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ConnectHook Jan 2020
From some random adolescent zealot:
Troubled children are the ones to sell it.
How DARE you read my couplet.
How dare you
Tell me we were meant to be.
How dare you
Hug me like you care.
How dare you
Kiss me like normal.
How dare you
Do all of this
Right after you were with her.
I won't write for you anymore
I may think about you
thoughts, but only thoughts
I will light that fire
Immerse myself into it's smoke
Breathe deep, Exhale
I listen to the air
waiting for it's guest
Whispering to the bones
I will not lose to them
I can't lose
Not today, not tomorrow
I will cry for me
Shed tears of my struggles
Shed tears of your success
I won't write for you
I wrote this in another place of mine a while back and decided to update it with more of a how I feel now thing... yeah... Enjoy :)

— The End —