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Ryan Flanagan Jun 13
There a light in her that shines so bright
She will lighten up the darkest night
She will not go dim
She will not let the voices win
She has seen hell
She has a story to tell
She has her back to the wall
She still stands so tall
She helps the worthless
She gives people hope
She has had it hard
She has been dealt every card
But in her mind she can win because when she tries she lights up the world with her grin
For my best friend  you saved me from the dark
Iggy Chuck Jan 29
They say good boys never win, 
I thought it might be right. 
I’d always been good to people 
who'd only made me lose. 
Losers that made lose. 
And there was I,
the good boy gone bad, 
being good at being bad, 
being bad 
for the sake of not being good, 
because I wanted to win. 

I’d been craving  
to know what it was
not to lose myself 
trying to find purpose in someone else.

Until I found my one 
and got lost in those eyes. 
Now we're on each other's team 
and together we’re invincible.
treythayer Jan 7
I’ll give you undeserved second chances
I’ll give you my tears when you give me yours
I’ll be the one happy for your victories
I’ll be the one grateful for your scars
I’ll let you set the pace
I’ll let you know if anything changes
I’ll make you a believer
I’ll make better mistakes tomorrow
You’ll want me on your team
Colm Dec 2019
Power is gravity pulling you down
Till your feet meet reality cold and hard

Anger is nothing but a gleam of a crown
As you try and find your way in the dark

Just as speed can be blind without focus of mind
We are present, though it's not yet known what we'll do

But you'll hear the clout coming like a fire in the mountains
And you'll feel that same downward force once we are through
This team isn't immortal. We're just terrifying to face. And it's so much fun to be a part of.
Lexi Snow Dec 2019
This is what it feels like it
To lose yourself
Especially in poor timing
Now I never intended to lose myself
But things happened
Events occurred
Here I am now
What do you know
I'm stuck fighting a war within me
Reminding myself that I need to eat and sleep
Finding a million and one reasons to get out of bed
Trying to give a reason to have a genuine smile
It's tiring
It's draining
Worst of that I don't even care
Currently I am watching from the sidelines
While my team is getting crushed
But coach won't let me play
So here I am now
Wondering what's my next plan
That's just it...
I don't have one
Usually do...but this time I don't
Recently I have been going through a rough time and I decided to write it out.
Tizzop Nov 2019
dear mr. president do
you know

timothy & bao
ikram & erhard
puja & timon
folami & leonardo

shannon & kavi
kenzō & shaquille
meklit & aleksej
gabriela & hugo?

they all work hard to
make a living

honor diversity america
has been a great team
hasn't it?
Saudia R Oct 2019
Discipline is not taught in a day
I've been on a vibe. Happiness is everything.
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