Natasha 1d

history repeats itself, my friend,
a lesson I've learned time and time again
that mistakes we make will always come back to haunt us

and things we've left unsaid will always scream out
to taunt us.

by and by the wind she tries to sway my fragile
addled mind. and the trees will follow suit for she
(the wind) is one to be reckoned with.

seasons may change,
winter to spring
as the snow melts, 'twill prompt the birds to sing.

and right on time, the warm southern breeze,
carrying a scent of chamomile and

petrichor through the city
so serene.

and how things have changed,
how different
this next year will be.

I'll run through the forest through fields and sunshine
to the lake so cold, and rush in
to escape time.

the inevitable following, silent ghost
the one true thing that scares me the most

is that this is all in the past,
all a dream
all memories
just waiting to be made.

history repeats itself,
if not now
one day.

ZAZ 6d

There are days where-
There are-

There are days where claws are hooked in the back of my skull.
They’re stuck.
Scraping one ever-existing line in white cracked bone
over and over and over.

How do we-
How do we live our lives like this?
How do we live in empty pools flooded with worry we would drown?

There were never any stories
where the dragon to be slain
was my own damn mind.

Natasha 7d

the power
of letting
you get
so close
to me
that I can
barely breathe.

it feels so
right and so
wrong all at
once. The
static charge
between us
is no doubt

I lay in
sheets of
pink & white
my collarbone
still smells
like you.

So let's
just fuck
no strings
Let's just
fuck and
after that
I'm gonna
go home.

& you won't
call me on
the phone,
it's all good
I wanted that
it's all good
I wanted that

it's all good I wanted that
no feelings, no strings attached.

it's nice to get exactly what I want. go check out blackbear he's rad
apiwe Jan 6

As I sit on this icy cold chair
I remember how
We had lunch on the park benches
Tomato and cheese sandwiches
Sealed in plastic containers, the bottoms were slightly damp
I couldn't even taste them,
I didn't say a word because
Class was intense, I was tired
and hungry
and you
had packed them specially for us
and you,
at the end
Laughed as you hugged me
Because you remembered
That the tomatoes were spoilt
...which is why I'm here

PS Jan 1

It’s not yet ten
And a man who loves himself more than a thing should love at all
Plays on my screen.

A song I know and could sing.

I watch it silently, I watch
Other’s silent moving pictures
The smile with a tongue out
And the new year’s kiss.

A song I know and could sing.

These are the regular people
And I am never one of them.
It’s only in humbling, stumbling
Unashamedly human moments
That I feel at one with the universe-
And all the regular people.

The people who count down and drink too much
And kiss on the lips without intention
And who put their hands near their beloved
For a little bit of attention.

The people who complain that it’s nothing or something scary
That we should joke about to hide our feelings on the matter
The people who call you or text you whose names you might wish to forget.

A song I know and can sing.

Happy New Year.

Happy 2018 to you all.

There is a weight in my chest
Something that will never rest
My whole body feels nothing but heavy
I’m incredibly unsteady
I can not stand up on my own
I have no one else
I’m all alone....

Just sad thoughts and stuff
luis Dec 2017

in my closet,
I have a torn jacket
two holes in its pocket
a rip in its hood, and
a broken zipper

patches, and stickers
stains of liquor
from when i drinked
so that I wouldn't miss her

I haven't thrown it
it's precious, for some reason
to throw it away
would, to my heart, be treason

I wore it when we met
on that cold autumn night
when the freezing wind swept
the leaves to our left and right
a scene from a movie
or a novel, perhaps
I look back and I tremble
I faint, I collapse
my mind goes numb
stuck in the memory
of that autumn night of fate

I gained myself, but I lost myself
when I put my jacket in her hands

luis Dec 2017


I feel a fever coming on
Intense heat from my forehead
I'm sweating even though
it's 20 degrees outside
My hands are clammy
My skin is pricked
by a million needles
I want to throw up
I can barely stand
My stomach hurts,
and I feel cold and hot
I'm shaking, trembling
all over.
I can barely move
my lips to speak.
I'm dizzy.
Every bone in my body
aches with the pain
of a million paper cuts.
My heart beats irregularly
slow, fast, slow, fast
I think I might faint.

I went to the doctor.

Turns out,
there's no medicine
for lovesickness.

peace to all of you who go through the fire and the flames and still carry on (if you got that reference you deserve a high five)
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