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My actions,
Were nothing more,
than kindness.

Nothing ,
In return.
Is what,
I expected.

So, please.
Do not come
to seek me.

I am kindness.
does not want,
to be searched.
Nor found.
Offering silence

I do not want
Just to be heard
I want
To be listened to

I wish to know
All of myself

Head to soul

I am 5'10"
While I dream
I feel no less than infinity

2nd life, I live
As the Man
Behind the words
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Writing is being
Really, there was no need to fuss,
I signed on with Yarn Anonymous,
Here I stand to confess,
I bought more wool, not less,
Then I did sign the pledge,
I took abstinence to the edge,
Here I stand and say,
I have not bought wool for ten whole days!
Feedback welcome, one for my craft group ladies.
funny how
anonymous has
the perfect thing to say
no one behind
the words
Bad Vibes May 29
It's all just words.

I don't really have anything profoundly intricate to say - everything I write is just a stream of consciousness jotted down on a note in my phone that I load to a website anonymously hoping someone, somewhere will see it and feel something.

Seline Mui May 11
I stick my self in the microwave trapped in a sealed bag and set the time for twenty-four hours, seven days a week.
I count the seconds and wait to explode
But I don’t, instead I shrink with the bag and we shrivel up melting into one. The bag and me,
Cursing the desperation to get out becomes too real. I can’t deal with life on life’s terms. “**** God!”, I say to myself. I am the stick and he is the drum. All about me, I’m in control.
Obsessed with resentment, I hug my body and wait to die. The burning fumes fill my eyes, my ears and my nose. There is blood all over my body. Fourth degree burn seeps into my brain through my skull. I am sinking but
Was me who tightened the noose around my neck ; was me to throw the anchor to the bottom of lava’s abyss. For one split second a spark surges into my soul causing me feel alive and free. Small holes form through the bag growing at light speed. The toxic lava shooting out worry fear, and every loss until the bag is parched.
Still sealed in I claw at the holes with what’s left of my hand. Vanishing around me, they all seal up. In two seconds dark will suffocate me. No longer can I fight to stay alive.
I close my eyes and prepare to die
But when I open them I’m not inside anymore
Instead I’m outside the microwave back into my own body, flaws and all. I felt a powerful spirit pull me back to life just for today.
I will never forget the beat of the drum sound my name. I am the drum, God is the stick.
We beat as one. Together we walk the path, no longer just me,
Because God and I are meant to be.
Today in recovery .
Scary laugh lines
Hide the pain
The eyes wide open, heavy
Wanting to rain the darkness
To see the light within
Withheld to masquerade
The dark side of life
One master stroke
To finish the piece
When the artist and the portrait
Merge in one
Some works of art
Fill you with both, fear and sadness
Touches your core!!

Inspired by a portrait, Anonymous Artist
jünø Feb 18
so lost in a crowd
i can't even see myself
or hear myself
or be myself.

i have ceased to be

i am

anonymous to the human race
who tried to swallow me
envelop me
take me down into the darkness.

anonymous to the anonymous
who are so engrossed
in being anonymous
that they don't notice
my anonymity.

anonymous to myself,
no longer truly me
but anonymous.

without form
without figure.

without identity.

without anything
without nothing.

and since anonymous is a something
and a nothing,
then i'm not anonymous.

written by anonymous
The master craftsman ,
Of this spectacular dusk,
Leaves no signature!
This master craftsman, you would never meet to register your thanks accumulating each consecutive day, because none of us ever meets him. So do a thing ; keep all the accumulation of your unfathomable thanks on account of this and million other things we experience free. Look for any possible opportunity to distribute that invaluable reserve among our fellow beings!
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