Juvia Cecilia Sep 10
What one do you listen to?
When one tells you to do one thing and the other says differently.
How do you know which one is right?
What one do you follow?
Your Brain or Your Heart?
Juvia Cecilia May 10
Sitting at the dinner table full of everyone I love yet all that surrounded me was hate. "A women can't just kiss another women it isn't right." "*** doesn't love ****." "The Bible says men can only be with women not men too." Would things be different if they knew? Would they still look at me the same way? Would they accept me? Would they still love me? I wanted to scream. I was screaming, all these thoughts running through my head, crying to be released. I could feel my blood boiling, my hands turned to fists, I could no longer deal with the words that came out of their mouths, the same mouths that said "I love you."
if only they knew
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
Do you ever cry and you don't know why? The tears just seem to all fall, Just all of the sudden your body physically hurts in every place and it just won't stop?
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
Somehow you always do it,
you appear out of nowhere and plop a smile on my face,
you wipe away the tears falling down my cheek,
and you always manage to bring back that glow of happiness that was soon fading away.
and you'll never know how grateful i am for that
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
They ask me why I love you
and to be completely honest
I don't even know why
I've never known why
it just happened
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
I never wanted to fall in love
because at the end of the day
I know I'll never be anything to you
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
When I'm with you everything's different
When I'm with you I tend to smile more
When I'm with you I'm not scared.
When I'm with you I forget about the rest of the world
When I'm with you I feel safe
When I'm with you I am truly happy
Dear lord I sound like a love struck person now fml
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