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everyday is a grind
and then cease fire for a day
and dine upon Friday's holy bread
just to fall in a hazy slumber.

The awakening wind
makes your chest rise
and your lungs sit back.
Rome wasn't build in a day,
it also did not fall in one.
Ken Pepiton Sep 27
Profound and striking differences twixt these higher
minds and mine

in kind, we re
cognize our own as we learned we know
the curricula upon which standards
apply pressure to mold
the mind into D0-Bees, don't being litter bugs,
ducked and covered for goodness knows
this could be that cobalt bomb,
I read about
in Boy's Life, my grandpa has a copy of, in this game
he plays online,
subjects, the knowing of which is to be learned,
shall be graded, judged fit for this or that,
for sorting
for the roles rooted in the heart
whence teaching
teaching shall be radiated equally,
ala Alternating Modulation Radio, with the inkwell
filling to over flowing  child's joy en
learning to learn for ever, which is
Unless your grand pa taught you ever is already,
just is, watch and see
i have water and a vessle that will not burn
with the heat i can bring at will with a twist of a ****
"we be cookin' wit gas"
I can cook rice any time I have rice,
even if I lack salt, I make do.
the role of a star on the silver screen, changed
along the yellow brick road,
but we had black and white tv... I never saw the shift.

until long after the experience the original seers saw,
sit with them
just now they learned of hubble's red shift,
some of them
doubted now the translation of life on the silver screen
Technicolor yawn-gulp, in 1930-something somewhere
the rainbow, oh, what dreams may come

confusion on the horizon, comin from the west
pushin to the east
smell that smell, feel that feeling, is it still...

an answer, accepted, good is good, all the time

equality as a fact
equality as a result, oops, LBJ, did not mean to say

the nation lacks a voice, amigo *****, we vote
in my realm, this is in the book

this book, where the reader is you.
Two dimensions of self-evidence

what you see is
what you get, if you know how to get it.

Medalion, eh, like in Venice, a license to rent my life,
for more than I think it's worth.

Horus feather state. EH? Light, as a feather,
weigh my words with these,
was the time better spent or better sold writing code?

Enchained melody chant me a chance to

... start all over. Aloud, I say thanks to the creative voice,

we won our liberty, at the loss of all the lies we let
be true,
while dreaming we were watching life
in technicolor dreams imagined by imagineers
with access to to tools
right used
to lessen the bherdon of the feeble minds,
entangled in the mythterious
confus-is-us, Am-big-is-us,

common good, call not that common that or which,
which is it,
really is there a discernible point?

We, the people who hold certain truths, personally,
un alienate-able as well as in-alienable,
if you will, dear reader

do we know the citiz
enship values by which we shall be weighed?
what is my value worth?
what are my values?

dis-passionate-analysis leads to com-passionate-response provoking ideas

my ******-sayin' right is white as snow, come reason me a reason that ain't right.

Done done done, kettle drummed doom

clear the room, the VOG calls strike the set

eat my pearl finish, lick my serpentine sheen, wink and whisper
any name you wish you knew me by

for ever, in my realm leaves us room to expand
hopes past the furthest

reaches of faith alone, past understanding, deep in soft foggy peace

reason? you asked me a reason, or is this a chip, on my shoulder?
does that mean a thing,
like a symbol through generations a meme, passed on in the air I breathed,

knock this chip from my shoulder. why? what is the meaning of this
memorable emulated behavior,

quick draw, fire, aim goes unsaid, no time to spend on a mere word.
both eyes aim

a moving raptor closing on a mourning dove lost in a dove frame of mind
back o'm'knack feelin' ***** 'n' gritty

grandma laffs at m'sweaty necklace of dirt and grime, as it
washes away
and leaves a ring on the tub, that i get to scrub
into a state of total eradication,
rub o'm'head

radish reponds, I'am a root fruit, no seeds in me, eh, never thought o'that?

subteranean sentience is essentially imaginable in the mind of any child and
most game programers who play for the joy of the riddle

bottom line.
We are gifted with pens whose ratio to swords is constant, since ever started.
And perhaps it's because you're gone

that I'm made of stronger stuff

than I was before.
You left, and I grew stronger. I don't need you anymore.
TheRiverStyx Aug 28
Soulless eyes, the mark of a null and void soul.
These eyes have been given to the common folk.
By consent given en masse, a dark figure rockets his way up to the top of the food chain.

When his eyes are blind, some flee.
The twilight of humanity has arrived on such short notice.
Mark Wanless Aug 25
good stuff in
good stuff out
read what you think
as good stuff
just a thought to tell myself
chlorine Aug 25
someplace different
which would it be?
love surrounds me
with laughs and good music
upside down
my smile isn’t used to this.
others have taken the risk
and I’m sure they know the answers
a decision
yet such sad way to use courage
to conquer what’s inside my head
this wasted youth bled into what’s up ahead
so I’m probably just going to go to bed,
afraid of every thought
that I wish to shed.
channeling my emotions
Path Humble Aug 24
your best stuff will never be posted here

goose, you crack me up,
your bests stuffs can never be posted,
the tender stroke away of a child’s tear,
the welcoming of a smile delightfully unexpected,
a first grade art project so successful
it is mounted forever on a
front door Hall of Fame

a good cry all your own,
in private sobbing,
mouth mourning the absence of
a kiss on the back of your neck
shivers with surprising waves of pleasure,
that announces you are more than noticed

if you can post these stuffs,
call me asap,
because that’s the sight
I wanna see & be,
when only the best stuff you got given,
given got,
becomes real


it blooms
the effervescent
flower of aphrodite
in our midst
its petals unravel
tis' love
Cassia Jul 28
If you could breathe in
Words of love
Would it be to take them back?
Or to hold them even closer?
lake Jul 17
when i was a kid, i wanted to be superman
i was a super fan, to all the caped crusaders
to all my childhood saviors, wish i had them back
always hung up on the past, stuck on what i lack
that's a bad thing i bet, i guess i need to get
over it. first place's overrated
do i need to go places to really live
i feel relieved just lounging
i don't mind that i'm frowning
my achievements were never crowning
i'm just clowning and that's fine
i guess there's always time
again, still bad at tags
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