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Apr 30
When morning comes and I wipe away the tears
From your face, you are alarmed by their existence.

You hurry to the shower, leaving a trail of clothes in your wake.
Symbolic of your desire to shed yesterday's stresses.

You let the water run down your face and think,
I could let it out now.  This is my last chance to cry.

The water runs cold, back to your senses.
Times wasting, places to go, people to see.

You stand in front of your reflection judging.
You lack grace, you lack confidence, fix your posture.

Should I dress to impress, you ask.  Whatever makes you happy.
You dress for comfort, baggy jeans with a shirt and  zip-up hoodie.

Toast with peach jam.  Your favorite.  A balance of sweet and savory.
A glass of water.  Pills on the side.  You need them apparently.

Keys, wallet, phone and you're out the door.  Deep breath.
If it isn't raining, you wish it were.
Good Morning, it's a new day!
Written by
IMCQ  23/M/On The Move
(23/M/On The Move)   
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