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Rea Jan 2021
I can no longer relate to the vengeful breakup songs on the radio.
But I can’t relate to the ones about love.
So what am I related to?
In the movies, when two people go spinning apart,
they always come back together in a crescendo
and a last kiss,
before the screen goes black.
But we didn’t get that.
I didn’t run in a baby blue dress to your door
at the same time that you opened it
and immediately everything was better.
We just continued to break,
and break,
and break.
Now we are ash and dust,
remnants of a lost love scattered to the wind.
We do not get a sparkling, happy ending.
Instead, you won’t accept the blame
and I’m trying my best to move on.
I guess it just wasn’t us.
You were not the answer to my question
and I did not belong in your melody.
I know there will never be a day that I can fit into your song.
I can live with that,
but can you?
Hi! This is the first poem I've published in my life. It doesn't rhyme and my grammar is horrible so to call it a "poem" is shaky at best. Nonetheless, I hope at least one person out there finds something in this to take away.
Tylor Nov 2020
I never believed in happy endings
My life was insipid until I met you
I first slept by the ocean under the stars with you
Once tangled in blue, I am now tangled with you

You filled the cracks in my skin with vibrant colours
And healed all my bruises with a simple touch
With you, my life is full of surprises and wonders
I am so full of love now, there's no space for any hatred or grudge
Kashish Lahrani Aug 2020
I never believed in happy endings
Because they never really seemed to exist
Not until I met you
Not until you made me believe, and I couldn’t resist
Resist you and me. We were so impossible
Never did I know, I’d love you with all my heart
And you’d love me too, for who I am
But now that we do, I can delightedly say that you are my life and not just a part.
MM Jan 2020
We’re only allowed to write happy endings,
but we were also required to write only the truth.
With that said, I guess I am a liar,
for I only write happy endings.
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
Our love is a story with a semicolon. We might have stopped writing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s done.-Lucia Airo
Katie Edmunds Feb 2018
Her eyes sparkle
I'm not her
The way her body curves mesmerises you
I'm not her

No matter how hard I try
I'll never be her
But that doesn't mean
I don't deserve more

I'm my own person
The world is at my feet
So watch me flourish without you
You lost me, but it wasn't my loss

Finally free from your grasp
I'm not her
I'm honestly happy
I'm not her
Mary Frances Oct 2017
They all have happy endings.
Queens and Kings
Princes and Princesses,
brave Heroes and fulfilled dreams.

I wish I have one too
Someone of pure heart and so true
who will give me my happily-ever-after,
a life with less sadness and more laughter.

That's what I wished for when I was a child
when I still had a heart so mild
Then it changed when I started loving Princes and Kings
coz my heart became part of their other broken things.
Wick Sep 2017
then time took you away
leaving nothing but broken things
our promises. our future.
continuation to 31.
Juvia Cecilia Apr 2017
"And they lived Happily Ever After."
how clique
is what we think whenever we hear or see a happy ending in a book, movie or even in real life
yet when they don't get their happy ending why do we cry and wish it could be the other way?
how iconic huh?
I cried my eye ***** out when my book didn't end with a happy ending yet the other day I read a book with a happy ending and got annoyed because it was too clique and predictable. Don't you just love life?
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
Even when I know they're but unfinished stories,
accepted pain and acknowledged sorrys,
virtual realities reflected from mirrors of a lost paradigm
and engineered metaphorically vocalized  pantomime
even when I know that they're not the end of the road
(that there're even many more miles to walk)
or even  blossoms of life within a spectral pod
but merely a beautiful view of the vast and
rough ocean from the calm of a floret mental dock
through tinted glasses in pink of perception with utmost optimism
a fairy born of refraction through a phantasmal prism
even when the universe disputes the truism of a magic wand
I still fantasize about holding your hand
and matching with you through thick and thin
for better for worse, against the torrents from foe and keen
in turbulence of rage and storms of tears till we find laughter
until the bruises of souls and hearts shattered find mending
in the enema of our blending so we can have a happy ending
even when I know forever and for always is just a true lie
and we are likely to more than anything make us cry,
I still believe in pulchritudinous endings, in happily ever after
in you and I, in the beauty of wilting roses and those in the rain
in sticking together through the pleasure and pain...
Even when I know love is just a word,
we can lend it every meaning we've ever dreamed
I still believe in real romance, in the broken being fixed
in forever being now and now being forever
in never saying never, in you and I
truth or lie, do or die... roads and bendings
long as it's with you, I believe in Happy endings...
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