7 18 2018

Quite a quaint luminosity
Despite my quiet
It seems. My seams are coming undone

One look and stare
Hey you. Whats over there
I run to the nearest chair
Needle and thread. Always in my hair

Dont dare to swear
Always be prepared
Sometimes things just happen
Like a torn pair. Of new slick jeans

Stuff happens. Let it go
Let the music flow
Touching your unique little soul
A scratch today. Is gone tommorow

I like the letter Q
What about you. What do you choose
Get mad at small things
Or move past it all. There are bigger chinks. In our armor

And yet as fancy as it may be
Its all replaceble
But never life. Friends or family
Its all dust eventually. But the light shines on. Internally

Those we left behind. Stay inside us
Confide your hearts sorrow to them
No more violence
Just remeber. One more line. Fists before ditches. Please be kind
Fists before ditches
Be patient. Be calm. Be kind
Breathe in out. Unwind.
Its okay. Its fine
Natasha 5d
come close
stay next to me
I need to feel some
shelter from all
that is wrong in the world.

in your arms
the safest place
I feel as though
all the pain is erased.

so stay
the night, or today
stay love
chase all of my demons away.
Natasha Jul 6
beautifully cherished between soundless glances
or love locked eyes
of after sheet trances.
for you once said to me,
“silence my dear,
is not the absence of sound
but the presence of something else.”
both capable of taking me to my greatest heavens,
or paving my quiet path to hell
this fact and uncertainty both
fills me with joy
and frightens me to my very core.
for it feels as if you’ve taken my words for nothing but fairy lore.
yet, I stay mute
I’ll sew my lips shut
stuck in this purgatorial
entrenched rut-
by the screaming silence.
Natasha Jun 13
One day we'll reminisce
about freezies on the highway.
About blue tongues and frozen fingers,
and long conversations in my driveway.

One day we'll look back and fill in all of the cracks:
from conversations- to words left unsaid,
to what we meant by
if's, I don't know's, maybe's and not yet's.

One day I'll remember how it felt
being in your arms tonight.
How it felt like nothing in the world could hurt me
wrapped within one another so tight.

One day,
when I'm old and grey
when the lines making me smile relax
and the light in my eyes slowly fades away,
I'll remember this moment,
I'll remember today.
Eric Jun 11
I promised her
A G-Wagon and a Camaro SS
Had her thinkin that I was the best
And we gon make it out the hood.
I had promised her
That we gon build a business together
And... You know what?
Fuck this weather,
Its been raining all my life,


"Baby you bout to be my wife."

I promised her a garden of sunkissed
Cayenne roses and
Crepe Myrtles,

Oh DAMN a graden of Crepe myrtles,
And an orgasm from a drop of the finest wine
Fresh from a muscadine fruit.
I promised her the best time in our youth
And a sweet tooth,
She got a knack for sugar rushes
And blushes.

I promised her a gold and diamond pinky ring,
And a Mariachi Band
Dark purple amethyst stones
In her hands,
Laying down on a black sand beach.

Cause life's a beach,
But I gave her a tidal wave of lies..........

A storm is brewing,
And I found peace with ignoring her calls
For the past few days,
Getting lazy,
The air getting hazy
And maybe I'll hit her back when I'm ready.
Maybe I'll get her back when I'M steady,
Ready, willing and able.

She approached me,
"...I thought you said you don't like fables."
I said "Baby I read fairy tales growing up,
And my whole life has been a biography."
Because I feel like someone is writing down everything I do.
Even the love I had for you.
Never knew how to stay true,
But always stuck to myself,
Hell if it was possible,
Stuck to my wealth.

But try me,
Like James Brown to his "hands down."
That's my best friend.
Walk with me
Talk with me,
And watch how good I make you believe in my vanity.
Fall into my trap door,
You walk in on a cracked floor,
And when you fall thru,
I'll call you,
"The Queen of Stupidity"
Only because...
You really thought you was getting into me.

Natasha Jun 10
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I glossed over the cracks
that kept the illusion intact
sweet vapid intention
which was never intended for annihilation
just a purpose
that may have been beyond our comprehension.
I waited for the neural itch to decode
I waited for the dream state to dissipate
after I found the roadmap in the scars you could never hide.
We never had a direction
yet we embraced the fluidity that allowed us to exist in a vacuum
of possibility
where we forget the name of every ghost that lingers on the periphery.
Michael May 19
I don't like doing things
But I do them anyway because the benefits they bring
See when you do things other things occur
It's not the ideal system, any other I'd prefer
When you do things people become glad
and often when you don't they become mad
So yes, doing things may be hard, difficult, and tough
But doing things, changes the world
So you should do all that stuff
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