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Nak Aug 22
I was the best in the world.
And knowing that made me arrogant.
Made me think I was untouchable.
But in reality,
I'm just like everyone else.
Just did a little bit more, a little bit differently is all...
I can't unlove you

You are
A beautiful soul
I want to think you like this
So I need to be far

Genre: Dark
Theme: In the blink of an eye
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020
Let me repeat
You already know
In case
No one has told you
Here it is

Good morning
You are beautiful
Have a better tomorrow
Stay blessed
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: In Silence
Nigdaw Jul 2020
we are all anonymous now
not even a face in the crowd
defined by the mask we wear
rather than the one we hide behind
eyes open to the world
staying alert to danger
our breath filtered just in case
we’re the enemy everyone’s looking for
our smiles are silenced
our glares turned to frowns
friends become strangers
we are all clowns
family and allies
our new kind of tribe
supporting our bubble
that’s both strong and fragile
this is the aftermath fallout
where beauty and ugliness
stand side by side
walking in unison
stride for stride
TyeniWrites Jun 2020
I write about you
But you do not exist
I don't even know you
But I wish to meet you
Words' Worth May 2020
When the bottle
I write my emptiest emotions
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020
Are invisible
So does a thought
Ultimate strength is
To stay invisible

Be anonymous
Genre: Observational
Theme: In the background of COVID-19
Ask me a question
For which
There's no answer
So that
I could be

Silent again

Lockdown is necessity, what One needs to be worried about is the constipated mind in absence of stimulus.
Beana Mar 2020
The waves are high,
The tide is high.
My heart is full,
My life is full,
Because of you.
Oh how I love you.
Our love is brighter than the moon,
Bigger than Heaven,
And deeper than Hell.
More everlasting than the gods.
My darling pearl,
paler than milk
And more precious than the sun.

~Your Secret Admirer
Starting a series of love poems, because I found the perfect muse <3
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
Whan the turuf is thy tour
anonymous Middle English poem, circa the 13th century AD
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

When the turf is your tower
and the pit is your bower,
your pale white skin and throat
only sullen worms shall note.
What help unto you, then
was all your worldly hope?


Original Middle English text:

Whan the turuf is thy tour,
And thy pit is thy bour,
Thy fel and thy whitë throtë
Shullen wormës to notë.
What helpëth thee thennë
Al the worildë wennë?

“Whan the turuf is thy tour” may be one of the oldest carpe diem (“seize the day”) poems in the English language, and an ancestor of Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” with its virginity-destroying worms. Keywords/Tags: Middle English, translation, medieval, anonymous, rhyme, rhyming, medieval, lament, complaint, lamentation, turf, tower, pit, bower, skin, throat, worms, note, help, worldly, hope
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