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May be
You are right

It will start
A pale moon light
To the new rhythm
Of the same old beats

There is a time
Nerves get amused

Then after
Genre: Clinical romance
Theme: TGIF || A better Human Project
Don't dare to conflict
With Medics

They can
They can knockout
Using all those
Vile medical terms

For that
For that one needs to
Get through entrance
Join Medical School
Hold on for years
Even more
Just to understand
What they said
Genre: Observational
Theme: Caution
If You

If You
Ask me to draft
Health certificate

I will write
You are beautiful

Nothing else
Genre: Clinical Romance
Theme: Beautiful people have kind heart, compassionate mind, what makes them beautiful.
Who doesn't write you are physically and mentally sound in health, if you are?
Remember, who writes, you are beautiful.
Hear the symptoms
Before searching for a sign

Don't rush
Genre: Clinical
Theme: Everyday work
Asked me
What was that?

Was it the effect
of Ketamine
or you?
Genre: Clinical Romantic
Theme: When the balance is lost ||Dissociative world
nobody Sep 2018
when consumed with the torturous thought of growing old and just
wanting to end it now
is when i truly feel the most
the crux of the matter i’m just
recovering from past lives i cannot imagine
grey days are days i wish eternal death on myself
all of me, my entire soul, body, thought, potential, existence
9 - 29 - 18
Haruharu Aug 2018
His texts are shorter.

The replies are few.


I'm now waiting restlessly.

That's new..

The distance feels longer than ever.

No sign of him.

As the minutes pass by my heart sinks.

Is there someone else?
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
All those ups and downs

With effort
Moments to celebrate
A glorious time
With the same effort
Some moments to felt
Even when
Being in the right lane

No Prejudice

Here we are trained
How to judge
Getting help of senses
Our eyes are judgmental
So do, the ears and touch

If someone dies
Of kindness
Let them search a scapegoat
Let them find us  

I don’t ask for much
Think for the few seconds
What, If the Stethoscope
Ask for a rest
Genre: Experimental
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Did Whole Body Check Up

But can’t find
Where the pain was
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Package X,Y,Z I never understood.
If asked which package I need to go for,  
Just reply,
let me understand, first.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
They said
I already ate

I have not chewed
Neither felt any taste

Do I really ate?

Probably I have forgotten
lost the taste.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
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