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Dead on the block
Dead on the block
you told him "no"
You told him to stop
but did he listen?
No he did not
That's why that kid is dead on the block.
He was fightin' a fight that ain't mean to be fought
And he realised a while ago he'd already lost
He had tried to long to hide feelings he'd caught
But he wanted it all to just ******* stop.
This is the start to a rap.
White rose on my grave,
That slowly erodes from the slow moving wave,
Don't cry now since i am gone,
Cause i know you never loved me all along.
startin' early
gettin' *****
it's gotta be done

life is ****, so
might as well
make it a little fun
at the end of the day, whether you are happy or not is entirely up to you
I feel the urge,
I feel the ache,
I feel my stomach
start to quake

must find my throne
exalted seat
a place where I
can find release

I wonder what
it's all about
as lines and verse
just slides right out

and when it comes
the proper time,
I raise my seat,
observe my rhymes

I can't resist
the urge to look
at what came out
at what I cooked

and when I'm done,
I pull the ****
and send it down
to all you slobs

to make you gag,
to make you think
besides, I'm proud
of how it stinks
Pallavi Jan 5
I jotted my work
to the world,
They accepted it,
with a curl.
I took a fresh page
to write,
There also they,
gave a bite.
But I am happy ,
with my stuff.
Whether it is ,
Soft or rough.
Pete King Dec 2018
You took my eyes.
Attached them to a line
Straight in-front of your face.
So it doesn't matter where I look,
Or what I'm trying to do,
All I can ever see is your ******* face.

You took my gravity.
I dropped from the sky
At the bottom was a mattress
Crafted from the finest memory foam.
Sheets already covered in your hairs,
Pillows already smelling of your perfume.

You took my heart.
Which may sound quite romantic,
But I'm talking several broken ribs,
I'm talking a gaping hole in my chest
That anyone at all could look into
And see the weirdest depths of my soul.
Natasha Dec 2018
I cry for all the nights I spent without you
The nights I missed you, still linger deep within my heart.
Even now, it feels as if you’re still gone sometimes.
But don’t worry I’m fine
It’s all just tricks in my mind.
I suppose we both learn things
As we make our paths in time.

I just hate to say that I’ve missed
Any hours with you
That I was absent for the moments
In which you needed arms around you.

That you were ever not okay
That your knees trembled to the ground
That you were ever sad
And I was nowhere to be found.

I’ve let not only you, but myself down.

It’s my cross to bear, what happened
I’ll wear it with sadness and shame
And carry it through the dark, quiet night
Or through the thunderous pouring rain.

Until the day, sunshine breaks way
And I can forget all that happened yesterday
Until I can look in your eyes
And not let guilt break my gaze

Until you believe that I am willing to fight
For you, for us, for everything
Until my dying day.

I love you.
And that, is here to stay.
Just some 2am emotional stuff I don’t know what it even means
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
Step into the spotlight.
You just might show us something that we like.
You've got talents for days.
It's not over, you're a supernova.
Show us, teach us to not roll over.
Inspire me.
I could use some new motivation.
Set fire to the sea.
We call that innovation.
I know I suffer from procrastination but step into the spotlight and you could be the next sensation.
I'm trying to inspire you to write more.
Natasha Nov 2018
the comfort of linen,

smoke & ***** mirrors

cracked porcelain

yet my vision has never been clearer

a man needs a maid,

on this harvest moon

like a beautiful bluebird

she'll come flying home to you.

whether the sky dull,


or falling one cloud at a time

just simple chords,

I am yours

and you will always

be mine.
neil youngxtragically hipxmexu
Natasha Nov 2018
cast out to sea,
caught on a rock
with waves crashing around me.
we used to sail,
we used to rise
we used to float on waters, endless
ebb and flow with the tide.
but as the storm approaches,
my thoughts grow weary
the compass points in all directions
we both jump ship in fear of steering.
I'm stranded, wet and cold
in a storm of sadness, confusion, anger
it has come the time, for us to decide
are we a lifeboat or an anchor?
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