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Zoe Mae Aug 19
Stick with me

I'll stick by you


Is almost through
Shofi Ahmed Aug 13
Oh, hear me,
the humming cloud
is raining down.
Am I about to get back
my ears?

My long missed Saqi
gone to fetch the sea.
I say come your one
signature drop is enough.
Keeps the cloud afloat and intact
above the sea high enough.
Down to a parched Earth then
pour down some raw stuff
some zero sugar marshmallow fluff.
Saqi is a metaphoric wine bearer.
I can keep it all to myself
the things you said to me
the things you did
it's mine forever
it's mine alone
the things I wish I did
the things I wish I said
I should have put a bullet
in your pretty little head
I can keep it all to myself
the things I said to you
the things I did
the things I thought
it's mine forever
it's mine alone

Instagram was a graveyard
of memories that came to pass
my ex shared a picture of our son
on the backseat of his car
with their hands touching
whoever "he" is
I wonder if he knows
all the nasty **** you love to do
the ****** up thoughts you keep
the thoughts that keep you
so very far away from me

Now Instagram is a nightmare
a collage of everything
that makes me sick to breathe
it's where my dreams died
and reanimated
as someone else's
and that's ok because
in a way
they are still mine forever
his and mine alone

If we ever touched again
that would be
our very own cosmic Hiroshima **** up
I wonder how many souls we'd stamp out?
I wonder how many dreams would die?
mine are at the forefront of my mind
the dreams I had of us together
as the happiest three man band
the world has never seen
pn Mar 9
you leave.
i wake up and you're gone.
you leave like how your kisses fade away on my clavicle.
you leave like the roses that slowly waste from june to
you leave like you can't wait to.
you leave like there's nothing better in the world.
Mrs Timetable Feb 10
As I sit here
Tears cry
I wonder why
My eyes burn so much
It’s because of the thought
It’s because of the why
I put Capsaicin on my sore back
And then touched my eye
Tip: DON’T do that

Use caution and gloves while using Capsaicin🥵 yes it works !!😅
As we usher in a new Dark Age giddy at the prospect of renewed ignorance where faith in absurdity lights the way and opinion is fact if it's shouted loud and long and our plagues descend not from evolving microorganisms but vengeful spirits aloft and doctors become the spiteful magicians next door I find myself curious who first will burn for the sake of reality?

Confucius can't fix stupid, *******, everyone burn.
Sunset Nov 2020
It’s 3:44 A.M.

you are not here but you are always on my mind and I hate you for it I do not know how to put these emotions into words but I know that when I look at you I only think about kissing you and I do not know where love is derived from and you hate that we’re in love I know it’s after midnight and you have work in the morning but maybe if I ask enough and maybe even beg enough you will come and see me right now but you’ll probably say no so I am leaving tonight at that

It’s 3:44 P.M.

you are right next to me but I still don’t know where you really are and twelve hours ago I was craving your presence and now I’m regretting it you forgot that kissing is more intimate than *** and you still hate that I can ******* and not kiss you and that pushes you away from me you always assume that I never think about you so I push you away further but I can promise you twelve hours ago you still were on my mind I wanted you to come and see me right then but I did not ask you to because you’d probably say no but now I am stuck losing you due to my lack of communication so I am leaving today at that
Can't cut through
Lost my even keel
Just blackness below
and sharks at heel
Could tread forward
Rather flip the wheel
Run her aground
Taste the bite of the steel
Let the waves crash over
and the chain unreel
Until the deep takes me whole
and I can no longer feel
The grip of the truth
and the horror of the real
I'd like my mind to fade
give it some time to heal
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