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534 · Jun 2019
Glimpse of the past
I've written in anger
And sorted myself out
I've written on drugs
And found new meanings
I've written in sadness
And found that I am beautiful
I've written before bed
And never let my head hit the pillow
I've written about my skin
And no one knows what I am
I've written about what it means to be human
And I still have no answers
I've written while in love
And have had many lovers
I've written in art
And hid the words within the blank spaces
I've written rambles
And each one more absurd then the last
I have written about my adventures
And returned filthy and alive
I've written stolen words from the wise
And spread the knowledge far and wide
I've written to you
And you have read
I've written
And have kept writing.
530 · Sep 2013
Pink Pen
I wrote this in pink pen,
Though now it is in black,
As well, I typed this,
And there really are no words,
At least not in black,
Maybe to the eyes,
Or to the Mind,
But not in reality,
In Pink yes,
Not in Black

I question reality with these words,
Yet no questions will be asked,
Only statements of truth,
There is no reality where these words are black,
However these words are real,
But for these words in black to be in reality,
It means that they are real,
Real in your mind,
And now in *Pink
The last sentence was meant to be in pink. Also side not this was written after receiving a pink pen from a classmate.
I can Dream of gods and goddesses,
I can Wish upon stars and flowers,
I Expect none of it to come true,
I can Dream of being famous and powerful,
I can Wish to be intelligent and handsome,
I Expect none of that to be true,
I can Dream of beauty that parallels the gods,
I can Wish for love that extends beyond the stars,
I Expect none of this to come true,
I can Dream of you,
I can Wish for you,
I Expect only that you Dream & Wish the same.
I wrote this for a fairy :D
511 · Jan 2014
Crushed Beneath the Rubble
I found you lost and alone,
Your tear lines marked your dirt covered face
Your fear and hate
Your confusion and your relief
I carried you,
Through the fires
Through the falling glass
Through your friends and mine
I spoke to you,
Of better times
Of future times
Of now
I Failed you,
Rest now
Feel free now
No more pain
I will join you soon
509 · Dec 2016
Hu-man (awakening)
In one short night I discovered how to live like an eternal entity,
Shed my body like a girl does with a skirt,
What's beyond this freedom has yet to be explained or it is to be forever explored,
But theories within my mind tell me that we are connected,
It's similar to how music is connecting us together, the feeling that sinks into your bones and charges through the bloodstream,
That powerful wave of emotions as the eternal call out to our dreams, or the shadowy imprints of lost thought being observed by an on looker, experiencing deja-vu as we cross their hidden paths,
All our actions are truly planted before us, with roots and branches spreading every direction, the paths we take are forever changing and expanding,
Our choices are strings pulling the weight of the world along the lonely paths,
There is no requirements to how we love only on how we live, we can live for ourselves to love others, the possibilities are endless,
As is our eternal souls.
Thoughts from Poe9
503 · Oct 2018
I did not know much about ants until I found that the internet told me so,
and I still don't know what that has to do with life,
another text that I had to respond too, I didn't have to do it,
life would not have changed for me,
but I wanted to feel important and so I thanked a neighbour.

Who helped put me on a soccer team, nothing big,
but life changing.

Anyway even though we(you and I) could look back to remember what was said,
I don't,
the future of this life is unfolding within my eyes,
I am creating,
noticing the trends in the writing of a mind designed by the public,
or me,
but not I,
here in this
I would fill in the blank however when you grasp for a word to the point that synonyms become a common search point I worry I've driven this vessel recklessly.

How would we drive proper?

I see myself everyday stupidfied, surprised,
  unexpectedly perplex that i.

Wait did I edit this?

Not that we won't sink,
But an eternity with,
and I(we),
it has always been
I could not stop maybe it's the ,
I had to pause again,
can it be understood that some times the words can cause some unexplainable feeling that chokes you in the back of,
I wanna find out what you said.

What I could say.

What we said.

and now,
501 · Aug 2013
Holding Close
It's 3:50 in the mourning and I am alone,
I promised many things
but I feel I am unable to succeed.

I can't sleep so I blame you,
You... For your beautiful physique,
You... For your tempting eyes,
You... For your complete trust in my crazy.

I promised to hold you and never let go,
Yet here I am at 3:55 in the mourning alone,
I Love You,

But I am not holding you
So I will make one more promise
One that I will not break.

I will hold you close to my heart and to my mind,
So that you are never alone,
Even if we are thousands of miles away.

It's early in the mourning and I have now made a promise,
One that I can not break,

Isn't it obvious,
Because I can not sleep and that makes me loopy,
But I still love you.

And I will hold you close.
wrote this a while back, and thought why not post it, it's got love and humor. kinda like a romantic comedy. maybe :D
500 · Sep 2019
Wire heads
Maybe it's the faulty wiring of my circuits,
I don't seem to understand those around me,
I tell them don't trust me,
They say they love me,
But I will glitch, synapse misfire,
I'll become a villain in my program,
With no rhyme or reason,
I'll fail miserably to the hero,
That is my destiny,
But at least I'll know my fate,
Better than these faulty wires,
A maze of circuits that never know where to connect,
Is this what it's like to be human?..
494 · Oct 2014
I return from off the ground,
Hands bloodied and body aching,
Brain swaying left to right,
The opportunity has passed it's self up,
Further away into the distance,
"I'm okay"
Tears are asking me why,
The cause for comfort and security are...
"No really, I'm okay"
Pools of fear gather around my feet,
Rising above my waist quickly,
I lean back and float,
"This has happened to me before"
Rapid breaks of an unconvincing breath,
Expectations are never achieved,
So I send mine to the burners,
Humor me with your thoughts,
"Thanks, but I'll be fine"
Asking to be alone
Judged that we are in the wrong
But we never searched for the answers
Welcome the smell of flowers
"I gotta go... Bye"
We all have a way of communicating, some of us fail at the basics, and others at the complicated, but poetry communicates on all levels. Release your feelings upon the world...
I cast a line out
                             ­  N
                           ­           T
Fishing for a thought better than the one I have waiting in the depths, floating on a stick with noodles attached, courageous in effort as the light has long since gone out,
As the buoyancy effects my dreams, My Fingers curl around the pole sensing what could happen if I let go, Still Fighting with myself arguing my existence in this empty air,
Might change the world or could end it, I am starving for a thought new as my balance is lost and the waters envelope me
Eying               the surface I see               the water     is       clear reflecting   upon   itself
  My                 body passes the               hook
Suspended by a floating rod, I turn from my life line and spread my arms hoping to slow my Faith, No thoughts come to mind,
                                ­    At
              ­                                Bottom
It's eyes locking onto mine, a smile welcoming me to lay she makes no effort to move or catch me, we seen in sync as I float over her

We embrace,

This is the thought I was wishing for? A hushed lip meets mine, our first breath in a space where I thought it wasn't possible,
Are we rising or are the waters disappearing as I catch a wink of my hook and rod, my hands press believing that this is real as I feel yours on my back,
There is so much more, the possibilities are endless, are goals may differ, but we are flying and nothing will stop us from floating among all the thoughts we once belonged to be below us.
I wrote this a little while back but could not resist the temptation to post it. Enjoy
482 · Nov 2015
Her name was Aurora
It was on a sunny day mid fall when I caught these eyes staring right into my soul

Oh where is my ******* voice when I need it?
Not even 5 feet deep in muddy waters would it come,
Phase two raise the brows, it's worked before,

It was her lips a soft pink that flushed her pale skin with color

My head in a book as she pops over my shoulder,
I read a verse aloud in a tone I thought the character might have,
"But poetry, beauty, romance, love... these are what we stay alive for""
A wet sensation overcomes my cheek, my hand reaches for hers,

Three in the morning, a hand traces along her thigh up slowly making it's way to the ****

I love watching eyes like the oceans water receive their first ray of light,
the pupils snap tight bringing focus,
a smile reveals itself, the eyes slipping back under the lids.

On the dance floor we spin into each other colliding, our sweat trading our garments

My lip bleeds, a scratch under my eye puts life into perspective,
Clean thoughts ripped to shreds, the nearest wall finds my fist,
She was shaking, I almost felt like crying

Inside her it's rhythmic, like a bikes gears as they propel their rider faster and further

Inside her head it must  look like we are all pieces of ****, it has to,
She's just so ******* happy all the time,

Rain falls into the ground not onto it, a realization noticed where she laid

One is a lonely number but the solidarity comes free,
I only feel right when there is two, where life becomes a struggle,
It only become worse once there was three,

sitting in the passenger side, hair a sandy blond filtering in the sunsets reds and blues

i believe this was right,
that I made the life I have bright,
two beautiful souls to protect at night,
the journeys beginning  still in sight.

Withered hands page through a life time of photos, peace settles in the lung with each breath
a story about a boy
480 · Jun 2013
missing/restless stirring
As our eyes close,
We lay in bed,
The awkwardness of our bodies,
Shuffling, stirring, tangled,
Your hair nipping at your face,
My arm numb and asleep,
Sometimes I kick,
Sometimes you punch,
The covers stolen off our bodies by heat,
I write poetry in my head,
As you sleep,
I realize what's missing,
I wrote this at 1 in the morning and on a phone, so sorry for any mistakes :D hope you fall in love and share great moments like this.
474 · Jun 2013
I listen
So I begin to hear the words,
They are neutral and calming,
Speaking softly into my ears
I can hear the ant struggle on the linoleum tile,
It moves slowly from a crushed body,
It's legs fleeting about,
Hear skips and stutters on the record,
Moving my body back and forth,
In a rhythmic dance,
The silence on the moon screams,
Our ears dampened to the dark side,
Only the stars can hear,

It begins to pulse,
The sound encompasses my body,
Blotches form to the bass in my eyes,
The body becomes light,
I float up,
Only for the sound to bring me back down,
Pressing to another,
Feeling the body morph,
The ambiance controls the connection,
No longer can I listen
I must rest,
I take my headphones off
I tried to write a netral poem, did it work?
472 · Jul 2017
Paniced theory
It is time to change the way things are, scratch that smell from our noses, like **** in a bottle chucked out the window while going 90,

The free fall fogs up the glasses on a blushed face, 40oz till we down the sound of crying,

Lie across the ocean
Lie across the land
Send truth over and watch it slip through the cracks,

Breached news of frustration calls "Canada is coming, what the **** is America doing,"
We do our best to travel against all odds, piloting a spoon made of silver into a greedy pocket originally meant to feed those eating mud pie, baking in an ever dying sun as fish float up to the surface,

Choking down the salt water to avoid drill, give them a gun instead, it will protect our false memories and concocted purpose,

This was paid for by ink soaked bones working in minimum oxygen to the brain, featured on rolls of film stripping off clothes covered in lust,

Taking hold of a crowd with merely this voice, conducting an audience with bed knobs and broomsticks, rhythmically grinding the **** awry, taste this sun from the lips of a fairy, mystical or not we were there to receive,

Open our hearts via chaos trained messages, massaging back pains to the point of tears, electromagnetism therapy causing the lights around the dance floor to flicker, moving at incomprehensible speeds relating colors between points B to Z,

On numbered grids the scale is curved to fit the description of another one biting the dust,
And as we finally rest on cold stones the Panic sets in.
I am 50 feet away from the inevitable
It's not how it looks that angers me,
Not even the blabbering of educated words,
I can feel my feet moving and heart pumping,
I am 40 feet from the inevitable
I am lost in a spiral of emotions
Tears gathering for the get away,
Clenched fists swelling with blood and sweat,
I know this is wrong
30 feet from the inevitable I see it's true face
A mirror reflection of decisions all thought just,
Outside forces urging reconcile and ignorance,
Our past and future form the Yin and Yang of the present moment,
Caught off guard by a breeze sent from a god,
I am 20 feet from the inevitable
Counting the steps till I reach hope,
Casting shadows aside like capes,
Craving the philosophy of our blood,
There is only 10 feet between me and the inevitable,
No longer invisible to my friends,
Pursued by biting accusations assuming what's fair,
My breathing stays steady and eyes fixed,
I am face to face with the inevitable
Do I kiss, then cry, or ****,
Is there enough strength in my bones to handle the weight,
Will there be peace in our hearts and minds,
I will challenge the inevitable to battle and see who wins
470 · Sep 2016
Sheep & Kings
Reasons why I'm only a man with culture in my bones, broken among the faces exposed by the melody hiding from the metal, something's are just more desirable, like a woman with long legs and an ***, or a smile from the cute guy who's your friends neighbor, chilling in the back porch playing the world news through a saxophone, I've only got bad stories but here's a song that will show you glory, because no matter the horrors we see there is one ******* person just trying to be... among the sheep, wearing the wolf cowl just a baby afraid of being eaten, I am the crow calling out the bluff, we will all fall to death, and thus my mind is set...
That my second reason only be my best, you all know my key to a stress free life, become the pawn, but do not forget that a pawn can become a queen but I plan to take the king, trap him in the corner make him fold under pressure, a strategy play that requires training and struggle, so in the shadows of Mordor I wait causing havoc as a ghostly rambler of fate, meeting our hero in the fields of Hyrule as a Poe, that instead of attacks questions who is really good, why is there evil? Does the relation to our past connect us on better level, simple pleasures now become concocted dreams of the could have and may achieve, we are face to face with our mirror, a figure that looks the same but never moves, now this is how I break the law, I leave my spot to move forward because my mirrors goal is only to appear in in front of me, so let it chase me I'll become the king and then let my reflection become a dream to conquer, but only with an army of you, and me.
465 · Mar 2018
Black Mirror
I am going to lie
On a black mirror
I wrote
Discribed in detail
how it would be done
Finished it with a signature
In the finest of gold ink
Watch it dry
I find in the words
That I spoke truth
The beauty of this lie
Had transformed from a speech
When I spoke the lie was apparent
I was able to write the truth
But when I told you
A lie is all you heard
I think I know why they call the show Black Mirror, "black mirror."
462 · Jul 2017
The Dreaming Dancer
She steps onto the cloud with the air holding her up,
"What are our dreams but that what we wish for"
Her leg kicks outward and up forming a line bringing puffs of cloud with it,
"Do you wish for the dance or the dancer?"
Though light was unnoticed before it now breaks casting shadows along her body,
"Some dreams aren't lead by the brain"
She begins to spin curling and bending the clouds to her will,
"Some dreams come from the heart"
Her hand reaches out for a moment as though to grab a cloud,
"Are we able to merge our dreams with our dance?"
Retracing her movements the light seeps into her hand forming and orb,
"I will remember the dance"
She grasps the orb with both hands and raises it to her head,
"I will love the Dancer"
I have no idea where we are in this crazy world but if you remain within my mind you will never be forgotten and will never be far from my heart, which is a door open for you as long as you dream of it
459 · Feb 2018
A Gravitational Pull
I have thought of these words, not the ones you may hear when your body presses to the air, and the sound-waves go unobstructed, no the words lay here on a page, within a thought that didn't happen today but might show up tomorrow, recorded by the blood of bone, water, and metal, each etched mark, stains the memory of a time when oxygen was free and clean to breathe, finding out that the next moment these words are consumed, their meaning becomes a new personality, these thought words and the specific tact and errors, prolonging the flow from the head to the finger tips, thus causing minor adjustments, which make even the most thought out words seem like they have no true, maybe real, meaning, accused we stand, on trial, only a judge begging for a recess, but my closing statement is not finished.
I keep a thought journal with me everywhere I go and I wrote this poem inside it. the reason this is important is because when I am writing in the journal I never edit myself or stop the word flow unless the thoughts finally stop coming. But with my poetry I look over everything and edit until my words take on a personality of their own. I am pulled towards the gravity of something new.
436 · Oct 2015
The act
I use my silence as a way to hide my anger,
With each passing look I see the nothing that you perceive me as,
It would hurt if only I was not used to the lonlyness,
Sometimes I wonder when our actions gain the company they desire,
Or when asking a lover to leave you be is a sign of fear,
Music causes me to relate to those I hate,
Keeping my blood pumping so that my when the music touches our ears we see who was right,
If I lie it was because I was never lied to,
Everything is my truth it is what has got me this far,
Advertising is the only place where the truth is deafening but ignorance stacks all odds against us,
I apologize for the discombobulated sentences, the silence is yours if you want it,
I wish ro stay silent no longer, but my voice will only be heard when I lie.
Blogging on a piece of paper

Let me erase the title, and call this deja Vu, I feel like we've met before,


Alright then we'll **** anyways because beneath our shallow waters sinks a heavy chest.

But hear me out it's not that I'm doing this for fun and games, and there are to no depths that I cannot hold my breath, my desire is that you feel all the love I have to give,

Even if it's one second,

I may pass out, how long have I been holding my breath, was there a miss communication between my brain and (look at chest)

Look at these clothes! Fashion is to me, look good but express what I want you to see,
I'd rather be naked, only wear clothes when I have to deal with idiots in public...

Or sports, it just seems practical for some,

I know I don't have ADD or ADHD , I took those tests, but I do have a knack for puzzles, and some times I lose track of one piece for another,

So I optimize on body language, throw in opinions, to complete the lie until proven otherwise,

And When the truth hides behind the blank canvas waiting to be painted by our perspectives, it stands as naked as I am now,

And if these words are not revealing enough. find me...

and I'll call it deja vu.
I keep hiding my words from the pages I write,
there is this fear of what goes on in my head may be interpreted differently than what it was never meant to be to begin with,
the anxiety builds upon itself,
manufacturing "could be's" and "what if's,"
when all I want to know is if someone is safe,
I regard myself to high standards but know that I can become a victim to my own open flaws,
like all open targets my heart sits open to public view which is alright to me,
I'd rather let the heart bleed than tend to the wounds others have made on it,
I am more than a collection of patches sewn on by lovers who thought my heart was saved,
I have a mind and body that holds scares and lacerations much harder to see,
for a longer explanation refer to my thoughts,
waiting to be written,
waiting to be found,
waiting to be understood,
on this ramble I'll simplify it by saying that you and I are so much alike,
and that is all,
our differences come from the experiences telling me how we are not like the other,
here I am still confused,
trying to understand why I am so different from those who I know,
why they don't express themselves the same as I,
it seems that answer is already known,
yet with this loose cannon brain taking shots at itself,
I forget easily,
that I am growing or fluctuating,
finding a balance that may appease the gods staring back at me,
there will be a day when all of our scattered thoughts combine,
I will finally be able to speak the words that you will understand.
427 · Jul 2013
Can we?
We can never know a Trees roots
we can know of it's future
we can know of it's past
but it's roots decide it's Fate
The roots decide the life of a Tree

We can never know a Humans thoughts
we can know it's past
we can know it's teachings
but it's thoughts decide it's Future
The thoughts decide a Humans life

We can dig at a Trees roots
destroying, killing, and deciding it's Fate
We can dig at the thoughts of people
destroying, killing, and deciding their Future


We can water and sod a **Tree
426 · Aug 2014
Ramble #2
There  once was a boy lost in the woods, he was not lost at first, but became soon after, because you see he fell in love with a monster, It inthralled him, at first he tired to coax it, lying to it showing it gold and giving it food, pleased with his efforts he tried to take it home, but it turned and ran, but that is not when he gave chase, he waited a day, then two, then four, that would be about a week, maybe more or less, but to him it was an eternity without his monster. Oh but it came back, surprised its self the monster did when it saw the boy standing where it had left him,  the boy remained motionless, but that could be for many reasons, but he'd claim he was trying to freeze time, and maybe he did, either way motionless he remained, till the monster moved close enough to be in reach, as it reached to touch his face, he grabbed it, victory, victory, his eyes closed filled with tears, opening he looked at his capture, no longer was it his monster, it was all a dream, he had fallen asleep in the forest, and now is lost.
411 · Feb 2015
I have words that could explain how perfect you are,
But they are not enough,
The blur in your moment as you spin for me takes my breath away,
You commandeer my thoughts in the wee hours of the night,
I fear I'll go blind to such a beautiful sight,
Though my ears would find peace in your voice,
Such grace, so willful, just your presence makes my day,
I would sculpt your body flawless from head to toe,
To speak of your eyes would do them more shame than looking into them,
If the world shared your intellect I would call you my queen without hesitation,
Your alone touch calms my wild heart and tames my frantic mind,
I have words that could fit you perfectly into someones thoughts,
Obviously that is not enough
You know some people are fantastic, whether you love them, or they are your best friend, or you just made them up.
403 · Jan 2017
Ramble One9
I'm content with the journey that is my life,

There may be thorns within the beauty I've started to grow, just false protection to the unfamiliar touch, easy to feel but hard to hear I'm not all that you see,

It's the attitude of music that has inspired me to speak,

Unfurling our languages from knotted conversations, confusing scriptures in song reveal truths thought lost,

Time would ask for an extension because it was created late, I would only like to know where the wild ones roam, all the things have been found, now the nowhere man stands by at attention,

Searching,then researching human interaction,

Affirmation for such a tedious pursuit is hard to come by, I can find myself asking if there is more, The simple course is yes along with a side of maybe,  hors d'oeuvres to pick first make a choice caught red handed or blue *****,

Wash it away on a sunny day, finding warmth within a surreal glitch, escape your person destroy what isn't true,

There is what you make of it,

I see it as a challenge of wonderful mystery, it can be anything, what a weird word it, I love it, will you join me in it, Take care of it,

Ramble with me about it.
I'm not sure what random people think of me, strangers, so I will tell them anything and everything (exceptions when money or life are involved). Then I listen to anything and everything said back to me. I have learned people need relaxed random interactions with strangers, someone you'll never see again but now knows how you hate pickles except on sandwiches (true story). I challenge you the reader. Tell one of your secrets (whether personal or about someone you know) to a stranger, change names if you want, but take to the streets, diners, buses, they are great for listening to your poetry then leave them confused and senseless or something.
402 · Jan 2015
Skip me
I wait in a line that seems endless
I look ahead only to see that the others are doing the same
The ground beneath my feet is marble, white with a blue shimmer,
Above me resembles that of a wood celling in a log cabin,
Behind me I meet the eyes of another waiter,
He quickly stands straight only to reveal another pair of eyes behind him,
There is a sound un recognizable in the distance and the line moves,
Though only a step, a sigh of relief, for there is much distance to travel,
The light comes and goes, with no observable source of light,
Looking right I see another step out of line,
Standing taller then the rest he heads my direction,
I ask as he passes "what do you see ahead of this line?"
He stares blankly then looks over the heads,
"Do you want the truth?" he asks,
I nod noticing that my personal space has grown smaller,
He points forwards then backwards and says,
"That is where you are going, and that is where you've been,"
"So at some point you'll reach where you're going?"
My space bubble expands with a hushed whimper,
It comes to mind that I should ask him one more question,
"Where are you headed then?"
He smiles, his teeth almost all gone,
"Why wait to know what I already can see"
"I plan to skip this line and find a new one on my own"
He waves as we part his tall figure an outline in the distance,
The line moves though I find myself still standing,
I am tapped on the shoulder and hear "May i skip you?"
I step aside no longer compliant with staying in line.
Where oh were are we headed?
What am I to do with this idea in my head,
That causes me to search far and wide,
Where I'm willing to give all my worldly possessions,
How do I explain the actions it make,
This idea will drive me into oblivion,
That's my goal,
Floating in limbo with the same problem I have now,
Stroking the blissful ignorance to be reborn,
Life is black and white as long as you live in the grey,
By the same time we arrive at a party,
Drinking the souls of our smiles,
Mixing words in taboo subjects,
This is the education fought so hard to protect,
Tears are waterfalls the nose a stream,
Biting chocolate for the sake of joy,
A convincing lie can do the same,
For all the wrong reasons it will be done right,
Or trying has become the norm,
Because failure is so freaking awesome,
Cringing on a cold heart for warmth,
No response from the trapped cat
Napping with dreams of freedom,
Reachable only once it follows the bird,
How flawed are apples eaten by worms,
Burrowed deep within an eye,
That has such an idea that it may die.
There is black and white as long as you live in the grey... where do live?
398 · Nov 2014
I won't write for you anymore
I may think about you
thoughts, but only thoughts
I will light that fire
Immerse myself into it's smoke
Breathe deep, Exhale
I listen to the air
waiting for it's guest
Whispering to the bones
I will not lose to them
I can't lose
Not today, not tomorrow
I will cry for me
Shed tears of my struggles
Shed tears of your success
I won't write for you
I wrote this in another place of mine a while back and decided to update it with more of a how I feel now thing... yeah... Enjoy :)
397 · Jan 2014
You Just Don't Listen
My advice to you has gone unheard,
No longer do you hear me,
My mouth has been sewed shut by your ears,
Lessons that I once spoke now light you fires,
You believe my words are lies,
I am a mime,
Stuffing your ears with cotton as I open my mouth,
My vocal cords producing nothing more than a whimper,
An alien language is all you hear ,
My shouting silences as it reaches you,
I spoke as a guide,
You chose to follow another,
I threw my voice though others,
They became your enemies as well,
My crying is nothing more than water under your feet,
What will it take to reach you,
To protect you,
To tell you,
I love you
397 · May 2015
Never again
Never again will
Never again will I
Never again will I
Never again will I take
Never again will I take
Never again will I take a
Never again will I take a breath
Never again will I take breathing
Never again will I take breathing for
Never again will I take breathing for granted
A re visited old poem I wrote
397 · Mar 2015
I thought (ramble 9)
Forget about our repetitious lives,
The beginning was just a thought I had,
Twisted in the way of a spiral,
It continues infinitely towards the end,
Nothing can create something, but that can not be reversed,
So our end in only the last thought I will have,
Even in time we walk backwards,
Trapped by the same number system as our predecessors,
But follow too closely and emotions fall short of morals,
The only connection to conscious and the brain.
What is your thought on the beginning of thought? life? I am always listening.
395 · Mar 2013
Hold the light:
As I lay in bed
the light bending around my fingers
grasping for it,
it escapes flowing onto my arm
It is only a lamp
But the light can still not be held
it is free, but
once the power is gone
Who holds the light?

-Poe (Kyle Baker)
I've not written enough words to be ignored yet,
Between the heel and cuff you'll still find me speaking,
If my book is to long than let me break it down,
If you can't read step outside and hear my verbs on the wind,
If I write to much for you to handle quit now while my poetry is short.
I don't know how to say it but say it I must
I am alone and lost but not lost and not alone
I think the same as all but all don't think the same as me
My pain is deep but not as deep as it could be
I see your pain deeper then it could be
Our struggles together only comes with more confusion
Seeking wisdom where it was never found
Giving up on the slightest of Dreams because the bigger ones lost hold
We all want love but to give it is a gift
We believe it is inevitable... that we become alone
Yet here I am pleading with you to let me in your home
There are no walls there are no brakes there are no riches
What we have here is you and you alone
And I am only here because you are here
I had to believe I know exactly what happened tonight
But there's no part of me that will ever accept that I had become a part of it
I need a listener...
390 · Nov 2015
I can see the glowing ball of our fortunes to come,
just arms length and it's pulling away,
hold me tight so I can reach it ,
Once in hand we can erase the world that keeps us,

Embrace the falling sky, following chicken littles crys,
Please please look up at what you're doing
I have here a gun in my hand, pleading not to use it,
If we continue down this road, our corrupted lungs
will get us before my bullets come,

Set fire to in inside of our hearts,
loosen up the breaks and don't look back,
for each coin turned is other lie told,
gather up my ashes and pour them in the mold

Depressing controversies make noble pursuits to fix,
Standing alone facing a wall of your peers,
what sin must look like when it revels in the truth,
sinking hopes are followed by an unwavering word

Watch out for the last peeking sun,
it will scream for attention and pry at our eyes,
the last of it will reveal secrets hidden,

you and I are  so much a like.
Pondering ponderer ponders
388 · Aug 2014
I will, I can, Some how
I will Fix you,
I swear I can,
Take my hand you'll see.

I can Fix you,
Just a Little bit of Love,
Maybe a bit of tape for your heart.

Some how I'll Fix you,
No matter how long it takes,
Or the distance needed to travel.

I will Fix you
I can Fix you
Some how you Fixed me
I need some fixing myself
385 · Apr 2018
Nine Layered Mask
Crack me open from top of my skull to brim of my chin,
use precision or make a mess,
nine faces will reveal themselves in a sculpted row Like a airport security check I will profile you with each pair of eyes,
ask google maps for the safest route through my mind only to u-turn at each entrance and exit.

Expect a phone call although there is no disguise that expectations may fall short,
let it be possible,
inside is a lonely world,
empathy relapsed according to the prognosis,
these future visions plague the outer layers,
wrapping the inside in a string of theories.

Cut away feel the blame and guilt, these concepts have not been rooted feeding off itself,
no level of understanding between us,
we coordinate through internal trials,
the gavel caused fusing amongst its action,
how much art has been burned throughout history?

A false front I express through others eyes,
in a time, in the place,
we say goodbye anticipating a happy return,
what a rush it is to wait for the last layer to break,
to finally see all there is,
knowing we've removed the faces ment to protect what's inside,
life and death hold their breathe...
Signed Poe 9
382 · Oct 2016
Ramble qu
**** the words that i've failed to Concoct
i am angry about you and hOw you think
this is not personal it Never was
sometimes things just seem Very wrong but listen
on the outside i act kinda strOng inside i'm cultured bones
nothing except atoms pLaying out there lives together
so ******* for any and all assumptions that i can't be more
just like you, just like god, just like earTh, just like the spiritual
everything is Eternal
Destined to change
Please read to yourself the last two lines one more time.
376 · Dec 2014
Ramble &
I need a break
Something that will take my mind

i mean to say rip my brain right out my head
sorry to graphic even for my taste

It's easy to see that I ask for your ears
But I mumble these sorry words

I will fall silent almost like a falling tree
But I am only trying to forget your feeling

upon my return is closer to being irrelevant
When I would rather not live in memory

I copy my actions from those who taught me it
The tells will be as plain as day, distant

I have made my decision
But I am lost in my thoughts

So my cure is planned,
And events will take there course

It was fun
Really it was the best
I am having writers block with a song, but when I write words it's easy. Weird. If you read this Thanks I appreciate it :)
375 · Sep 2018
Right now is where things are going to take a turn,
The roundabout welcomes another hurried passenger,
The biker sits idle,
The circle goes on,
days past and we are again at "the last",
Round and round,
To leave is only to return,
Weaving a knot to the difference (conscious) that is me,
An infinite point watching every decision,
Only a glimpse from the rear view mirror
We are road locked, *******,
Eventruly drifting off into a sleep that could wind up taking others,
Are you alone in the car?
Are you alone in the car?
Treat you passengers with care,
Pray for a good review for when you finally stop,
Or get out and let someone else become the commander of what roundabout you take,
It may be fun.
How are you?
371 · Sep 2015
A Wishing Ramble
I like how the twist happens in a knot
how posture is weird in a world losing sleep
a single star shoots out the counting fingers
the last one spared so we all have one reason to remember not to point,
Sadly the heart was stuck by love
The guiding light pointed and spoke in just
But after we are left alone it's our heads we lose
A spastic jolt behind the eye inquires the fight has just begun,
climbing to the front lines screaming for the sane to run home
leading only the crazy to the steps to ask
"How would you explain the world today to a child?
That thing that we all talk about and yet never reach
the answer for a question asked only while high
sad that it's been forgotten only yesterday,
The screws were wrong so the rings grew long and hateful
The flatline between I and the starting line
Staring at a maze from above is different then being within it
Success is only as rewarding as the length of time spent
"give up now"
Luck has it that secrets are kept for intellect to seem smart
so start sitting on the empty wave on nowhere land
break all the sound and drink all the air
wait for nothing longer so that something has to arrive
then leave it alone forever
peace is reachable when you draw a picture and hold it
Poe is underestimated except when spoken in other names
Thats why I hide so well in Poetry
-Poe O.o
365 · Apr 2018
I believe in you
Let me start this sentence over
I repeat,
Let me start that sentence over
I understand,
Let them start that sentence over
I declare,
Let them redo that sentence over
I concede,
Make them redo that sentence over
I consider,
Make them redo that compromise over
I influence,
Make them redo that compromise anew
365 · Dec 2016
Read. write. read. Death
I'm sorry we feel the way I do,
I'm analysing my own words before my mind can speak,
I stutter odd syllables trying to spell out the sounds,
I'm a child that grew up to fast in a world of beautiful souls and crazy minds,
I read about losing battles and write about crazy rambles,
I remember how I felt...
I read about losing battles and write about crazy rambles,
But I forget what I should feel now,
Advanced theories claim the inevitable,
Old theories claim one source,
I'm not really sure what we are talking about,I'm sure you get the idea,
Just reject conscious thought,
Maybe pet a cat,
Losing ones self is the first step to finding ones self,
This has become self therapy so stick with me,
The nowhere man is waiting for orders,
For we can not think of one's to give,
Eat, sleep, repeat,
One of the many cycles that have stayed so shall another that has proved useful to me,
Read. write. read. Death
Don't be mistaken they are all endings,
With guidance that should make the knowing easier,
What rivers will converge?
I'd like to ask a favor of my fellow reader,
Think of a words you see on hello poetry that tend to repeat, post them to this wall, or message me, but if like to make a poem out of repetition. Thanks and enjoy.
363 · Jun 2013
The thought was planted
The dream was sowed
The tears were shed
The sweat poured
and from those
A seed grew into a tree
362 · Sep 2017
Ring, a Ring, Rings
Talking is cheap, it's past the expiration date of acceptable emotions, stuck in a frenzy of confusing texts, play by plays repeating what we missed and why we missed the call, message tones begging to break the ice, a layer so thin yet none will take the step,  fearing the cold heart will stop what love we have found, so the answer goes unheard, the one grasping for unity waits for...

A placement holder on the finger that is filled with scrutiny and assumptions, genders are to follow suit, it's required to lose any self bond commitments, like the knots tied to keep your feet in the shoes once the string breaks they are not the same, to argue that the world will change with how we flaunt our success, this is a lie that is just covered up by ignorance and obliviousness, teach these hands to hold the love given not a tool that can be forgotten...

Among the ever revolving acts that led us here, there is a convenience in the unknown, yet there is proof that the next few sentences have been said before, not that we could find the time to be proven right, the science breeds the faith of the truth, it cannot be explained as a simple loop, but complex numbers separated by breaks in a negative and positive force, once the connection has been made new and old become the same picture, sleeping in water feels similar to floating in air, fear not the breath that with surely remove us from existence, nothing was there in the first place, because when it is found we call it a miracle, a simple mistake to the insomniac with no dogma, something is not enough to be real, could it be wrong, yes, experience does not change this, even when fueled by the favor of people deemed crazy, who really thinks such things when alone.
Please comment, please message, my curiousness would like to know you add you are.
353 · Sep 2014
Ramble #4
We sit along the bottom of the ocean,
Minds bending along with the light,
Our ears listening to the depths of our hearts,
It's a long journey to return to the surface,
So we sit bearing the pressure of the souls
I left as soon as you entered
You would not care for what I had to say
Leaving was the best option
Sometimes it doesn't matter if you listen
Maybe I don't want to talk
If we could just sit
Still, motionless
Drifting further

I saw you leave
I had no clue why
It was probably my fault
No words needed to be spoken
Your silence cuts me much worse
Those scars you bare
the ones I form
losing you

I don't think you'll miss me
You are so independent
Strength is your middle name
Being smart was never a fear
You are clearly a better person than I
I wish I could hate you
I find it hard to even argue
why I left

You think of me as a saint
I am still collecting my purpose
Formulating words and thoughts are hard
Time and distance are your choice
Why you choose something so barbaric
when it comes time to talk again
will we see each other face to face
What possibility

Good bye
I'm not so sorry about this
I wish things were better
easier to say the least
The best shots were given
and the worst ones taken
I'll see you again
and leave just the same

Good bye for now
I'm don't feel bad
things just didn't workout
If things could change
I hope they do soon
You were a good friend
If I see you again
I'll say hi
Thoughts about another can be a lot of work. I fit into these words as I think about who I have left behind. I don't really know that I'll do if I see them again.
352 · Aug 2017
A Segment
If there is no sound there will be a guidance of breathing exercises, gently rocking our over worked minds,
It is to take no offence in sleeping during routine check ups, our eyes could also use the rest, but listening is unavoidable and it will find you in the silence,
Seeps into your eardrums and upset the peaceful balance
This is a reworked(meant to be read not heard) opening for a new spoken word  poem I've written, let's hope I can perform it!
349 · Mar 2013
The Mouth
It's what binds me
Fills the empty holes
It cries, learns, flirts
the Hole in me
Does none of those
There is no light
There is no dark
I can't reach in
Nothing comes out, except
Covering it is hard
Filling it is impossible
Because it's a hole
The hole I bear
That's just it
It's my Hole
A wonderful hole
None can compete
So exciting
So powerful
So scary
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