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Naseeha Ansari Dec 2019
It is hard to find a light
A moth drawn to the flame
Because we have lost something special
Oh, where are we?

It is hard to understand
How life has changed
We’ve lost our old selves
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Standing all alone, in the dark?
Is it because he can’t find the light?
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Crying from his soul?
Is it because he can’t find himself?
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Trying to pull apart from the dark?
Is it because the dark is blinding?
Oh, where are we?

Maybe that human is us
And we can’t find something missing
We have lost someone long the way, ourselves...
Oh, where are we?
I have written this poem with the thought of getting ourselves lost and then trying to find ourselves but being unable to. My intention was to never point this on to anyone. Not even myself. It is to all the people who are feeling like this with me.
Julia Nov 2019
Erosion of her brain
made her something new
but new
is not always shiny
can be angry
can be dangerous
can be broken
can break you
and her
and us

No going back to the womb
it isn’t the same home
I wonder
would she grow me differently
with her new brain?
maybe she’d grow a daughter
who knew
who her mother was
with brain cancer.
Julia Oct 2019
I slam against the door of time
like a petulant child.
What do you mean,
I scream
What do you mean,
that there is no alternative
to this *******
you call waiting.
Julia Oct 2019
Did you know I’m brave?
Did you know I’m caring?
Did you know I’m extraordinary?

I’d like to cash these in.
I’d like a payout.
I’d like something in return.

Did you know I’m weak?
Did you know I’m pathetic?
Did you know I’m ungrateful?

I’d like to be punished.
I’d like to be held accountable.
I’d like to bleed away my guilt.

If you’re still listening,
I’d like to know what it is
that I truly deserve.
I’d like to feel free from worrying
that I’m taking too much,
Or not enough,
Or too much,
Or not enough
alaska jade Sep 2019
yes i write about you a lot
and no it’s not cause i miss you
maybe that was a lie.
but my life isn’t you it’s just
             second lie
i write about you because i know you
it’s easy to write about something you know inside & out and
back and forth
forwards and backwards
i write about you because your name is comfort
and I write about you because maybe I’m afraid of leaving the familiar
but who
              I’m w r i t i n g
and it’s not for you.
first poem I’ve ever wrote in this sort of style.. kind of digging it, kind of hating it, but I thought I should share this one. the concept of this poem came to me in the middle of class, i quickly grabbed a post-it note and wrote “i write about you because i’m an expert at it” and then i went home and wrote this.  my last poem didn’t get any comments or likes but it’s gotten about 30 views which makes me happy :).. as always constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. thank you!
Prerna Padlikar Apr 2019
Are you lost? And asking me for the way.

Well, my love, I am as lost as you are.
It's not a bad thing to be lost. What do you think?
Prerna Padlikar Mar 2019
You were searching everywhere.
All in vain.

But didn't it strike you,

                                              How can you look for someone,
                                               who doesn't want to be found?
You can only help someone. If they let you help them. isn't it?
Some of us are beyond help. And we need to accept it.
Prerna Padlikar Apr 2019
In some parallel universe.
Where blessings are curse.
Where doctor are called nurse.
You keep your kids in the purse.
You sit on the dogs and houses are guarded by horse.
Where the grains are powder and the flour is coarse.
Where the rain is burning hot and the bird roars.
The money is nothing and your right matters.
The guys are scared to go out in the night and the world is hers.
Women's rights are something, next to impossible in our world. I can only hope, maybe somewhere else it's a real thing.
Tianna Jacquez Jul 2018
I am having trouble holding on.
I am f a l l i n g
a p a r t .
My balance is out of place,
My vision distorted.
Where are you?
Madelyn Feb 2018
a forceful action
an unprovoked violation
aggression hiding away a fool's pain
brought back only by a sleeping inhalation

like a child
putting shapes into a box
forcefully slamming the two pieces together
screaming at an uncaring world

what you don't understand
these pieces, are my only hope
they're the correct shapes
nothing is wrong

they're perfect
but they don't fit

like a bride
when she stumbles upon her gown
an unnerving frustration
fate playing some kind of game
it's perfect but it doesn't fit

you're perfect
writing prompt: use the words perfect, aggression, and gown
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