"True love" "Soul mates" "Happily ever afters" All that bullshit you see in the movies, none of it is real this is reality the only True love you have here is for your pillow at 2:37 in the morning after crying for 6 hours straight over your ex that you once thought was the "one"

I apologize to whoever is reading this, I just post whatever comes to mind and most of the time it doesn't make sense

In this world you're either happy or sad there's no in between

It's sad but it's true look around you you'll see there's no in between

I will never stop loving you
even after everything you've done to me, the tears you've caused me to cry, the constant feeling of pain, the heartbreaking truth of never being good enough. Even after all that I will always love you.

Juvia Cecilia Jul 11

Silence fell upon
the house that once was filled with laughter and love. It fell like rain, quick and all at once. No one saw it coming it just happened and there was no stopping it.

Juvia Cecilia Jun 27

I tried to get over you..
but I ended up falling more for you

Juvia Cecilia Jun 25

I hate myself for thinking of you
I try to distract myself but somehow my thoughts always lead back to you

why is it so hard to get someone off your mind
Juvia Cecilia Jun 22

I'm losing you,
it was nice.. the thought
that you actually could've been mine

I need to get my life together
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