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Bhill Nov 2020
if the barrier suddenly opened up
what would appear in your view
would it be a cleansing for new times
or the continuing of unpleasant news
I would hope for a fresh and welcome world
where society all got along
go back to sanity and reason
and return when the nation was strong...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 302
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Split pathways splayed on palms and face
Each line runs according to its own race
Deep, undefined or shifting aside
Inescapable writings on the walls
Nothing seems straightforward at all
On reviewing in hindsight
The circumstance of chance
How much space do we have to play
Was I supposed to be late
Another carrier of an attitudinal barrier
Loss of control often feels immeasurable
Despite conflicts of character
At times are we in charge of our own lives
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Grey Dec 2019
The silence is loud, pressing against tired ears.
Words waver and hesitate, caught between bated breaths.
I feel the glassy surface between us growing and reach out a hand
But just like the sounds, it slips away.
MDH Dec 2019
I can sense your approach
but looking at you would be too painful.
Your eyes, your nose, your hands, your clothes;
never do I see them with a clear eye.
And I do not love you.

Your voice, your laugh, your talk;
I do not wish to hear it
but I always do, time and time again.
I cannot escape you, no matter how much I try.
But I cannot love you.

The things you say, the things you do,
what you like, what you hate,
your friends, your enemies.
I know them all, through and through.
But I must not love you.

A barrier, a fog, a wall,
they block me from you.
Once I talked to you with ease,
now the idea fills my head with sorrow.
So I may love you.

And I know, too, that this
will prevent you from knowing me.
You do not care about my looks or laugh.
You will not talk to me at all.
You shall not love me.
This one hurts more than it should, but I will relish the pain,
Bhill Dec 2019
Your barrier is closing in
How far will you extend your measure
Your measure will be the limitation
Your ONLY obstacle

Brian Hill - 2019 # 307
Have you found your limits?
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