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Friends walk side-by-side
when you need them most
as woes tug at your sleeve
or tackle you from behind
they're there to halt the fall
until you're ready
ready to face the rising sun
as the curtains open on a new day
that is not overwhelming anymore
Written Tuesday 13th June on a warm summers day at 13:55 in the afternoon. I just let the words flow, no pre-planning. I often find my best works just materialise without serious thought, but when I act upon my feelings and instinct at the time of writing.

Copyright Joshua Reece Wylie 2023
Love is a smile or a hug,
making someone a cup
of tea. Love is holding hands,
intimate massages,
offering support.

Love is early morning kisses,
making breakfast
in bed. Love is complete understanding, long conversations
and telling truths.

Love is a connection of the heart,
making a long journey. Love is
forever enduring, always receiving,
helping others.

Love is a word (or two),
making joint decisions,
love is unspoken -
sometimes soundless
or confidently loud.

Love is intimate, love
is kind, it's those late
phone calls. Love is unwavering,
intimate stares,
delicate yet strong.

Love is more than ****** intimacy,
it's keeping a
life promise. Love is sacred -
beautifully pure,
love is holy.

Love is all of these qualities.
so before you love -
remember them.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
Nostalgia comes in shades of blue,
brown, and pirate's purple.
There are t-shirts and dresses
in these colours out on display.
Through the glass it isn't the mannequins
but the remnants of those little boys and girls I see.
I remember the day we lost a beachball
to the strong gushing wind; she wore yellow.
I remember the day we walked upon planks
pretending as though it were fire beneath; he wore green.
Nostalgia also comes in shades of yellow,
green, and pirate's purple.
This is a little poem that I'd written in memory of my childhood, the friends I had and have whose faces are the same but are different now. I'd written this poem, it being the first thing that came to my mind when I read the word 'nostalgia'. Comments, critisism welcome. :)
Annabelle Aug 2020
The little deity that demands to be worshiped
It fills your soul with it's potent fragrance
Kings and queens are brought to their knees
By this little deity

The purest of souls becomes the darkest abyss
Controlled and empowered for its purpose
Breaking free is not an option
Underestimate not the power of this deity

This deity relishes the torment it gives
Playing on weaknesses
Poking and provoking
A volcanic eruption

For this spontaneous deity
Comes and goes at whim
In uncontrollable bouts
Preying on it's unsuspecting victims

Inside its shrine weapons are created
Killing and destroying
Like a fire breathing dragon
Consuming all in it's path

When this deity is done
Regrets and emptiness are left in its wake
With you crumbling to your knees
The extent of damages unfolds.
Tanya May 2020
Let's talk about life.
Talk about pain.
About the scars and let them speak.
Let the cuts of the heart speak
the story of the lines in your wrist.
Let silence fill the place. let dance in between the nakedness of words
That cut the throat and spread colors of sadness until someone young with the same broken soul come to hold your hand and to talk about tragedies and sing pretentious poetry and make your skin dance in the glass. In the same understandably manner and let watch **** and in the morning when they need you most leave them with the naked body and create one more heartbreak. one more grief.
let create the happy face that no one gets to know How eyes ache in the closed room Where tears break the soul and let see everyone weep, let walk and run from everything that makes you feel the rain. And when the boy who lives next to me, tried to attempt suicide some days before. And said to me why are you so sad And smile like heaven and he continued let make love and get attached but not in name of love and create more love and love every day and one day I'll
Vacated your heart. And give me one more chance to break your courage to live. Just one more chance to destroy your essence and one more chance to make love with you and one more chance so I can leave your life with tragedy.
and He is too kind to me.
Alison May 2020
✧She smelled of flowers and vanilla✧
✧Late at night you could hear her;✧
✧She'd sing to herself quietly✧
✧Just like her daddy always did,✧
✧If you'd look close enough✧
✧You'd see the tears in her eyes✧
✧And the storm in her heart.✧
✧She'll never admit it,✧
✧But she does deeply miss him.✧
I keep filling my real life pages with poems,but i don't post any of them because i have this feeling that they're not good enough..
Alison May 2020
☆My head's in the clouds,☆
☆My eyes are on the stars,☆
☆My feet wanders in the forest,☆
☆My fingers are dancing with the flowers,☆
☆My soul's traveling somewhere east,☆
☆But my heart remains with you.☆
☆Sounds like i'm torn apart?☆
☆No my dear,to be honest☆
☆I've never felt so whole.☆
Alison May 2020
♡I love you,♡
♡More than all the clouds and stars,♡
♡Deeper than all the oceans and skies,♡
♡Further than the horizont and moon,♡
♡Louder than all the screams and fights,♡
♡Warmer than the sun itself,♡
♡I Love You.♡
I might be falling for him,idk.
Alison Apr 2020
✿I wish i could go to another world✿
✿To start it all over again,✿
✿Without the same mistakes;✿
✿Without wasting half of my life✿
✿just by being sad and alone.✿
✿I want a new beginning.✿
✿Please give me a fresh page ✿
✿and a sparkly ink,✿
✿Let me begin again✿
✿I promise I'll do it right this time.✿
Naseeha Ansari Dec 2019
It is hard to find a light
A moth drawn to the flame
Because we have lost something special
Oh, where are we?

It is hard to understand
How life has changed
We’ve lost our old selves
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Standing all alone, in the dark?
Is it because he can’t find the light?
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Crying from his soul?
Is it because he can’t find himself?
Oh, where are we?

Why is there a human
Trying to pull apart from the dark?
Is it because the dark is blinding?
Oh, where are we?

Maybe that human is us
And we can’t find something missing
We have lost someone long the way, ourselves...
Oh, where are we?
I have written this poem with the thought of getting ourselves lost and then trying to find ourselves but being unable to. My intention was to never point this on to anyone. Not even myself. It is to all the people who are feeling like this with me.
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