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jünø 2d
so lost in a crowd
i can't even see myself
or hear myself
or be myself.

i have ceased to be

i am

anonymous to the human race
who tried to swallow me
envelop me
take me down into the darkness.

anonymous to the anonymous
who are so engrossed
in being anonymous
that they don't notice
my anonymity.

anonymous to myself,
no longer truly me
but anonymous.

without form
without figure.

without identity.

without anything
without nothing.

and since anonymous is a something
and a nothing,
then i'm not anonymous.

written by anonymous
Roopali Arora Jan 22
I am very well aware,
Of what you think about me,
And how you feel.
I enjoy it,
I take pride in it.
It gives me happiness,
Along with a feeling of self-consciousness.
I felt it earlier too,
The difference this time is
That I've grown up.
We both have grown up.

I indulge in deep thoughts,
It compels me to think about you.
Even if I don't want to.
It does give me pleasure,
It might to you too,
When you see me.
The ecstasy; coupled with anxiety.
That too doubled,
If after a long time.

I might be lingering on your mind,
You might be obsessed with me,
But I do not know what to say,
Or how to feel,
Perhaps because it is new to me.
Like it is to you,
I believe.
05 August 2015.
Found this one between some old drafts.
The master craftsman ,
Of this spectacular dusk,
Leaves no signature!
This master craftsman, you would never meet to register your thanks accumulating each consecutive day, because none of us ever meets him. So do a thing ; keep all the accumulation of your unfathomable thanks on account of this and million other things we experience free. Look for any possible opportunity to distribute that invaluable reserve among our fellow beings!
Justin Zheng Dec 2018
Dear you,

I guess this is an open letter:
wish things could have ended better;

But I guess it's whatever


I don't have a set list
I'm just gonna try my best
Limit it to about 4 minutes.


Got my airpods in now
Tryna grind until the end of time
Started with you I guess

True love ain't all about ***
cross my eyes and dot the tears
some wack **** coming from my mind to your ears

your touch got me ****** up
touched my phone took it out and made the call
couldn't control myself because of you

lost all self control; lost my soul

Lost my soul to you
lost it all through you
writing this helps change my views
how can I get through?

push into the obscure
past boundaries, past you

this one's dedicated to you

full stop. get out.
pull over, don't make me shout
r/drama, about to acquire clout.
these words don't make sense when I'm angry.

It's better if I take a breath
And relax
and relax/

Writing is so therapeutic I see
this pen is all i really need.

Man i got some ****** up **** in my head
but i guess thats what this is meant to breed
like, i got bars for days
no worries, i'm okay
gotta share this **** with the world one day.
thanks karthik for being vulnerable
shows that your heart was in trouble
can't even write straight
just gotta do enough
scrape by; get high
no lie i hope this don't die

man i wanna do so much with my life
i wanna graduate from nyu stern
i wanna fly to the moon
i wanna be that man on the moon

Poetry is my Jam
do you Slam?
Chance, man -- I know that man can.
Don't even gotta try
he just gets hella high
he learned how to fly
i Wish we could fly
had vivid dreams.

I wish you well.
not ****
Because I've been there and back
Bipolar; It broke my back.

Do you hear it in these lines I write?
Powerful emotion; primal thoughts of flight?

We are just chickens, you and I.
Do you ever feel that -- in your mind's eye?
Sometimes we feel like we can fly,
others we feel like we about to die.

Thankful for this voice I've found
finally feels like I'm above ground

Being Asian
is difficult I must say
dare I say?

Jazz vibes
I feel alright
into the sky
yes, I could close my eyes
but that'd be detrimental to the write

Long form lines to show you I can write
but who am you and who are I/
Binding two making an eye

nothing rhymes with mitosis

can you hear it in the voice with which i write
these primal emotions of flight
do you hear me do you hear me
it sounds like
do re me fa so la dee

or something like that

because sometimes x y z or 1 2 3

numbers and words; their meanings occasionally escape me.

like 1 like 2 like 3
what is this life that we;
live in like what you and me
are not even petals on this tree
of life you and me
are but atoms you and me
in this life of grandiosity

minimax do you see
compsci is just the start do you see
the matrix maybe not.

thoughts of paranoia plague me
afflicted; like a Zombie

punctuation; time; rhythm; rhymes
couples; words; emotes; I'm fine

Thanks for ******* asuking
like all the ******* time.

sometimes i feel like a baby

i wish i could just close my eyes
and be in peace

a scary thought, yes indeed
but what i really mean is sleep

a restless mind; yes indeed

I'm just going off right now;
complete disregard for my health right now;

i just got the best sleep of my life;
i lie.

don't worry about me;
i'll be fine

just go back to bed
maybe get some head

jokes, don't even own my own bed
a roofed hobo.

I got rhymes all night
yea, you know this **** tight
lemme grab it alright
****** chicken choke this mic



it goes ******* on and on
this life of ours, it's an endless song
feels like an infinity ****
hurts when you never belong
the beginning
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
An anonymous limerick
From the 1930’s.

There was a young woman called Starkie  .
Who had an affair with a darky.
The result of her sins.
Was quadruplets not twins.
One black and one white and two khaki .

With apologies for being derogatory Philip.
Posted November. 25th 2018.
There was a young woman called Starkie
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
You are the only
Privilaged Anonymous
Travelling through the soul
With a free pass

Carrying a robust hope
Stirring all senses
Untangling memory
Intoxicating thoughts

All in honesty
Holy heartbeat
In a familiar rhyme
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Sync vibes
Chris Neilson Sep 2018
I visited insomniacs anonymous
but fell asleep during roll call
I thought I had "short-man" syndrome
but found I was too tall

I asked a bird to sing me a song
the feathered fiend tweeted my request
it said it disliked my flat feet
but loved my #pigeonchest

I took the low road to the high street
gave cash to a busker with spoons
I then found a fork in the road
deflating a man selling balloons

I popped off to the nearest Greggs
at a bus stop, ate a cheese & onion pastie
asked a bloke "how long's the next bus?"
"about 40 foot"... no need to be nasty

Walked home with takeaway heartburn
constructing a poem in my befuddled head
searching for a muse for inspiration
my last one was ivy on my shed

Poets anonymous stopped taking my calls
after I revealed my identity
these words are becoming more ridiculous
but at least there's no obscenity
Lexi Fields Jul 2018
I’ve lived in the belly of the beast
I’ve lived between its pointed teeth
Under it’s finger nails
Between every fist bump that came after my name

The cheers your friends made as you added my name to your list
Your list of others you’ve touched and penetrated

Girls younger than I was
Girls older than I was

Never released your name
Probably never will


For your own protection
Why am I protecting a person like you
A person who preys on little girls

A question I cannot answer
But yet
Here I am
Yet again
Leaving you

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