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Solaluna Oct 2020
“We” can be a forever work in progress
“Us” can forever be a draft of endless possibilities
“You” will forever remain in my heart, mind, and soul
And, “I” will forever hope

Our love has started and it will never end.
Our love is only seen and felt in a world where forever exists.
But we, us, you, and I exist in the world where “forever” is a curse and a forgotten word.
kAyLa Jul 2020
you said
gays don't deserve rights
because we already have pride
but many of us
because of who we love

such words said to
make me break
and fall deeper into the closet
because of your beliefs

you'll never truly know me
because if you did
i'd go
it's just hard
to learn to trust you again
after you've broken me
my parents are openly homophobic, and I'm pansexual
maXiminima Feb 2020
I am a lone boat,
nothing inside,
just an empty void,
keeping myself afloat.

Navigating around,
just waiting someone,
to welcome aboard,
and travel the world.

Years of rough sailing,
can't still find a thing,
the happiest feeling,
that I've been praying.

Waves of loneliness,
wanting me to swallow,
whirlpools of  promises,
pulling me to sorrow.

Poseidon's kingdom waiting,
to see my boat drowning,
wrecked on seafloor unloved,
sunk on trench unappreciated.
Cc Jan 2020
He say sorry
i said apology not accepted
he says sorry
i said apology rejected
cause is sorry isnt sorry in his mind
he'll still hit me time after time
so i know sorry is just a lie
when he says sorry he doesn't mean it
he just wants to make sure i keep his cruelty a secret
Clay Face Dec 2019
I claw and drool for social acknowledgement.

I’m so blind by the drive, I’m not disgusted by the animal I am and others I admire.

Degrading and defacing myself in the process.

Leave a compliment, for attention and false exchange of treatment.

I hold my phone incapable of moan.

This thing.

It doesn’t care about me.

Neither do the people on it.

My family does.

But I must find acceptance from my peers.
I have to steal their eyes and ears.
They do it, so I must too.
Throw away all my integrity, of which there is few.
Wayward Dec 2018
Family: a group of persons of common ancestry

What is a family when they make you cry?
What is a family when they don't hear your sobs?
What is a family when they let you down?
What is a a family when they don't help you back up?
What is a family when they condemn you?
What is a family when they don't appreciate you?
What is a family when they can't support you?
What is a family when they don't value you?

Why call it a family?
Being bound by blood does not justify the term.
Where is the love, the respect, and the happiness?
Don't they see the suffocation they put me through?

Been a little isolated from my family recently.....
I don't really like this poem lol but I wanted to let it out somewhere
Anomaly Oct 2017
I now know why you left me.
You like to be in control,
But you realised
My flames could not be tamed.
I was a fiery soul,
A force to be reckoned with
And you couldn’t handle me.
Can’t you just accept me, for me?
sanctuary Oct 2016
we were happy
in our own little comfortable bubble

we were free
in words we say to one another, only for us to hear, to read and to understand

they wanted to know more

they wanted to understand

instead of asking

instead of being contented with answers given

they destroyed that bubble hoping they would fit in

they stole what was just between us two

and now they blame us

for being different from what they want us to be
for being us, for being free

condemning us,  
telling us that we are wrong

but how wrong can one thing be
when they don't try to understand it
in the first place?

we could have been happy.
we could have been free.
we could have been in our own bubble
they should have known not to seek for what might frighten them , they should have left us alone, they should have let us be happy for once.
Lakeiva W Sep 2016
There was a daisy in the mist of a field of roses
They mocked the daisy it was to small
It's not beautiful
It will never be like them
The day of picking came
The  girl walks the field looking for the prettiest flower
Imagine the roses shock when she chose the daisy
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