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Dec 2020 · 82
Mama owl
CasiDia Dec 2020
What appeared in the waters
is best remembered as dawn.

The beginnings again, new day.
All patterns and colors of excellence,
sweet glowing truth.

What prisms lack in brilliance
they make up for with charms.

Within parables some
deciphered meanings
on which to build reality.

The castles have been visited.
The story has been told.
The heroes written down.

Mama owl closes the book
and the beds, they all shook.
CasiDia Nov 2020
No one is to blame
No one is blameless
The truth is a place
That meets in-between
finally Mercury job truth place no one
Aug 2020 · 175
CasiDia Aug 2020
If I were a stone I would not believe
that the medow looks after the rose
To be harded is to be made muted
any stone that blackens will not shine
In my heart of hearts I know this truth
that freedom is made from aching hearts
who sigh beneath the fullest moons
If sweetness is a weakness then think of me
as the lonely rose hidden by the tall grasses
I have thrived where others would not survive.
Jul 2020 · 49
Pony Boy
CasiDia Jul 2020
You always bring up that time I broke the pint glass and cut my finger.

It leaks out onto the floor and becomes a habit.

Nobody salts the wound more than me.
pony boy salts wound
Dec 2019 · 224
CasiDia Dec 2019
Providence the dreadful mystery;
The impeccable dignities and places
Sweep in spirals, from the sand;
that blowed And licked at your feet
The world Conceived before those hills
Foot-fast; Look, where He strove to get at.
Dec 2019 · 325
small wine
CasiDia Dec 2019
The gardener from thee-
a meager seed and humble need
a leaf within his reach
The spell enclosed,
apricot and peach.
Pineapple in bloom
No rose
No jessamine
Symbols of all interposed
With a flower so sweet,
like a blue eye
the gardener sighs.

"this Plant, is not mine."
Oct 2019 · 181
CasiDia Oct 2019
Today, I am awake
Reminding myself how to be gentle
It’s a process, it takes time
Remembering how to co-create

Yesterday, I did not stir
I could barely even function
Perturbed, or disturbed it seemed
I never thought I would begin

In those days, all was still
Even the ghosts dare not speak
But even still, my house was warm
Every book held its own space

Back then, the thunder shook
And cracks became unglued
But slowly, a light poured in
Giving hope for what should have been

Now, the words come slowly
However they do not hesitate
To fill my aching heart with wonder
Heavily, a stone set into place

Today, I am noticing
Familiars that have always been
So much older than any tome
Faith works miracles out of sight
Jul 2019 · 193
Pinnacles of the lake
CasiDia Jul 2019
Within the stomach of the world
The country stretches its branches, uncurled
Who is the horror of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Who darkens and fools the heart?
Often when man is shaken to the core
Other worlds sneak peeks in his door
And even in the junction of cattle
Metaphysical and mystical truths dazzle
Touched by the sea, a vision came
The pearls of the earth in flames
A jackdaw perches itself on pistons
Radiating heat from all of its mission
His mystic sense stayed tight beneath eyelids
Yet lit the flame in all said and undid
Like a voice in the wilderness
Or even a prophet of old, who might deliver us.
Jul 2019 · 413
CasiDia Jul 2019
On fickle feet I make my flight
Moons of Neptune o'er head
Bathed by its cold, ardent light
Let no devil's tricks belay me
Nor wrought iron dissuade me
I return to a place of forebears
And tread estatic where other mortals not dare!
neptune mortal moon light flight
Jun 2019 · 212
Hail the Green
CasiDia Jun 2019
Hail the green,
It shall cover the earth again.
The time of beast is over,
Now is the time of leaf.
CasiDia Jan 2019
Do you know what there is to know?
You claimed you know what you wish to know.
You cared not to know, so you will not know.
You did not know, so you will not know.
You pretended to know, so you think you know.
But you did not know, so you will not know.
You cannot know
You do not know
I do know
For you I know
For a thousand years
I know, I know
You will not know
But I will so.

I know.
Jul 2018 · 4.0k
paradoxes and parables
CasiDia Jul 2018
    ­                                                                 ­       the day ends
                                                            ­             singing to us
                                                              ­         ourselves to
                                                              ­       each-other
                                                      ­             of the hour
                                                            ­     to a minute
                                                          ­    on the clock
                                                           ­we drink roses
                                                        for fading embers
                                                        th­e burning match
                                                         th­at proverbial breath
                                                          ­      the familiar pull
                                                            ­      towards dreams
                                                          ­          towards sorrow
                                                          ­                       the pain
                                                            ­                        the joy
                                                             ­                          from
                                                            ­                         dust
                                                         ­                            to
                                                                ­               dust
                                                            ­              emptiness
                                         ­                             orderliness
                        ­                                         indifference
                                                    ­    mounds of gold
                                                    ignorant­ shiny
                                                 pile of ashes
­                                            afterthought
        ­                                 in the morning
                                        in the evening
                                        all the beauty
                                         is all suffering
                                          living forever
                                           dying together
                                             hands over fists
CasiDia Dec 2017
two pairs six works
input, beginning
output, ends of things
subject: to the seventh
the beginnings again
concept of the egregores
hundreds of thousands
emerging independently
united but seperately
casting jungian archetypes
the most beautiful pottery
a Hyperborean hero
the Lord of Darkness
immortalizing himself
again but with the face
of absolute Man and Woman
gone away already
Together with Another
who was waiting
at the edge of time
the minds of gestalt
wonders above,

“Truly, how can you, oh thoughtful reader, look at the shadows on the wall and see anything other than the script of a movie unfolding before your eyes?”
CasiDia Oct 2017
Too long we strive,
        yet not to thrive
                            ... patient
            forgetful ...
                            ... many towers
                                are filled with
                                dust, of which ...
                                we cannot depend on.
CasiDia Sep 2017
All Understanding uncovers
ugliness, usury.
Unifying utopians

Dashing Prophets promoted
promiscuous personalities.
Promethus’s powers

Do Postmodern proletariats
protest phantoms?
Puckering proudly,

If Egyptians engineered
excessive egoists,
Englishmen evolved

Tradition Rules reformed
rednecks, remobilizing,
romanticizing, recursions

If Caesar costumed
cabals crafted carefully,
Christianity calibrated

Vigilantism Unveils unlucky
usurper, undoes underachieving,
unemotional, unconsciousness
Every Tadpole’s talents
triumphs titan’s tricks
tip toeing
Mar 2017 · 261
CasiDia Mar 2017
so by the time
        of a force
       of an effect
   of the most important favorite place
                     I am the
                First to be reviewed,
             now I am the First to
           find out what it is
           the heck is a bit
           of a washed-up
              new window
              heaven being
            a good idea, too.
Sep 2016 · 465
your body is
CasiDia Sep 2016
i could know so many things

i could be a bird

i am a working class dog
CasiDia Sep 2016
when did you realize
 our street was on fire
   like sort of hanging over
       smearing the hate
         for themselves
          for the rest of us
            with spark head
              moving forward

    they don't go home
 this is popcorn classic
  movement of hands
     muses getting some
            covered in dust

         the noise being made
        over layers of humanity
                          eating itself


                 i don't know
   i do not understand
   i don't know how to
             but i could try
CasiDia Sep 2016
inside an early morning
the sky flipped around
cart wheeling above
lightning bolt flashes
big thunder boomers
some clouds fostered
the rain which leaps
onto the earth just as
Zeus flushes the toilet
and the entire world
stops to listen for
him to zip.
Jun 2016 · 2.6k
CasiDia Jun 2016
funny about the walls we built
       during hours spent digging up
        crazy things we all felt
         made up out of garbage.

          why could nobody stop the war
          when it climbed into their screens?

    when everyone's favorite thing turned off
     you could see the sky flickering for miles.

               that day was my favourite day.
               it stood still against the bright
                 blue backdrop and you could
             hear the angels taking pictures
            on their smartphones laughing
                about how foolish we were
                    for believing in them.

                  back then I didn't know
               how to look at all the walls
                   building up on the earth
          or at the angels with smartphones.

           but now it sorta feels like maybe
          I've found a place to be near them
               by trains in the union yard
              in the streets walking slowly
                   and at home with my feet
         burried underneath the ***** dishes
                laughing about how foolish
                           I am to believe.
Jun 2016 · 964
sub rosa
CasiDia Jun 2016
on the horizon of our tribulation
 variables hover as unwritten expressions
       the plane of abstract thought
         a stream of consciousness
           holds memories from long ago

                       what comes forward
                     as sudden flashes
                   blurs the distinction
           between past and present
   uncertainty holds us close as a ghost
       our worlds float further away but
       the fatigue remains intimately alive

      when i sit alone
     he shows me that i'm small
      too imbued with a tendency
          to exude, to emote
              i am barely vocal

         the plan is predictable
       you pluck sentiment from thin air
          and with a flap of your wings
               take off into trepidation
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
CasiDia Feb 2016
time passing
a place to be
nowhere to go
so it seemed

twenty-five hours ago
didn't we break free

wet Mondays
called out
the grooves
that smiled
in between
and me
Dec 2015 · 1.6k
CasiDia Dec 2015
First snow, we watched,
Blueprints breaking apart.
A paradox talking loudly,
Over no one in particular.

Our house became haunted
by so many curses,
and none of them watched
the inches stack onto
piles of dead earth.

They were too busy deciding
which one could laugh
the longest without breathing.

One month from today was the delivery.
Everyone whispered into their hands.

Meanwhile, the blizzard exploded
inside the walls and left us
with all these bite marks,
exposing our circuits to the cold air.

Everyone picks themselves up and waits until tomorrow.
Sep 2015 · 2.0k
CasiDia Sep 2015
i am
     soft like a
     ***** sponge
     burning soapy water.
          the others were calling
                    i tried to reach you,
                   you told me i should.
                                          but you
         ­                                     answered
                   ­                      so i left alone
                                      because i am
Aug 2015 · 802
CasiDia Aug 2015
      smells of
              cut grass
                 stuck to
     in the heat of                                    
       summer                           you
                                   and i
                            your glass
                       would shatter
                             if i laid
                            my hands
                               on you
                                     i'll pretend
                                         you're a ghost
                                                  and say
                                                     something like
                                                      my river
                                                       is on
Aug 2015 · 2.4k
manifest destiny
CasiDia Aug 2015
                                                 is declared
                                                  of person
                                         who rationalizes
                                                that­ matter if
                                      merits recognition
                                      as being good
                                      on it's own

                                      but really      
                                         are we
                                         the ultimate stewards
                                               of absolute purpose?

                         what confirms                      our judgement

                                        in deeming what deserves
                                             to exist for it's own
                                             and what belongs
                                                 to our means
                                                           ­                 and ours alone?

                                      is it so fantastic
                                                  to suggest
                                      that by some means of
                                                  ­of intangible
                                                                ­            comprehension
                                                all matter
                                       is fundamentally intertwined
                                               in the sense
                                            everything is stardust
                                             created by
                                                                ­   the universe's omnipotent hand?

                                      don't you
                                                 ever get the feeling
                                      inside of your conscious
                                                       ­           too?

                                      doesn't your awareness
                                               ever whisper
                                                   as a sentience
                                                you have an obligation
                                                from some unspoken contract
                                                    sign­ed before birth
                                                  to uphold the integrity
                                                  of everything
                                                  that­ inhabits this earth
                                                       whether or not
                                  it thinks in the way                                       you do?

                                      for what purpose
                                           we exist assembled into
                     abrupt                 profound               togetherness
                                      remains       ­      undecided

                                      earth's fabrications
                                                 will survive
                                will you
                 do the same?
Aug 2015 · 611
1 2 3 and that's it
CasiDia Aug 2015
i think it's rather funny
when our brains allow
these demons come home
and sleep with us in our beds
when we wish to dream instead

we allow them to
bite our skin
curl our strings
until they snap
wipe off closure
from steam in the
bathroom mirror

and when you wake up
there's nothing but

nobody will understand
why it all happened
so suddenly or why
when you stayed up all night
you didn't even see the stars

you find yourself not talking
but they still talk back
Aug 2015 · 608
CasiDia Aug 2015
we live in the morning between smoking rooms
hanging underneath blankets
 soaked in glue

   we always climb that ladder           
       towards a higher value
     or maybe a better purpose

     sometimes we will laugh along
      and break down in the same week                    
        flashing everyone cracks hiding
           in private places

we've told you before
i'll say it again                  
Aug 2015 · 6.2k
qualitative analysis
CasiDia Aug 2015
here is now
 to what the

         jump out of this year
         with that old joint attitude
         and leave a mark
          like it's too hot for me.

                  so quickly
                  that burden ate.
                   loved the way
                   he operates.

                      won't let us help.
                        needed it.
                        sounded good.

              man, what's wrong with less?

     let's meet up again sometime soon.
           after a few more questions.
           let's meetup somewhere  
                         two am

— The End —