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Can't cut through
Lost my even keel
Just blackness below
and sharks at heel
Could tread forward
Rather flip the wheel
Run her aground
Taste the bite of the steel
Let the waves crash over
and the chain unreel
Until the deep takes me whole
and I can no longer feel
The grip of the truth
and the horror of the real
I'd like my mind to fade
give it some time to heal
Eva Sep 24
Often times I think about if I would’ve had a daughter,
I would’ve taught her that the future doesn’t hold much laughter
How strong enough are you to carry on and keep this face?
How wrong enough must it feel before you end your days?
Agonies ******* ****, sinister secrets and calamities and suns, screams dragging contained fears and silent echoes of our own dreams
All these souls, all these corpses
Will they remain quiet
To those that I hurt, please forgive me
To those I will hurt, I’m sorry
A fools ways of heart ended up being another fools hurt
I watched you die
But while everyday I was reminded that you could live
Every second I waited for your goodbye
I know your destination
It’s not here, never has been
Now fly away and disappear
Until you start feeling once again this freeing melancholy
God made them of excellent stuff
They judge others for no reason
To be judgemental without hesitation
They reduced to garbage dump
God made them of excellent stuff
Alex Scaife May 4
I want to be so smart like you.
I wish I could despise mountain dew
And hate flashy films like you do.
I can't appreciate gorgeous views
With sky scrapers and starry nights.
I like to see girls in black tights
And drunks that slur and start bar fights
Because they have a minor gripe.

Excuse me for my plastic taste
That comforts me on winter days.
I don't have good taste in anything.
Natasha Apr 30
"undress my heart with your mind,
fill the spaces within myself I've worked so hard to hide..."

I sadly stray from the warm stronghold
to walk the path through barren wasteland,
biting winds,
and freezing cold.

stripped of any protection,
led naked and astray.

the snow grows deeper,
as I walk through endless night
searching for the break of day.


I never find it.

closing my eyes, I give my soul to the climate

far beyond my control.

retreating deep within myself,

I no longer feel the cold.


still is her body,

sealed shut

are her eyes

as the horizon crests

the snowy peaks

to reveal

its first sunrise.
g Apr 27
he is wearing africa and all i have is a civil war playing out inside of me. i ring him. i tell him i have no money left. i say “i'm sorry you couldn’t **** the gay out of me.” he laughs like it’s his fault, i hang up. i think about how there will never be enough air in the atmosphere for me to breathe. my skin is infinite, i don’t have edges. it’s difficult to expect to not get touched when you live in endless skin. the air is hanging low tonight, lower than ever. i go to ring her, to tell her she is a gardener, a hospital-clean being. i don’t have her number anymore. i have to tell her about these hands, these old hands, how i think they caused chernobyl when i was someone else. i have to tell her that every word was a mistake; they were all just really bad spellings of her name.
copyright gb 2014
Lights were flashing around my eyes
Music caressed my ears
My mind was at peace
And we danced and danced and danced

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see
This beautiful person staring back at me
I welcomed them in to our magical array
And we danced and danced and danced

The lights dimmed at the end of the night
As our hands met, our lips alive, our eyes now mesmerized
Then I awoke, blinded, by the mid-morning sun
My heart sunk, was it just a dream
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see

And we danced and danced and danced
Remembering Saturday Nights
some ***** on the shore

and she is so unsure

how he got here

waves like wolves

tearing the surface apart

cthulu hear this call

human's extinction hotline

No exit plan here

the gates of the castle is closed

No one can get in

No one can get out






I'm on boat right now
n Feb 12
she speaks mindlessly
she fills the silence with noise
she's angry.
she needs control.
something needs to be fixed.
but she doesn't know how to fix it.
she speaks long enough for everyone else to shut up

i told her i loved her.
i told her i was leaving.
i told her i needed space.

and for a moment, she said nothing.
Ron Conway Jan 9
I think about the little stuff,
The things you cannot see;
Invisible, but sure enough
A drop contains a sea.

Motes are distant galaxies,
Impossibly beyond,
Through interstice a strategy
To span the gap is spawned.

Perhaps a better microscope
Could help us see within,
A kingdom for a misanthrope
The tenets underpin.

Many of us think that there
Is life in outer space
And maybe they are well aware
Of human kind's disgrace.

It's infinitely likely that
Humanity's demise,
Will come from unknown places at
The nearest reach of size.
Little Stuff
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