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Shofi Ahmed Oct 25
You do your I do mine
in such religious norm
that’s not meant to force
no respect one could find
could this be a healthy mind?
Salman Sep 14
I can't seem to focus
and I don't seem to notice
I am far,
I'm living but so far.

I tried to travel back
but something was pulling me
Even in my darkest hours,
You were there.

Watching over me
like the ten thousand beautiful
stars that you are,
A sun

astronomically great
I was awakened;
when I was with you on my own
all the pain of yesterday disappeared.

You're such a dream to me
but that will not be justice
the patience you had with me and all along
you were right there in front of me

Just when i thought
there was no light that
breaks up the dark
You were there.

They say
Allah is one
it's true Allah is one
The one that was the Light In My Darkness
Pre-lockdown, I wasn't religious, I really lost my way in a smoke of facades. I really was ready to renounce my religion. But, then lockdown came and it hit me, I was starting to discover who I was, and slowly I realised Islam was the light in all my darkness
Agathis Jul 21
Exalt the name of your Lord, the Most High. Who created and proportioned
And Who destined and [then] guide
Mida Burtons Apr 30
i can feel myself drifting
like the water that carries these boats
the clouds that take over the sky and then disappear
living on borrowed time
my own existence is temporary
and unlike this water, unimportant
the water runs one way
i drift aimlessly
no end is foretold
endless possibilities
and yet
i can just so easily cease to exist
throw it all away
decide for myself how my story will be told
they’ll say ‘she lived’
so i must
HasnaShereen Apr 27
It's as a pearl in its shell
Not oppressed as you spell

You judge us for what we wear!
This we wear for what we care,

My beliefs bring me relief
I'm free, please don't weep for me

This is to please my creator
Not to impress the creation!
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 16
Deep at the tender dawn, when stars were fading,
A maiden came to me, covered in light,
Looked at me with her black eyes, while persuading
Me to do something heavenly and bright.

It was something specific, and disciplined,
I did not know, although I tried to think,
But because of sleep I was limited,
Becoming ignorant with every blink.

She said to me: ''You are in danger, youth.''
I said: ''I see no danger in my bed.''
She said again: ''the fact is far from truth.''
I took it serious, stood up and said:

''Maiden, who're you?'' she said: ''I am Namaz,
Observe me well my friend, and you may pass.''
The daily prayer of a Muslim is called 'namaz' in Farsi and Turkish. I just put my daydream into some verses.
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2019
I am black with a beautiful heart.
I am brown with a beautiful heart.
I am white with a beautiful heart.
I am a man with a beautiful heart.
I am a woman with a beautiful heart.
I am old with a beautiful heart.
I am disabled with a beautiful heart.
I am Judaist with a beautiful heart.
I am Christian with a beautiful heart.
I am Muslim with a beautiful heart.
I am Hindu with a beautiful heart.
I am Buddhist with a beautiful heart.
I am foreign with a beautiful heart.

Hussein Dekmak

Mark Oct 2019
Was Jesus an impersonator
Or the original son of the creator
Did he steal ones name
Then get all the credit and fame
Lying about
Hanging about
Lazily wandering about
The non factual stuff he was saying
No wonder we still have heaps of doubt
Maybe, he could tell a great bedtime story
If so, did he copyright it all
And will he sue for defamation
Or was he just like the rest
Just after all the worlds glory
While I inside hiding
The real source of his information
All things come and go
Like World Leaders, Empires
Big Bang Theories & Co
He went on trial, then got lucky
Had groupies follow him  
Hundreds of miles, along the Nile
Do you think
He will bother to give us a call
Before he comes back down
To judge us all
Gee time flies
When you believe in yourself
Hope I'm still here, if he returns
To at least defend myself
Jesus Christ, Oh my God
God just spoke to me
Looks like, I'm the chosen one
He said, get ready
Then, wait for his text
For I'm up next
For has anyone ever bothered
To do a family tree search
If you did, you would know that dad
Had more than just the one son
We have the same DNA as mum
But dad emptied his spirit
Into, not just the one ****** bowl
So next time you hear
The almighty word from ones mouth
Listen carefully from deep inside
Ones very own memory soul
Remember your parents advice
When you were a young youth
Because all creatures born on earth
Instantly know the meaning of ones life details
So don't ever think
You are the chosen black sheep
In your family’s fairytales
Live your life, fly like a bird
Just be Happy and Free
And be one with your creator.
Axel Jul 2019
When the sun rose today,
We didn't know he would go away.
He wasn't my friend but when the sun rose today,
He felt like a family.

When the sun set today,
His name was spoken in our prayers
And our words came out like our tears
Sounded up the moon with his face on our faces.
translation for the title:
"We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return"

my senior passed away today and he had cancer, I cried even though we weren't close at all, but still he felt like a family and I pray that he's in a better place waiting for us up there. <3

Al-fatihah (for the Muslims)
Nuha Fariha Jun 2019
Allah’s messenger said, ‘Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one and he who memorized them all by heart will enter paradise.’ To count something means to know it by heart - Sahi Bukhari, Vol. 9, Book 93, Hadith 489

Cook her with Honey, Sweets, Glorious Sugar
Peaches and Hares, Soft Haired Stranger
smells like Tulips, Beloved Roses, Jasmines,
Violets, Blessed Lilies, Lotus Stars and Songbirds

First Born, Second Born, Eighth Born
The Oldest Daughter, Shy and Timid
My Father’s Blessings, My Mother’s Tears
Promise of God, God is My Father
One Who is Alive, a Songbird Fantasy

Person of the Night who Loves the
Beautiful Night Rain, *****,
Jezebel’s Daughter, Detesting Witch  

she is One Who Can Forsee, Prideful,
Original Sin, Woman of White Magic
Wild As a Mountain Goat
Torch of Light, Light of Mine, Light All Around

watch the Woman with Crown, a Woman of Victory
Truthful Ruler of the House, Ruler with a Spear
Fighting Filled With Wrath, Strong as a Little Bear
Battle Armor From the Land of the Broken
Protector of Sunrise and Nightfall
Fighting a Battle in Winter with
Wisdom and Justice

A Princess Who Has A Heart of Gold
Beauty, A Woman of High Manners
Noble Queen, Radiant Precious Stone
Shining Diamond, Like Smooth Dark Wood

our Possession, our Brand New Home, our Feast
A Reward Given, an Afterthought Charity, Chaste Homemaker
Wealthy Companion, Warm Fire, Compassionate Nurse
Say the Prayers with Heavy Stones

Divine Woman. Universal Woman.  
God’s Messenger,
Holiness, Living.
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