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Ken Pepiton Jan 8
Asreal as any mission to mars,

this is earth, we hear you now.
Come in.

And as any vampire fan knows,
the deed
was done.

If your life were
a thread,

here's a knot, hang in there,
keep on truckin'

believe in seagull borne
Celestine prophecy

and pitch Amway.

Think some things never change
and be wrong.
Start over.

What is the meaning of life, if
it is not 42 or 43? Or any whole number.
More entertaining than any thing else I could be doing... the second year lived as a novel, day seven was prickly with plot points... mad chaotic swirls
Simon Piesse Dec 2020
Take me back to that place
Where dichotomies of
North or South
Right or Wrong
Ground Zero
Kitt Oct 2020
I power down the computer and wait for the processes to shut down
and as I do, I recognize for a moment
the chiming shut-down sound
as the same sound that plays in my head on a loop when I am trying to sleep
when the silent room screams louder than I can hear over
but in my ears it rings out again and again
while I toss and turn

I did not get the same courtesy when I was reset.
Mine was a cold reboot, with no warning or preparation
I had no idea what was about to happen
when he unplugged me from my reality
or messed up my keys.
I only knew when I powered up again the next morning
that something was wrong.

Only then did I realize that my programming had been corrupted.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
To the sacred breakthrough
Forever true

And once again
Here you are
With zen smile
The sigs and the symbols
The pray and the blessing
Addictive spiritually
Peace, utmost reward
Now what could you ask for more?
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Reflections
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
To my awareness meditation is not being in a particular posture, or closing the eyes, or breathing consciously. For a time being even it  may have placebo effect of euphoria or something temporary close to bliss. We live in the surrounding where frequency of interfering  energy is above the threshold to stir our serine mind. Never did i see anyone with ****** thoughts, on closing their eyes transformed miraculously.
Modern days meditation is being connected to anything for the higher self, it is a dynamic process of evolving through the act of daily work. The passion to fullfill the dream, the vision how it needs to proceed, the effort, and the consistency of the meditating body.
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reboot
Austin Campbell Dec 2019
feel lost within’ yourself,

it’s scary
because you attack yourself,
left alone in self-containment,
the blood flecks the inner walls
and you see red;
shutting out other voices,
you fall far and fast -

the self becomes as vast and terrifying as outer space,
a cage becomes a spaceship;
given the tools to survive
until you run out of oxygen,
beating yourself into submission
only to realize how, ******-faced,
a self-made martyr
floods the causeway without recourse to part the tide...
no way to progress -
to shepherd yourself through the grim darkness and uncertainty,
locked in what feels like
an eternal battle:
depressed, anxious, lonely, tired -
the vandals of personalities past and present -
come to me for round one, two, three,
wash away in the silt fragments
of time that elude me,
slip through the cracks in my brain and disappear
only to implode
when it feels like you need them the least
(because that’s life).
do you let the shards of self-pity shatter you?

do you let the tide close in on both sides
and consume you whole?

do you **** a mind that seems to never learn
what it means to love itself properly?

or do you write and hope the phantom pain,
the biting cynicism,
the bitten tongue,
the burning trauma
die down for the time being?

there is no answer.

or else you’d find it
tattooed on each cerebral
coded into the DNA
that malfunctions perfectly
to make us each
Cedric Oct 2019
Why is write spelled similarly with writhe?
Maybe the "h" stands for healing.
Or maybe more appropriately, hell.
We write when we writhe.
Drawing lose words that form nooses to **** what's left in one's heart.
It's amazing how simple words can snap your neck; your head is in the clouds once more.
Wring my heart out and let it dry.
The blood in it is rotten.
Let it burn to a crisp.
As dark as one's soul can get.
Rinse and repeat; wash your feet.
Random. My head is on fire.
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
you're needy
and want me
to know?

if I felt
goodness from
you, I. . .

(take a hike)
Let me start this sentence over
I repeat,
Let me start that sentence over
I understand,
Let them start that sentence over
I declare,
Let them redo that sentence over
I concede,
Make them redo that sentence over
I consider,
Make them redo that compromise over
I influence,
Make them redo that compromise anew
Poetic T Apr 2018
I want to reboot my life,
           to clear the files of

                    wrong decisions.

My mainframe of thought
            still has echoes
of deleted files.
Nothing is really rebooted.

I'll keep deleting those files
        till the time there just
            as echoes can be heard
      but obscurity eventually fades.
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