This house is desolate, surrounded by urban sprawl,
I’ve built this castle up, and gave it high walls,
Since you left, everything seems grey,
Skies are dismal and bleak, every single day.
No one else can breach the tower I’ve locked myself in
Not even the ruckus of the world can stir the emotion within
I sit and stare at glass walls, in hollow halls
Once filled with joys and wondrous calls
They would echo all day and night, now exists only silence
I’ve made solitude into a great art and science
I’ve perfected it’s study and long for a change of heart
It’s never so simple when you lose an integral part
of your soul, to the depths of loathing and pettiness.
Words exchanged spitefully end in bitterness.
I wish you the best from this desolate house I’ve built
Solitude is my only company, isn’t that ironic?

Let's tell a story of our emotions
Spinning these tales of love
like a spider spins his webs
I won't stop until I've pulled you in
It's like a superpower
I seem to bring you next to me
With my words like venom
Making my songs Infectious
I am the voice in the back of your mind
whispering subtle little hints,
making you question who you are becoming,
and showing you who we could have been

So I listen to your heart beat
to use it's rhythm
When I sing for you
my love is in every song
I need you next to me
I'm cold blooded, so keep me warm

Static keeps me awake at night
without you here next to me
I can't feel alive,
can't seem to be myself
I feel like I had the world,
But it was taken from me
I was left hanging again
might as well have used a noose,
it would have hurt less

You are my ray of sunlight
gently kissing me with warmth
in contrast to the moonbeam
telling me goodnight

So I listen to your breathing
catching all the little sighs
So when I sing for you
My love is in every word
I need you next to me
I'm cold blooded please keep me warm

The fire in your eyes
Shows me I'm alive
Knowing that you want me
I will never leave
Your love will always burn
Leave me but as a pile of ashes
To blow away into the wind

So I listen to your voice
Saying my name while you're asleep
So when I sing for you
My love is in every word
I need you next to me
I'm cold blooded please keep me warm

Older poem/song(maybe?)

Is this the best of the worst times
So many choices
Yet I made all the wrong ones
Can't stop all the voices
One of these days I'll burn
Could be tomorrow
Could even be today
It's just fate

Fate's a bitch sometimes
Messes with you like a witch sometimes
Never gives you what you wanted
Only gives you what you needed
They said
But I don't even know what I need or want
I just wanna stay in bed
Can't move my legs
Can't be bothered to
So is this what it's come to
Are you gonna leave me too

I'm half dead half alive
Wrist is on the edge of a knife
One inch between life and death
One step before falling in the depth
I'm such a fucking mess right now
I hope you don't think I meant it
And I'm sorry for making you worry
Just forget what I said
and leave me be

so one last toast to the good times
the last time we can unwind
i sometimes wish i can rewind
back to those days
back when we used to run away
you used to hid in this bale of hay
and we would wonder where'd you go
that was so long ago

and now you're all grown up
with all those responsibilites
livin it up
in that big ol' city
do you still remember all the good times
all the fun we had with the boys
remembering those still brings me joy

guess it's too late to be regretful
guess it's too late to say i love you
and now that you're gone
and as i write this song
i hope you're happy
i really do
i hope you're happy
happier than we ever were

Allora Nov 1

Just because I've lied doesn't mean I'm a liar.

Just because I'm wrong doesn't make you any righter.

Scars don't make me ugly, they prove I'm a fighter.

Don't try and put me down, I'll always rise higher.

Liz Carlson Oct 25

Voices in my head influenced by society,
telling me I need stuff in variety.
Materialism slowly suffocating me,
minimalism too hard to achieve for free.

The wraith wrote right
Inside the sight of a sigh

Love dove like a dove
Then flew full of flu

Doubt is the apple
And love is the worm

If you are ready for happiness
You are already lost

I did my worst
So I would know my worst

From a martyr to a victim
A fall marks the distance

Everyone’s addicted to their illness
Because the medicine tastes worse

just some disjointed thoughts
Ash Sep 30

My first memory was of a boy whose joy seeped through his bloody hands, he sewed my nose on, he dragged me in agony, screaming angrily that the world is filled with nothing but pain and men who were insane
but I knew deep in my heart
he was wrong.

My next memory was of another boy skipping merrily towards me his joy giving me hope, to secretly gloat that the Chinese boy was wrong, he wanted me, he need me, he loved me, the grand power of three, what every teddy bear wants
I came home with the boy whose joy made made me happy, I loved the boy named Lee and he loved me.

The years went by in haste, and our love faded at an alarming pace, I became a ghost perched on his bed wishing I was now dead, I cut a slot for my mouth and cotton and pain came out, I stole a bottle and went full throttle on the beer cursing anyone I ever held dear.

One day when the sun beamed and his eyes gleamed, for the first time in years he looked in my direction
then pulled out his erection
he stuffed it in my mouth and my seams tore as he called me a dirty whore, I was in pain, and he thrusted in and out again he gasped and toppled over,
My mouth filled with his love, my cotton no longer the colour of a dove.
This is my life now, no reason to fight, the little chinese boy was right, life is not fair, I am no longer the bear of joy, instead I am the bear of misery and despair.
Kill me now.


Fucking a hole so hard

You can only go so far
digging deeper for the soul
faces perspire, muscles on fire
looking in the mirror at your own desire

Fuck it harder
so you know you're desired

posting old stuff
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