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elisabeth May 2019
I scroll
Pictures pass as time does

I know more of my own face
Than I do of my words
Who am I?
Is left unanswered
How do I look?
An exhaustive list
Complaints and room for improvement
Although my mind is a stronger tool
I grapple only with the superficial

But I was programmed this way
To judge others
Trained to respond to the outside
Before exploring within

I hate to imagine what is becoming of us
Skye Dec 2018
Tap tap
Scroll scroll
Click click

Hit like
(they'd probably hit like back)

Excuse me how dare you unfollow me
(here, I'm unfollowing you too)

Um, I really do not like your content
(but I don't wanna lose a follower so there you go)

How did this photo get only 40 likes
(deleting it now)

How did she have so many followers
(all of her posts are *******)

Wanna have dinner?
(We can spend 2 hours sitting across each other while our hands are glued to our phones.)

Hey, want to meet up?
(So we can post social media stories to make it look like we're having fun.)

Hi, how was your day?
(Oh wait, I'll just check on your feed.)

Hey, how'd everything go with that job interview you had today?
(Right, I'll just look at your FB status.)

Hi, do you ever wanna talk?
(But you know, on the phone, or like, only online?)

Connect to disconnect
I am going to lie
On a black mirror
I wrote
Discribed in detail
how it would be done
Finished it with a signature
In the finest of gold ink
Watch it dry
I find in the words
That I spoke truth
The beauty of this lie
Had transformed from a speech
When I spoke the lie was apparent
I was able to write the truth
But when I told you
A lie is all you heard
I think I know why they call the show Black Mirror, "black mirror."
Major Rity Jan 2017
black mirror, black hole
dark matters
control my ground
mirror, mother
my face turned blue
I reflected
is there something I can do?

- Major Rity
Inspired by the TV Series Black Mirror
Climactic Poet Nov 2016

I used to think that my brilliance equates that of the sun-
that when people see me, they see light, day, sunshine,
they find peace.

As a child, I deemed myself as the best fit,
the cream of the crop, the joy of the world,
until I found myself wallowing in feigned glory

I realised that there were million other suns around me,
basking in “reflected glory”,
thinking they are the salt and light of today.

Truly, people are more brilliant that we think they are
but not as brilliant as they think they are
I wrote this with reference to the Black Mirror's Nosedive episode.

— The End —