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One more time

I closed my eyes to believe that what happened was real,
I wanted it to be real, I mean it physically happened,
It was a simple gesture, but it said so much,
Could it have been a mistake?
On who's part?
There is no blame, only hope,
For just one more time,
I would ask you a simple question,
Could we dance?
Work in progress? I wrote this for the "Concert girl."
What am I?
Look at my skin, a color that resembles the smooth carmel that comes from candy,
Look at my hands and feet,
I run only as fast as the next person,
Look at my brain,
Pink and mushy, full of thoughts,
Look at my toys,
A history that we all tend to forget,
Look at my eyes,
Tears of fear and confusion,
Look at them...

I have no anger towards you or your hate,
I am so sorry we are not the same,
I would never hurt you, or myself
Look at me,
Skinny as a twig,
Look hard
and Judge harder,
For if you see me as a threat
Please make sure
Look at me
My hands in the air,
My feet frozen,
My brain thinking comply,
My toys, my child's,
Look at my eyes
What am I?
I am not a monster
What are you?
This is about recent events that seem to happen to just about everyone, make sure of your actions that's all I ask.

— The End —