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5.4k · Aug 2014
I love to ******* cuss
Up and down the street you will hear me *****
In the car I will scream *******
I will abuse the word **** because I want to
I am a ******* in the eyes of the public
I don't give a ******* what they think
I ******* love to cuss
They are just words in the end
A bunch of letters assembled just to be used
Banned from the vocabulary of others
**** it
Cuss for me,
Do it , to make yourself feel better,
Do it , when nothing but violence swells inside you
Do it, when you tell a joke
The  first line and the third are about the only truthful lines about me, I apologize to anyone offended, however if it makes you feel any better I had to look up cuss words just so I could write this.
5.4k · Aug 2018
Agengda this weekend
Out of sight out of mind,
A saying that seems to be underrated,
Thought mostly about objects of disgust or stress,
And since I've objected to being anything more than an object,
This categories fits my life,
Even when acting like a faulty car part; the check engine light remains being of little concern,
"I'll just drive till it dies"
It's just the cost isn't worth it,
with all the time we spend in it,
Eventually the light turns off,
No rhyme or reason just the decision to love unconditionally...
Or the
The car dies used
I want to thank you,
Your words have touched the roof of my mouth,
I swallow them deep,
My blood warms,
I realize we are the same,
Thank you,
3.1k · Oct 2014
Silly me all wrapped up in a sweet sticky sap
Finding it easier to kiss and lick myself free
But the hushed touch of the soft and rough
Oh and the breathing, The breathing is the best part
I sink into thoughts lost to another
Yet a smile still slips from the sweet
ahhhhh yeah Candy! :)
1.8k · Jun 2016
The ramble of luck (14)
I bite my thoughts as they slip through my chattering teeth, each phase sinners and lovers cause a feathered emotion. Plans to once rule, the undying reality that it's the right that's always wrong. For the tears that creep out of the clouds during a stormy night, feed the blamed and cuss the hopeful. No ears to hear the pleaded, only a glow fabricated to calm the panic. What causes can you produce, swearing upon a joined goal. A lie, the truth. Perceptions that we discuss,  the ground moves before the steps that take it over. How many times must I lose, returning to the trap for food. Silence ensnares sections of taught lessons, a failure to comply equals the odds. A passing on the date of birth, forgotten as being important. A odd peace vacant, betrayal within the cerebral.
With some luck you might understand this.
1.8k · Oct 2014
Feels Like Home
I had forgotten what home felt like.
The things most important to me were lost.
The smells, tastes, soundscapes only I know.
I had forgotten the touch of home.
How it hugs me,
I remember all the laughter brought,
and never have I forgotten my mistakes.
I carry my home with me,
But I had forgotten a key component.
Home feels like home.
No matter where I am,
Or the choices I take,
when I hug you it's home.
Inspired by the song Home by Dan Croll
1.7k · Sep 2014
The Dirty talk
I would love to lay you down on a bed
caress your curves with the back of my hand,
spin dreams from my voice
making you hot all over
and kissing you to cool you down,
I will whisper into your ear
have me, take me, here I am,
make it freaky, make it raunchy, talk *****,
it's okay with me
We will be intertwined in a mess of heat,
our breathing in syncopation  
blood coursing through us
expanding our minds and body,
Let me hold you
every part of you
from head to toe
from heart to woe
Come to bed with me
I miss sleep
1.2k · Mar 2014
Bus (love)
I begin to sway,
The music cradles me like soft wool,
Submerged into a bending mind,
Controlled by the waves,

My head bounces,
Rhythm coursing through my ears,
Inch by inch I fade,
Broken from reality,

Feet chatting with the ground,
Sound rides at my bones,
Gone in a world of color and darkness,
Awake, standing and waiting for it.
Hope it comes
1.1k · Dec 2014
my one and only one line
Don't consider me smart, consider me human.
1.1k · Jul 2013
I want to swim in the stars

Not as an astonaught

not as in dreams

not in death

But as me

The heat of the stars lift me higher

and the only pain is that of


Then I'd reach back down to earth

Taking you in

my hands

then you'd jump

But don't forget to


For paddling is essential

to swimming

I'd teach you how to flip in the stars

we could even skinny dip

The possibilities require only that of faith

Faith that I'd catch you if you cramped

Be sure to wait ten minutes after eating

Then we'd dive

deep into a black hole

Holding our breaths

reaching the bottom of the stars

Would you like to play tea party?

Oh to swim among the stars

Our skin begins to


and our legs tire

So back down to earth we must go

But I'll be back again

With my hand out stretched

Waiting for you

to join me

in  swimming

in the stars
I've added this to a site called hit record. Check it out it's an amazing site.
965 · May 2013
Solid tears frozen to the edge of the freezer,
Frostbite eats away at the heart,
Severed limbs sit heavily on the rack,
Colors change from red to grey,
The light hum of a forgotten fridge,
The house lost of life,
The city empty,
The world spoiled
964 · Feb 2017
I am mirror face
And just what are you expecting to see?

Two eyes just like mine, hands that ache to feel flesh, there is something to fabricating  love,

Adequate to say that these threats will go unheard, and through the years I'll get to say I told you so, yet I still feel like a failure,

Cross check the references, comb the referrals, you've got the experience for every job but the one you want,

I find security in preserving the real me,

Over thinking on what should be said next, when just their presence will suffice, trying to explain to yourself how to not sound crazy, all the while talking to yourself.

We all do it,

Some things are better left in that awkward silence, the longer it holds the more said than words could ever entertain, no pure thought is safe,

An invasion that's become obsession,

Even if I tell you all my secrets, there is still apart of me I'm missing, not even I can find it alone

My ego tends to show through,

I get it confused with my personality, which in turn doesn't show much as my skin, cursed to oblivious stares,

Then again I've been talking to myself,

Usually just saying hello, possibly singing some tune, or my favorite describing exactly what I'm doing in confusion,

"What am I writing?"

A taste of reality from the insomniac ramblers program, a show free to watch, and real physical participating with the whole gang,

Hold on tight to this thread,

Your future with me will not be what we expect, I recommend strict regimes for personal viewing times, our minds are hesitant to believing what's in the mirror

I see me, and I see you
Poetry has really helped with the talking to ones self, ha ha ha ha
920 · Jan 2015
Drinks for two
Shall we sit, laugh and banter,
Discuss our every desire,
In an atmosphere on love and compassion,

You order bitter, and I go for smooth,
The waiter suggests the fries,
We accept the tater-tots,

We make work of our meal,
Beer washing down our mouths,
Forks stabbing at wandering hands,

Clearing the table, a brief contact is made,
Silence falls quickly,
An our eyes catch the waiters,

"One more round of drinks for two?"
A new edit of Drinks
862 · Jul 2013
As Love collides
Two lovers are left with their hearts torn
As Worlds begin to collide
Two lovers struggle for existence
As  Sound collides
Two lovers are left in silence
As  Light collides
Neither lover can see the other
As Waters collide
Two lovers are lead down different streams
As Thoughts collide
Two lovers  embrace each other
As Two Lovers collide
Their Halves are found
On most cold and sunny days we bask in the sunlight on our living room floors,
Observing the flecks of dust floating in space, detecting air we cannot feel,
but once in awhile the urge to run becomes overwhelming...

"At least it's sunny" we say as the zipper pulls up around the neck, two long sleeve layers under the jacket, and a hat makes us just about set.

Now if you're like me you wear two layers one thin and one thick for below the waist, not this guy, he went with the tried and true one layer winter tights complete with the red stripe to match his jacket...

As for the the shoes I can not say, for I was in a vehicle and we were going opposite ways, but they must have been warm because the only part of him that was frozen was his mustache.
Brave souls we be
814 · Jan 2017
Sheep King Cortez
I open my mouth to speak to a crowd of  unsimulated sheep, I was a king then, I am a king now, but I've never seen a bow, I conquer minds, unravel the individual sign write on it I am not hungry but I would love some common courtesy, seeing pass the facade of happy caring faces, we are all like ogres thick layers of self doubt, piecing together a broken fault, the best release may be inner peace, but our perfect creations become corrupted at the slightest tease, how am I to speak when no one reads, there are so many screens invading the scene, even now there is a glow upon your face, and the sheep are beckoning the insomniac to sleep, the choice is when, the decision cannot be corrected by easy pill supplements, conspiracies, floating in a pool of ignorance, calling out each others name as life lines, together our words may blanket the eyes, forming the disguise that reveals the truth hidden within I
788 · Nov 2014
Ramble 6.2
Come consume the air around my head
Let your eyes stray to curiosity
Feel the pressures that make us animals

Come touch these bones
Let no tears wash their age
Feel the history of our people

Come sing the joy from your belly
Let others join in form
Feel the warmth of hearts beating as one

Come read my poetry
Let it grasp your intellectual mind
Feel the emotions I desire to have

Come pray to the idea we share
Let it speak of peace
Feel out the truth you seek

Come crash into the ocean waves
Let the under-toe fling you free
Feel the strength of the great mother

Come lose words with the birds
Let the chittering and chattering slip our tongues from there mouths
Feel confused? As do I  

Come to trust the dream wept last Saturday
Let is sink into the bed you sleep
Feel nothing at all

Come rest on my mind
Let my imagination grant your every wish
This turned out very different then from what I had in my head... Enjoy
780 · Mar 2013
Itching at the wound
I scratch at it
The pain only grows more
but how?
The wound begins to open
It spreads from the nothing, I have in my chest
I continue to scratch at it, even against the wishes of others
I fear that this wound will do me in
I plead with doctors, to sow it up
I ask the scientists to preform tests, to fix it
I pray to gods and the universe, to calm the itch
But all reply with a solemn sorry, and a pat on the head
Now I begin to ask myself
How can I stop scratching at the wound that comes from nothing in my chest?
I have tried it all
Maybe it is not my chest that itches?
Maybe it is not my chest that has the wound?
Maybe it is not my chest that has nothing?
Maybe it's my hands that itch
that have wounds
that produce nothing
I don't know
I came up with this on the spot because my chest actually itched and I thought of writing this poem. Any comments appreciated :)
775 · Dec 2015
Binary Bones (ramble 12)
My bones have been talking to me
They tell me that we are lost without one another
They warn me that  not all can be won with strength
My bones won't stop talking to me
They complain about the  weather
They argue about  the time of day
My bones  are talking about your bones to me
They giggle at the sound of your laughter
They compliment the pulse of your heart
My Bones have been talking to me
I have a Bone Cyst on the bottom of my left foot :( here's a poem about it.
If I surround you
I will suffocate you
If I speak to you
I will deafen you
If I listen to you
I will silence you
If I fall for you
I will break you
If I breathe around you
I will **** you
Stay wary of all of me
747 · Feb 2015
What it's it about this day today?
Forgotten by most, ignored by all
Yet how special it is to those who love,
Too the people who remember your name,
And the impact you've had on their life
The day filled with work, and planned events
Though time alone is easy to find,
It's your special day
It's my B-day
It's my birthday!
744 · May 2016
If I were to dig a hole
I'd be hoping to escape her black eyes
My fears only grow as I find a cavern below my heart
Her blue eyes following me with each step
Swollen hands scooping away at fragmented memories
For a brief moment I lock into her green eyes
A cold stiffness holds me bare
My eyes search for the uncertainty
If I dig a hole I can stay away from her eyes
Some one find some rope
I am from the music pounding in my ears
The sticks gathering dust on a broken drum set and the cleats waiting to kick and run for next season,
I am from the pictures new and old preparing me for my future, and the videos that make the world smile,
I am from dining out with family and friends,
Our laughter scaring other customers,
I am from the land of lakes, Mississippi, and the four seasons
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
I am from a great life

Hands clasped tight
One two three Jump
Laughter fills the air
Two lovers joined together
Splashing and kissing
Oblivious to their surroundings
Escaped from reality with
Hands clasped tight

Sunny days,& low winds
Sleeping in the grass
Rainy days, & new beginnings
Sleeping in a cabin
High winds,& falling leaves
Sleeping during class
Snowy days,& cold air
Sleeping in bed
I wrote these a few years ago, found them posted them, ya know just stuff, but hey more old poems to come.
Today I tried to change the track I was on,
Shift from one train of thought to another,
Crossing off dead ends and broken lines,
Eager in search for wise words within a silent future,
Some curiosities are better left unsaid or untouched,
These feelings demand a sense of real,
Close our eyes and trust fall into an undecided belief,
All questions are resolved after that,
Spare the family and take the restgive it all to shame,
Laughing along side the tears that treat loneliness,
Once again it takes a failure to teach a student,
Though learning is just the curve of eternal life.
What's up? how's life treating you? Ask me questions, give me suggestions, message me. Let's ramble
723 · Apr 2015
10 ramblers (False hope)
Feel the push and pull of my voice as it enters a dance of love,
Affirmation follows with a glance caught wandering,
Linger just long enough for reality to catch up,
Sift through the maps of our brains  plotting each next step,
Expanding horizons form through a windshield as the sun sets,

Hear the tapping of hearts trying to synchronize,
Open to the restrictions unfurling before our eyes,
Place the next arrow to be released at the heart an inch higher,
Exhausted by each false hope formulated among our thoughts.
Enjoy,  it took me a week to figure this one out
716 · Dec 2014
Sleep Dreams
Sleeping in the arms of my hands
Leaving me restless and lonely
Even the memories fade
Every blink I slip away
Pointless to return
Destined by hope
Reaching blindly through
Each heart stops beating
Acting smiles never fool
Muster once last try
Such is the way things are
No one sleeps enough...
715 · Nov 2016
Two worlds
I dream awake as a silent dragon with a jade arm and no sense of one's self,
I can talk for days losing complete track of one topic to another but I'll keep you entertained
I am the child of a man of word and a woman of nature, cursed by the nine to see truth,
I welcome all into the conversation, I am trusting that all trust me
This dragon kills for what seems like no reason, he's killed kings, presents, giants, pawns, friends and even gods,
if you harm me so be it, if you touch my family I'll ******* torture you, death would be to pleasant for what I have in mind
Sometimes my dreams mash with reality imposing faces onto characters, and traits into powers,
I'm personable, and a omnist, opening all the time
This provides me with challenges everyday since no one is exactly an enemy or ally and remain as such throughout the daydreams,
I assert my presence in many forms of art
He has adapted or evolved as I have learned more of reality causing him to believe he's immortal,
I am inclined to mention that we may all look a bit crazy sometimes
The really funny thing is his day shares mine but our nights are spent in his,
I am always here for you or at least do my best
However each night he's sitting on a roof planning the heist of little importance, only to discover a powerful elven princesses trapped so he frees her and they escape,
though I may be a hypocrite about some statements
Then the dragon decides before he sleeps that night that he will help the princess find out who she is,
*I am simply me and nothing else, you are so much more
709 · Oct 2014
Insomniac Mind
A twisting and twirling body of words,
It hangs out against the arms like the moon lit light
Casting the shadows of a lost and broken dream
Tapping the head and forming the jaw
The fires kiss the withering blade to life
Enriched by the life of a crazy decision,
Struggling to climb it's conscious roots,
Only to have wings form out of the scars,
Cheated by a fate of lust and celebrants,
Screaming at a insomniac mind,
Pleading to make it's reason one of logic and focus,
However lost it is to the dreams given by the hands it has felt,
Curious the traveling becomes from our mouths, the words we speak,
Fly on and distance point A to point B
For the simple line must be drawn to connect them once again.
Sleep Dreams
706 · Nov 2016
Two cardinals bathe in the creek as I'm lost in thought about how beautiful you seem to me
It's true I was thinking about you
What is it I have to do to walk outside to feel safe again?

When is it a good time for me to get in the car and drive to work?

What should I say when I buy food from the grocery store?

Are my actions  when checking for my wallet, keys, cell-phone, going to **** me?

How should I act around other people?

Am I to act myself when around a gun?

What level of violence is okay for me to act upon.

What stereotypes should I follow so not to feel hated?

What kind of video will prove I've done nothing wrong?

How nice should I be to others?

Should I question the influence of others?

I don't know... I walk outside almost every day expecting the worst, when I hop in my car I fear every person on the road myself included. I partake  in simple actions in public fearing the scrutiny of offending others. My keys are in my left pocket, phone is in the right, and wallet in the back, I think everyone should know that I have nothing else in my pockets. I am told to be myself. I am told to be more white. I will protect my life and loved ones. I know I can jump higher than others because I practiced. There are eyes almost everywhere yet they see absolutely nothing. It's not a scale it's a fact... I always make my own decisions.

If I am wrong it's alright I forgive myself. *I never expected to be right.
work in progress but I've been struggling with this idea that we are told to be ourselves yet as soon as I log onto the internet the one thing i'm constantly warned about is being myself because "I am different" when I am myself... Have no fear we are all struggling I won't ever question your actions just my own.
682 · Sep 2016
I Would Like You To Inhale
Hold it in
                                                                   cut clean the vitals

How I see a simple procedure going wrong is the anxiety of the believer. The Optimist that fears the pessimistic balance. True lovers of the art.


                                                                  sedation equals Meditation
Minds wander when watching the reflection of ever moving sound and light through the world of water.

                               Sip the air in
                                                      Release the third eyes tears

A figure of speech. Or a meaning that only the experienced can speak for? But nothing is trivial in the pursuit and may it suit you so.

                                                      DOnot BlinK

Digging holes to sleep in

There is a goal of destruction. Caused either by thy self or the weight out on thy self by others. However this weight becomes lighter as I become stronger in bearing it.  Should it ever be cast off I fear I would not exist.

                                                                                Let the music in
                     Silhouettes are my truth

But now the doubt has been raised... The Cave men will now question their Gods. The banished becomes a Martyr of everyones self doubt.

                                                                                                             Meet the eyes of your maker

                                                                        Blind, Deft, Paralyzed

You can find them. I have them. Everyone and almost everything does. look deep, drink the knowledge and use it to cure. Become the knife to the weave of time and free our paths.

                                 Become a monster

when getting hijacked in your car, drive into a large object fast, all the while stare at aggressor silently

A Monster is a matter of opinion. But I digress that it should be questioned whether or not humans can be monsters and no longer humans. To add someone who becomes a monster may never have the chance to become human. The odds are stacked against humans.

                                                                   laugh in our beds for our sins
                                                                Hard Rock Balled
I don't mind good and evil. I don't much care for what they are. Experiencing them I care about.

               Time fractals across the Insomniac Ramblers body
                                Criticize, Critique, Commit

Dream for others. Imagine the unknown. Believe in oneself.
I would appreciate random life insights, words, phrases, etc... from you hello poetry and I will edit accordingly      o.O
678 · Dec 2014
hey hey

I tried to write a song about you today
It wasn't very good so I threw it away
The words were scrambled they had no rhythm
There really was nothing I could do

I was going to say I loved you
Then I second guessed myself
My eyes opened and I realized what was broken
I've be questioning my brain ever since

But it's alright, hip hip hooray,
I have finally seized the day,
Who cares if I throw it all a way,
One more Song
One more Kiss
What the hell is there to miss
These are the last words I can give

What really happened in your mind
That made us broken, with no rewind
You're stuck in the past,and I'm in the future
I begin to wonder who is the loser

No it's not fair, things never are
I pick up drugs over the bar
They promise me you'll disappear
With one more drink of everclear


We are all falling, down an empty hole

(r)No more goodbyes this is the last one
The next time we meet I'll already be gone
Under the sheets so white and brown
Here is my blood that's staining the ground


One last song, one last kiss
I know I'll be missed
A song that is a work in progress, any suggestions towards rhymes or words will be greatly appreciated.
675 · Aug 2016
Simple phases of truth
You are my beacon as I float endlessly
                                                                         I watch it in your eyes
  disconnected from the words spoken
                                                                                   hiding behind the shadows
trapped as a thinker and a dreamer
                                                                                  collecting pain and sadness
giving the world all your worth
                                                                          splitting at the seams
staying composed and vigilante
                                                                                   in a decaying body of time
meeting serenity in each smile
                                                                            your hands take flight
freeing the lies deep within
                                                                              grasping onto faults for truths
pouring out your heart into my mind
                                                                                      a fear carried willingly
embracing concepts once lost or buried
                                                                                       discarding your merit
brandishing a sliver of love
                                                                                      and weaponizing it to ****
ending a battle fought long and hard
                                                                               our deaths were monumental
As was our rebirth
Though the lines are false - The words hold true, We lose our minds to the little ***** that our brains have - Lost, Treasures we believe mean more to us than those who buried them - Why follow a stray letter that blows towards our lovers, Caught blind & broken- with only the last words that may have said I Love You, Watch us laugh realizing - That our Pain causes everyone else the humor they seek, Flee from the land and - Find the place our roots first began to grow, My understanding of I that found - out he was she, that began at we, Oh to feel the tears of our holy faith - infrequent but ever so prevalent, Finding out that big words we use take - small ones to explain their meaning, Pleased with the dictation, this line looks stitched, A Puzzling fear causes the hand to quake but it fights the - shiver, tell a story about what was written, lose yourself in a call for - eyes, These are the last words of this poem they mean very little I Love You
I wrote this on a styrofoam cup while sitting at work, if you would like to get a circular image of this, or just a cool picture (I think) then if you draw a straight vertical line and start writing with the title at the top right of the line, each dash is where the poem crosses the line, example:      
                                                      l A Poem About...
                                         ... false l The words hold...
and so on   Enjoy!
652 · Mar 2017
Inside, is this thing about me, it has stolen my voice,
It's like ash has seeped into my lungs from an invisible fire fueled by hatred, it has broken my will to stand on two legs,  a gentle world slipped out from under the covers,
In my arms a purring cat that reminds me of the ocean waves crashing along the shore of a place I once felt at peace, it's frustrating to lose track of such wonderful  memories,
I feel insane, but I am calm and understand that this is just a phase, chapters on the moon are written in the clouds in day
I realized now, either this mind is too creative than what I think capable or my abilities have left me with only formal beginnings, so breaking the mold has not left me with many options,
Indeed sleep and food will provide healing when it seems fit, but for some reason I would better wish luck could do some providing, this hard effort has made me sick,
Indebted to silence, my rain check has finally been checked off, the papers folded and what's left of the ink is saved for my last breath.
Incurable, only by my diagnosis, and only a poet am I, not a doctor, this in lies the problem,
Indifferent about such touchy topics, resorting to backtracking my statements, fair enough?
Indecisive? so are the current topics of the new world conspiracy, such a soft melody replaying in the foreground, as my mind goes out the back.
it's been awhile Mr. Poe...
643 · Jun 2017
The drunk Liver
Why can't my liver filter thoughts like it does with alcohol?

It would save me the trouble of all the money I've spent to free myself of bad decisions,

There is so much formality within a sober moment, while my drunkenness speaks freely,

My brain doesn't erase moments like alcohol does, yet my liver puts up a fight reminding me to think,

Fantasizing over an image created by theses slurred and blurred overzealous eyes,

I am attracted to bars like teachers are to mls style, and to this day I'm still not sure which one has been more beneficial.

Looking down the road of allowing glass, I measured my state of mind to pick my poison,

Tequila adds a flower to a withering soul, ***** snuffs out the light where it gets to bold, whiskey fakes the fight with its bros, while gin loosens the bones and wine your emotions, at last we have beer a truth serum more powerful than love,

What they all take is feeling, a small price to learning what we see in the refection is really something we refuse to collude with.

My liver is always amazed, the amount of control I give to it, whilst the hand with a drink in it stays steady,

The other acquires shame, controlled by a freedom of released inhibitions,

If I could escape the safety of the dinner lights for the missing love that I thought drive me here,

My liver is alone, in the battle, like one soldier who's realized that their command center threw them into a death trap and their enemies are mindless zombies of fallen memories,

My toast is not alone, followed by smiles and condolences, significant enough to convince everyone, maybe one more.
All the lines in this poem were written while I was intoxicated throughout last year and while sober I formed then into this piece, thanks for reading
638 · Oct 2014
Trickle Down
I Coined A Note It Said Today Is Seized,
Sip the dream that says please trust this lie,
Upon Thought given Where we look there will be,
A drink on belief crazy enough to his broken,
Frozen in lust tragically unspoken rules teach blown glass,
Ocean deep fulfilling and blessing cause open three mouths,
Tasting breaths quotes understandingly come easy thieves trust cursing,
Dreams of breaking end from souls that color eyes,
freed dark silence I sin cheat think softer images,
By hearts kissing plead courage tempting they're curiously searched,
love, beating, hands, forgive, pride, ears, thrilling, blue, found.
I think I found at least 10 poems... there are three I focused on. How many can you find? Write them out in the comments below :D
Hint, grab a paper and write out each word under the other by columns eg.

I             Coined
Sip         The              ...
Upon     Thought     ...
...             ...                 ...
I steal lyrics to start a conversation
"I want so badly to believe that love is real"
And this has got me asking how does one think of love?
Do you think we are talking One Love or Free Love
I could explain the how's of love
How does love taste?
How does love sound?
How does love smell?
How does love feel?
I might even one day tell you what love looks like...
The one thing I know best of all about love
Is that I've got love to give
Maybe it's something I caught as a kid, could have been born with it, but I'm sure I have love,
It's possible that I may fill a void, fit like a puzzle piece, curl up like Yin does with Yang, melt into a beautiful mess of love,
I'm always ready to take chances with the waves of love
I'm not blindly in love I'm fully submerged
You'll see
Just keep your eyes on me
I love (you)
"I want so badly to believe that love is real"
626 · Jan 2015
Rift rafters fall for the love of their sinister lives that continue long after the setting sun,

Breathers lay out their arms welcoming peace with a deadly knife,

Sought after visions lie but for a just cause,

Simple villains turn tides when truth proved to be theirs to gloat,

Lips of curves softly calling for the ears of new found kings,

Lofting lost but on the path that was sought when no path was given,

Crain the neck to see what is alreadyinfront of you,

Suggested laughs at the subtle sight that was born from the head of a baby,

A free fairing fan fiction frantically falling for free franks from Fredrick's farm facility featured February Fifth,

A test to the cure that causes our noses to run amuck,

Fidget in our seats when words of conversation repeated for few sentences know their bounds,

A long lost rambling mind, tastes silver in the blood of night
An insight to what my children will hear when they ask for words of wisdom.
Slipped the whole way to the train,

Acted and taught about what it means to be you,

Walked over lakes back from the train.
595 · Sep 2016
I'm becoming my words
I am a rambler that takes his job seriously
Nestled under the bridge away from light
So that those who cross fear my words
Omniscient among the belief I am alone
Married minds think the rambler crazy
No one dare tell me, unable to join me
Isolated instances have come and gone
A story the rambler holds in secret
Curable only by hiding it in his rambles
591 · Jan 2017
Let me paint a picture within your mind,

There is a picture on the wall with two bodies mid fall, they are positioned in a decaying building with widows just behind them, cascading then in a ominous light.

There is a mother and daughter, and a in training service dog with gold and black fur and a purple vest with poo bags on the left, the mother, short grayinh hair wearing a grey sweater, and pants to match, jots down information as the daughter, pink and blond hair wearing a black cardigan over a blue with white striped dress and a hat black with a variety of colored paw prints separated by hearts, recites information found on her phone.

Over a frozen lake, glides a white sail with a green rim, it's stands out against the pearlescent background caused by the haste of the setting winter sun.
581 · Sep 2014
A story about 3
There are many ways to count to three,
Hundreds maybe thousands of ways,
Recall how many times you've counted,
Every time it started with uno, dos, tres,
Extraordinary number that 3
Fourth line down you almost counted one, two, three :p didn't you?
576 · Feb 2016
Picture Girl
I found the picture I was looking for,
Her hair long and back turned away,
The shadows eating at the light that touches her clothes,
Long I searched with this image burned to thought,
A city at dusk calmed by the weekday hours,
Pleasant, the walk was most in silence,
The flutter of the shutter rang alone,
My eyes saw all and the camera claimed few,
Till my lens found you,
Waiting, feet chatting with the ground,
A beautifully etched picture out of a poem itself,
Caught off guard a single photo taken,
Held hostage only by memory until now,
Gone in an instant as soon as you were there,
In the end you will always be my
Picture Girl
568 · Oct 2014
Ramble five
One more time

I closed my eyes to believe that what happened was real,
I wanted it to be real, I mean it physically happened,
It was a simple gesture, but it said so much,
Could it have been a mistake?
On who's part?
There is no blame, only hope,
For just one more time,
I would ask you a simple question,
Could we dance?
Work in progress? I wrote this for the "Concert girl."
552 · Mar 2015
Can you read me?
If I were to unfold my being into the pages of a never ending book,
Would you pick it up?
If each word next to each other was in a different language,
Would you read it?
If the chapters were written out by days on my life?
Would you grasp it's concept?
If on the title it read "the Daily Thoughts of God's thought,
Would you believe in it?

What of the discussions that would arise from my pages,
Would you argue with or against me?
What of the pain I have given and the joy I have felt,
Would you cry and laugh?
What of the men and woman I have picture in bed with me,
Would you be aroused?
What of the sounds I drown the world out with,
Would you too close your eyes?

Would you read me if I were a book?
If I was sitting on the ground just three pages long?
What wonders might you find in me?
I have forgotten the meaning of an open book, practice does not make perfect in this category.
           ­      Forever
      ­           Defiant
In these
          ­       Dreams
                                ­      Beside
      ­         Curses
       ­        Endlessly,
         ­     Faith
                           ­          Conscious
This poem can be read left to right, or in columns,  the last three words tie it all together.
you may need to read twice or trice.
Thanks for reading
544 · Jun 2013
The Fire sits in the Cloud
It lights and burns fast
Have you ever seen such a brilliant fire?

The cloud forms a beautiful woman
I wonder if she's single?

The flames begin to arch
Should I let the ring burn?

The cloud explodes
Ever feel like a failure?

The fire settles on the edge
Have you ever felt like a god?

The cloud dances,
What is flying like?

The flame jumps
What time is it?

Circles begin to form
Who the **** am I?

Watch the fire glow
Can I handle this?

The cloud slips away
Do you see the shapes?

Watch the burn redden
Do you feel hungry

It takes shape one last time
Do you still think of them?

The fire catches the cloud
Why ask questions?

The Fire sits in the Cloud
Will we ever stop Questioning?
537 · Aug 2014
Ramble #3
Little Bit for Pixie

I lay down beside her,
Our breathing matches,
I close my eyes and let sleep take hold,
She wakes up beside me
Her hand running lightly through my hair
She prepares for her day,
We say our good byes,
There may not be a next time,
We hug hoping time will stop,
I lay down in my bed
She lays in hers
Tonight we dream of our little bit we shared
Hello, This is for you, I hope it makes it to you, goodnight and sweet dreams.
530 · Sep 2013
Pink Pen
I wrote this in pink pen,
Though now it is in black,
As well, I typed this,
And there really are no words,
At least not in black,
Maybe to the eyes,
Or to the Mind,
But not in reality,
In Pink yes,
Not in Black

I question reality with these words,
Yet no questions will be asked,
Only statements of truth,
There is no reality where these words are black,
However these words are real,
But for these words in black to be in reality,
It means that they are real,
Real in your mind,
And now in *Pink
The last sentence was meant to be in pink. Also side not this was written after receiving a pink pen from a classmate.
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