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Manuel 3d
It's boiling inside.
Yet my lips are still cold,
And my eyes are open, wide.

I can't feel your words.
Like I'm sinking in my own world,
I just tell you that it hurts.

So please, leave my room, now.
We both know what you're here for,
But I really hope you help me, I don't know how.

My tired eyes tell you everything.
So now please tell me,
"For your happiness, I would do anything"
Wayward Dec 2018
Family: a group of persons of common ancestry

What is a family when they make you cry?
What is a family when they don't hear your sobs?
What is a family when they let you down?
What is a a family when they don't help you back up?
What is a family when they condemn you?
What is a family when they don't appreciate you?
What is a family when they can't support you?
What is a family when they don't value you?

Why call it a family?
Being bound by blood does not justify the term.
Where is the love, the respect, and the happiness?
Don't they see the suffocation they put me through?

Been a little isolated from my family recently.....
I don't really like this poem lol but I wanted to let it out somewhere
Anomaly Oct 2017
I now know why you left me.
You like to be in control,
But you realised
My flames could not be tamed.
I was a fiery soul,
A force to be reckoned with
And you couldn’t handle me.
Can’t you just accept me, for me?
sanctuary Oct 2016
we were happy
in our own little comfortable bubble

we were free
in words we say to one another, only for us to hear, to read and to understand

they wanted to know more

they wanted to understand

instead of asking

instead of being contented with answers given

they destroyed that bubble hoping they would fit in

they stole what was just between us two

and now they blame us

for being different from what they want us to be
for being us, for being free

condemning us,  
telling us that we are wrong

but how wrong can one thing be
when they don't try to understand it
in the first place?

we could have been happy.
we could have been free.
we could have been in our own bubble
they should have known not to seek for what might frighten them , they should have left us alone, they should have let us be happy for once.
Lakeiva W Sep 2016
There was a daisy in the mist of a field of roses
They mocked the daisy it was to small
It's not beautiful
It will never be like them
The day of picking came
The  girl walks the field looking for the prettiest flower
Imagine the roses shock when she chose the daisy
gray rain Apr 2016
Caught up in my own mind
I don't really know what goes on outside
like no one knows what's going on in here
the twisted thoughts that are supposed to bring fear
seem innocent in a savage mind
I think these thoughts, in the shame I hide
hide from an unaccepting world
In the shadows where I am curled
to hide the damage I can do
to protect myself from you
--- Sep 2015
My family always questions my relationship status as though it determines the person I am.
My mom believes I am too independent and headstrong.
My stepdad thinks it's because I don't socialize with enough people and I don't get out of the house.
But, no one really knows the truth hidden in these walls.
No one in my home truly understands.
All of my family has carried a set of higher goals for me than I really ever had for myself. I have always been told,
"Hannah, I hope and pray you find the perfect man in your life that treats you right and loves you for you."
What if that person wasn't a man?
Would it be the same? Would I fulfill the hopes and dreams they have always wished for me?
Unfortunately, the little girl that they have always cherished would never be seen through the same eyes.
Because loving the same *** is against the bible and everything they have ever believed in.
So therefore, it would never be right. I would always be wrong in the eyes of my loved ones and my so called creator.
While I did not find someone who matched the perfect image everyone has set for me, I did find what was perfect for me.
I found someone with my sense of humor and my beliefs.
I found someone who loves me for all of my curves and personal battle wounds.
I found someone who took me out of the darkness and into the light, showing me a whole new world.
This person became a part of my motivation to success and apart of a new forever.
I would have never thought I would experience such a love in this forsaken world.
So, mom, I found someone.. You don't have to worry anymore.
I fell in love and I am the happiest I have ever been.
I'll just never be able to tell you.
We do it out of spite,
inside lies a angry child.
spitting his words of denial,
he ran with wolves he was wild.

He flew like a disconnected  kite,
out a 7 story building window.
He tried to fit in and speak the kids lingo,
but he was one of many losing a blackout game of bingo.

He fought the good fight,
but tonight he threw in the towel.
When someone tried to stop him he replied with a growl,
as he flew out that 7 story window he flew down to the ground with a howl.

Can't we just for tonight pretend this boy,
that this boy,
lives inside us,
he died within us.
His heart was broke,
like a wheel without a spoke,
he missed the times and was made into a joke.
I have no idea where this came from. But it's a parable of some sort, I made it up for someone, someone out there understands what I'm saying. I know what it means but I doubt most of you do.
Q Apr 2014
This here is hallowed ground
Simply because I say so
Hold your tongue; not a sound
On this here hallowed ground

This here is a spiritual place
Simply because it is
Feel catharsis in the tears on your face
In this here spiritual place

This here is wrong
Simply because I don't understand it
Don't be like them or sing their songs
Because that, they, are wrong.

This here is right
Only because it's black and white
Don't you ever stray from what we like
Conform with us tonight.

— The End —