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Jul 5 · 85
Your Excursion
IMCQ Jul 5
Take of the fruit that thrives here.
Sleep soundly in the sycamore's shade.
In time, what you've enjoyed will replenish.

Open to all.
My garden.

You may find my spiral staircase;
But do not wander beneath my Eden.
No trove exists to entice you.

Twisted alloys sprawl from floor to ceiling.
Life choked out from within its passages.
Shrapnel covered pathways and barbed footholds.

A price of iron.
My soul.

You breathe light into pallid tunnels.
Padlocks crumble under your touch.
Pave your own path through my body.

An empty auditorium, walls ascending into the void.
Center stage, a single flower encased in a ray of light.
Scentless, white, sepals of stainless steel.

It's yours now.
My heart.
It's hard not to love you when you've ignored my every obstacle.
Now take it and leave.
May 31 · 156
Brutalized Goliath
IMCQ May 31
My imposing figure.
Wrought by iron.
A chained Goliath.
Humming hymnals.
Pleading to a higher power.
Polaris guide us once more.

Break our hands.
To quiet the rattle.
Take our breath.
To silence the prayers.
Beat us down.
To keep us from standing.

The blood that binds us.
Brothers and sisters.
Wash our countrymen.
Their stained clothes.
Impossible to hide.
Tower above them.

My imposing figure.
With its earthen tones
And crimson cuts.
Strikes fear in you,
Because it should.
We are strength. We are Black Americans.
May 26 · 116
I Own a Thin Book
IMCQ May 26
Take a page from my book.
Don't live to please those who would write you off
For choosing your own narrative.
Why let others write our stories.
Sitting idly by, as they use up the pages.

They forced the pen from your hand.
Take it back.
You know the words better than anyone.
But don't cover up their mistakes.
Tear-filled chronicles, a testament to growth.

When did you last write your own chapter.
You were excited to sign your name, you're the author.
Take up the sheets of paper.
Fill in the blanks.
Leave your mark.

When you read cover to cover,
Were you dynamic?
Did you go off script?
Underlined lessons?
Highlighted cautions?

When you've reached the resolution,
Will you be happy with your account?
Or do you have more to write.
If you have another story to share,
Take a page from my book.
I've read 1,000 tales.
May 23 · 302
IMCQ May 23
We spent the night finding the perfect spot.
Only to be too distracted by the conversation,
To notice the sunrise was behind us.
We'll do better next time..
May 20 · 88
Beach Waltz
IMCQ May 20
Footprints in the sand
A tapestry of our waltz
Witnessed by starlight
Take my hand.
May 6 · 78
IMCQ May 6
Tonight I'll crank the volume.
Just enough to block you out.
Maybe a little more.
How else will I fall asleep?
Let the melodies drown out my past
May 3 · 86
Last Night
IMCQ May 3
The precipice of a dream.
She stood next to me.
She wasn't afraid.
I held her close.
We were lucid.
But it was a dream.
I'll never be good enough
May 3 · 23
IMCQ May 3
Last night
I threw
The last
Memory of
You into
The fire.
Another public draft
IMCQ May 2
The words left unsaid.
Words deep within the hallow.
They smolder with an intense heat.
Demanding change.
Demanding freedom.
Demanding validation.
Its flame tearing into me.
The rasp of its scream deafens all rational thought.
I, the fool, stumble in its direction.
As the words ring aloud, I find myself
Ashen and burned.

* * *

The stillness of your voice.
Unfazed by the violent blaze.
Your expressions permeate like spilling tides.
Granting tranquility.
Granting patience.
Granting pause.
The waves wash over me.
Soothing tones give way to a clear conscience.
You, the faultless, guide the weary.
As you speak, I find myself
In the presence of peace.
Hear me.
Heal me.
May 2 · 29
IMCQ May 2
It can be done.
A poem without heartache.
I can fill it with hopefulness and desire.
The void isn't there if I fill it with life.
The rain doesn't fall unless I will it to.
If words can hurt, words can heal.
If I close my eyes I wont see I'm alone.
I'll try again tomorrow.
I've been challenging myself to write at least one poem/short story/script a day during quarantine. This was my tongue-in-cheek response to my best friend, who said to try to write something hopeful and happy for a change.
May 1 · 60
IMCQ May 1
A skylight leaves much to be desired.
The stars shine through,
But we are safe.
Protected by these four walls.

Show me the night sky.
I want danger.
I need the reminder.
That I am insignificant.
Unfinished draft. Maybe I'll finish it in the future. Time will tell.
May 1 · 59
-Note to Self-
IMCQ May 1
I've taken your flaws and listed them in my mind.
I've tried to think of every reason not to love you.
The way you hurt yourself and others.
Unapologetic, unapproachable, unassuming.
Ugly inside and out.
The beauty in you is hard to find so you put in on paper.
It'll never be enough.
You're alone for good reason.
If there was good in you once,
It wasn't around for long.
Die already.
Apr 30 · 41
IMCQ Apr 30
Sometimes it's just a poem.
Words on the page
At times can seem brittle
Other days the ink is
Not today,
I feel in control.
Sometimes it's just a poem.
All is good
All is calm
For now
Apr 30 · 57
Morning Routine
IMCQ Apr 30
When morning comes and I wipe away the tears
From your face, you are alarmed by their existence.

You hurry to the shower, leaving a trail of clothes in your wake.
Symbolic of your desire to shed yesterday's stresses.

You let the water run down your face and think,
I could let it out now.  This is my last chance to cry.

The water runs cold, back to your senses.
Times wasting, places to go, people to see.

You stand in front of your reflection judging.
You lack grace, you lack confidence, fix your posture.

Should I dress to impress, you ask.  Whatever makes you happy.
You dress for comfort, baggy jeans with a shirt and  zip-up hoodie.

Toast with peach jam.  Your favorite.  A balance of sweet and savory.
A glass of water.  Pills on the side.  You need them apparently.

Keys, wallet, phone and you're out the door.  Deep breath.
If it isn't raining, you wish it were.
Good Morning, it's a new day!
Apr 29 · 73
IMCQ Apr 29
Sometimes your name escapes me.
A name I considered precious, held close to my heart

The name I used to cry out loud at night,
When we would lose ourselves in one another.

The shape of your name on my lips,
Like a distant memory, was it the same then as it is now?

I close my eyes repeating your name in hushed tones.
The weight it holds now is no more than that of a falling leaf.

I forgot your name when I awoke today.
It was for the best, but I need it for one more day.
A weeping Willow once told me..
Apr 29 · 49
For You
IMCQ Apr 29
You said you never meant it.
But when I told you,
I love you.
I did.
Not all of us
Are unfeeling husks.
We are still human.
We hold close what we find dear.
We hold on to the few things we need
To survive as our worlds collectively burn around us.
How was I to know by the time our paths crossed
You had already given up the fight.
So yes,
I mourn.
I mourn the piece of myself that I gave to you,
And thought
You had cherished.
Hurtful Words
Bitter Truths
Endless Tears
Don't Cheat
Apr 28 · 56
IMCQ Apr 28
I lie to you,

because a world where I bare my vulnerabilities

is the world where

I find myself

Give it time
Apr 28 · 30
IMCQ Apr 28
I love the rain you bring.

Hold me beneath the deluge,

Deny me my breath.

Pull me deeper.

Let our tears feed the torrent.

When your storm subsides,

Abandon me ashore.
Take me in your flood
Apr 28 · 67
Emptiness is Never Far
IMCQ Apr 28
A familiar gaze
They watch with blank expressions
An ache of absence
We Ache
Apr 28 · 84
A Chat with a Mirror
IMCQ Apr 28
I gaze into the depths.
Its answers are truthful.
If I had the power
To reach within,
To change.
I would.

The ones who walk with shields.
They seek unnamed prophets.
The sorrows that hindered them.
Mold us.
Their lies.
Fool us.

Seekers of wisdom and humility.
Burn our lungs.
Empty us into cups.
The answers
Will free us,
But evade me.

Turn off the lights.
I'm frayed.
Cut me loose.
Take my strength.
Hold me.
Ground me.
How do I look?
Apr 28 · 74
IMCQ Apr 28
The eyes are the window to the soul?

When you look at me do you see the cracked pane

Of a heavy prison door?

The image distorted beyond recognition,

It must be apart of your imagination.

The smoke and agony behind that panel of glass.

With a soul so tainted,

How could anyone smile?
Push through!
Apr 27 · 84
IMCQ Apr 27
i remember innocents.
do they remember
i fear touch,
i was weak.
What else needs to be said..
Apr 27 · 70
I Dreamt of Paradise
IMCQ Apr 27
I've seen Eden.
I've taken in its breath.
Embraced its luster.
It's a peace unlike any other.

I dance on the precipice.
The edge of paradise.
Looking over,
I see myself.

Lying alone, weeping softly.
I see his thoughts.
His obsessions.
His curse.

If I had a rope I'd help him up.
Should I abandon my utopia,
to share its wonders with him.
The jump isn't that far down.
When I awoke the memories were not lost on me.
Apr 27 · 68
The Manipulator
IMCQ Apr 27
Fiendish wires driven deep into the mind.
Subsisting on the chaos it compels unto others.
Craving lechery and deference.
When resisted the coils tighten.
Its weighted vines make it difficult to stand.
I know what it fears,
We are the same.
The threads are not mine.
If I controlled the them I'd do the same.
We are puppeteers.
I see the treasure he holds, how he abuses it.
Run away.
Apr 27 · 67
IMCQ Apr 27
The glass wall between us,

Write upon it.

Teach me your wants and wishes.

I'll do the same.

As we fill the pane,

Your smile will become obstructed.

The stories will become muddled.

And when we run out of space to write,

We will wait for the barrier to shatter.

Even if the wall never falls,

I will find comfort in the darkness we

Hello world! There is a shame in admitting that this was inspired by my time on dating apps... The glass being the phones we hold, the stories being getting to know each other.  Hopefully later choosing to establish a HUMAN connection.
Apr 27 · 122
Touch Me
IMCQ Apr 27
My skin contains your every utterance.
Your malcontent,
Your affronts.
My failures.

It's a love so bitter.
I'm weak to it.
The scent,
It lingers.

I bleed through the bandages.
My hands,
Impossible to grasp.
You let me fall.

We hurt together.
Harmonious are the cries and whimpers.
While you tear yourself apart,
I pour myself into you.
Love is the problem and solution.  The journey and the reward.  Never give up.

— The End —