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Simon Aug 2020
You were always there to help me through things, even thou there were the obvious times when it looked too be me just helping you throughout...EVERYTHING! Except that's never been quite truthful, since our very "inception" towards one another! I could honestly say there is not a time that goes by, where you aren't there to brighten up my day when reaching out with your greeting that raises my hopes even further in life! Showing that my heart glows for the very "special" friendship that we have together! As yours leaks while softly weeping tears of joy at the very prospect of your own independent individuality becoming (all the more "tempting") when confronting yourself toward me more and more as we both "shake a leg" when our very progress seems too quicken with each step of confrontation! Which is only limited by the access that we claim within each other's very hearts! It is truly "limitless"! Only when the "there and after"... Becomes the full set at which is easier for us too pronounce in one another. Giving a raise in our compatibility together as if by a mere simulation sparks trade between our ever-increasingly lingering emotions! Where the thing that merely activated this very "simulation for compatibility"... Was a cueing announcements called "information"! Our information is both a "heart of gold", because it's made to be entirely there...afterwards! (Remaining forevermore...if not "indefinitely"!) Whatever happens afterwards, will truly test our defining features as whatever we shape our mere simulation for compatibility into the next inception toward one another!
PS... It doesn't matter whatever happens to each one of us (from here on out)! Since wherever we are within some type of "unreachable scenario"... Will know the title of this very passage towards one another.... The "there and after"... Is not something you can just claim. But for the desire between our two compatibilities too simulate a greater passage of information when our very identities become one within the desire to bear a stronger resemblance towards each other's "glowing and leaking" hearts!
Another poem about my "special friend"...kyle! She's been going through some hard times! So hope this lightens the load she's been having too carry (seemingly) alone!
PS... It's not an illusion (anymore) if she hasn't been alone...up until now (that is)! Because I'm here for her (no matter what happens)! Forever...if I haft too be!
kyleRemosil Jan 2019
Stop your crying baby
Wipe them tears away
I don’t mean to be rude when I said please forget me
I just don’t want you to suffer cause you don’t deserve it baby
I don’t mean to be mean
Baby I’m just guilty
That I’m the ******* reason of your ******* suffering
Memories of you keeps me smiling while I’m sad every time I remember it
Baby don’t get mad
If I say just forget it
Forget me not because I don’t care, forget me because I care for you
Forget me not because I don’t love you, forget me because I really love you
But baby let me tell you that all of this isn’t over
Forget me baby just for now but not forever
Forget me just for now cause baby I am tied
Forget me baby just for a while
kyleRemosil Jan 2019
Sisikat na ang araw
Ngunit mga mata’y dilat pa
Nangangarap na balang araw
Mayakap na ulit kita
Alam mo bang halos di ako makagalaw
Sa tuwing binabanggit mo sa’kin ang salitang “mahal Kita”
Gusto ko sanang marinig ng personal araw-araw
Ngunit malayo tayo sa isa’t-isa

Ayoko pang matulog
Hihintayin ko pa si haring araw
Sa pagsikat nya akoy nakaupo lang sa sulok
Habang sa bintana nakadungaw
Habang hinihintay ako muna’y magpapausok
Sigarilyo ang paraan para maibsan ang ginaw
Gusto kong makita ang pagsikat nya kasi naaalala ko Ang ganda mo pag sa kanya akoy nakatanaw

Ganda mo ay natural
Kaya napaibig mo ako ng sobra
Ayokong mawala kapa mahal
Kasi baka hindi ko kaya
Halos magkaparehas lang kayo ng Araw
Pinapaliwanagan mo ang buhay kong magulo’t walang sigla
Tama lang na kinumpara kita sa araw
Madilim kasi ang mundo ko kapag wala ka

Pasikat na sya’t akoy nakahintay
Kita ko na rin ang mga ulap na sa’kin ay kumakaway
Kakaiba sa pakiramdam para bang akoy buhay na buhay
Kahit paulit-ulit ko pang tignan Hindi nakakaumay
Naaalala Kita pag sa kanya ako naka silay
Mahal kasing ganda mo ang bukang liwayway
Andrew Kerklaan Jun 2018
What do you mean come to the wake?

Aren't you coming over still?

I thought you had a show next week...

Wasn't that you on the phone the other day?

When did we last speak?

Was it in good context as I remember it was?

I just can't conceive to believe that you're not.

How can I come to your wake when I'm still only dreaming?

Who will I go with?

Surely not you...

It couldn't be.

I just won't believe. I'm not going to leave.

I can't be at a wake for a man that hasn't died yet...

I simply refuse to believe.
I wrote this May 02 2018
Rest in peace Kyle. I will always love and cherish the time we had together. I will miss you always.
Let me start this sentence over
I repeat,
Let me start that sentence over
I understand,
Let them start that sentence over
I declare,
Let them redo that sentence over
I concede,
Make them redo that sentence over
I consider,
Make them redo that compromise over
I influence,
Make them redo that compromise anew
Kyle Bortz Dec 2015
Haunt me and seek me
Striving your whole life for me
Make it your life's goal

I will restrict you
You will be looked at with shame
Unexpected fear

Do not wait too long
A disappearance with hope
Shines like a shadow

Your cycle is solved
Patience now, avoid this mess
Misery no more

From, Love
Desiree Jackson Mar 2015
K ind
y ou can talk
l ikes to be silly
e asy going
R ight there for you
i like to hang out with him
g oes crazy when mad and he is protective of people
i love him for him
Kyle D Peay Jan 2015
When I tell you,
I don't know what I would do without you,
I'm sorry, but I've lied to you.

I know exactly what I'd do.

There would be no more friend to tell anything to,
Or someone always seeing the positive and cracking the joke.
I would be a social butterfly metamorphosing in reverse!  
I would be a passing glance In the hall,
A name whispered in the roar of the world.
If I was without you!

I would go home everyday,
Lock myself away!
No contact, no pain.
I would workout until my muscles refuse to move,
Just so my heart would do laps on my lungs like it did when I was  around you.
So that when I passed you in hall, I would see you steal a glance, and know you miss me too.  
I would do it so my brain could dance on something other than the thought of you.
So that my soul could feel something other than the pain,
of being without you.

I would go to school everyday
And work harder than anyone may.
I would wrestle daily so your image wouldn't drive me crazy.
I would do everything possible to make our dreams come true,
Even if I was without you!

I would suffer more pain the Leonids the Great.
Just so I could protect thee,
My princess of beauty!
I would battle day in and day out!
As to keep my heart safe.
I would think of you more than a dessert thinks of rain,
I would long for you more than the wolf yearns for the touch of the moon!
I would continue to love you!
Always loving you!
Even if I was without you!

So that one day...
One day,  
I can say to you,
"I made our dream come true!"
To tell you that I live in a place,
In Oregon is this place.
Were for half the year it cry's, and half the year it shines!
To say to you I made it.
To the place we always hoped for.
A flower shop on Main Street,
So dainty and so cute,
With the door cracked open...
waiting for you!
Waiting to be with you!

I'll aways love you!
Kyle D Peay Jan 2015
Pull her close... Hug her tight... Until the pieces are put back together.
And when your done. Just whisper in her ear "I'm here...
And I'll always love you"
Silly me all wrapped up in a sweet sticky sap
Finding it easier to kiss and lick myself free
But the hushed touch of the soft and rough
Oh and the breathing, The breathing is the best part
I sink into thoughts lost to another
Yet a smile still slips from the sweet
ahhhhh yeah Candy! :)
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