggle, my daily chore
Then search a place to hide
Being a bee is so much more
When dodging pesticide

I’m a worker, and not a drone
I hope that you can see
When you harvest sweet honeycomb
It tough being a bee
Heavy Hearted Dec 2021
A girl named Lexie, is more than youd believe-
From kindness to beauty, to a witty retort.

This girl named Lexie; you behind she wont leave,
With honor and grace as her natural rapport.  

She tells me that in me, she believes
Which is more meaningful than she'll know-
This gift of her faith I try to recieve
As she writes her music for her show.

A girl named Lexie is more than you'll know,
A magical brain generating her glow.
Someone I am blessed to know-
And respect any time she gives me.
Thank you for caring implicitly.
nick armbrister Oct 2021
Always this way fact/one team other team best way/do you want to change?
I depend on you
You depend on me
They depend on us
We depend on them
One goal
Every hand building
Equal parts of the ladder
Know your position
Take pride in your tasks
Together we will do
What none of us could do as one
11 lines, 282 days left.
Ryan Flanagan Jun 2020
There a light in her that shines so bright
She will lighten up the darkest night
She will not go dim
She will not let the voices win
She has seen hell
She has a story to tell
She has her back to the wall
She still stands so tall
She helps the worthless
She gives people hope
She has had it hard
She has been dealt every card
But in her mind she can win because when she tries she lights up the world with her grin
For my best friend  you saved me from the dark
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