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Chad Young Feb 19
To a dishwasher, an invention might be to wash a dish that has never been clean.
To a mathematician, an invention might be to solve a problem that has never been solved.
Both are very tricky and I want to give up before I start.
Both take "grease" and a will to come back time and time again.
I'm a dishwasher
Man Feb 1
ash world wishes
stacked high dishes
gluttony's their missus

countless stolen oil barrels
countless good men, turned feral
their dreams and hopes
made sterile
off the poison of falsehood

how does she cope
mother of one
on her own
without others, none
bills need paying
her pain needs staying
where is her life
has she become
nothing more
than mom?

older man with a near toothless mouth
a troubled man, whose prospects
he is without
values, virtues, and beliefs
he hates himself more
minute, day, week
when did he peak
and out from in
he's always been afraid
to be genuine
he's not himself
he's never been
i don't think he'll ever be
in the end

neither will
cause one is dead
and the other dies
a much slower death
their lives amounted
to be the selfless work they put in
though i got to meet mom and dad
i never knew them
i hope there's a chance to meet
once again
Kelsey Banerjee Jun 2020
steel plates warped
bend with the burden of
I keep washing
skin wrinkles
still I scrub
until the plate breaks
the silver scar
lined with blood.
I throw it away,
unwrap a new one
knowing that tomorrow
more dust will come.
Glenn Currier Jun 2020
I get up in the morning
and my first duty is to our cats
to ensure they have food and water
to satisfy their simple needs.
They have no urgency to gather in
the myriad strands and filaments
of my mind to focus on them.
Unlike me, they are without ego
or neurosis or compulsions
or impulse to chew and devour
startling new currents of thought
or to dissect and parse tradition
to produce some new light of intellect.
Their feline genius of simplicity
is my present focus of admiration
and desire.
But of course I could never dissolve
the accumulated humanity
focused in my solitary mind
and achieve the elegant ease
with which our cats occupy
their meager patch of earth.
This morning I have a yearning for simplicity of focus and devotion right in my own back yard, to care for the tomato plants, to wash the dishes with care and mindfulness, to simply listen to and watch my wife and say hello to my small universe and in the process, perhaps, absorb some precious particle of the cosmos.
Serene May 2020
The kitchen is a war zone
A bomb explosion
Wading through the mess of dishes
like sailing across the polluted ocean
They’re stacked practically to the roof
I can no longer ignore the ugly truth
The proof of all the days I’ve already been through
This bowl is from two weeks ago
Good god where did the time go?
I let this mess get piled up
24 hours in a day is not enough
There’s so much to do I don’t know where to start
Maybe it’s best if I break into parts
Turn on the water
Give it time to get properly hot
The sink begins to fill
The water is overflowing
Dishes spill
What am I gonna do?
Now its not one mess but two
The floor is flooded
The sink isn’t draining
I’m slipping and falling
Frantically trying to stop it
But I don’t know the first thing
about fixing a broken faucet
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I know there are chores to be done
Laundry pile is growing large and looming
The corner of my room overcrowded
Bin sits and as I wait it's blooming

I fear there be dishes in the sink
If I listen close I can hear
Cry out my name shamelessly
I try not to get too near

I am not blind to the layer of dust
All objects on my bedside table
Mom wasn't lying when she remarked
"This coated house is disgusting!"
"It looks like a stable!"

But don't feel like doing anything
Washing dishes
Or clothes
Or cleaning
I think I'll just lose myself
Some deeper meaning
Written 9/4/12
Tizzop Dec 2019
monday: putting ***** plates aside
tuesday: ignoring the ***** plates
wednesday: being bothered by the ***** plates
thursday: intending to do the dishes
friday: forgetting to do the dishes
saturday late afternoon: meeting a woman in a pub who tells daddy that she has a dirt allergy
saturday evening: arduously scrapping off fatty chunks from the dishes, groaning about such a hard kind of labor and thinking about easier ways of cleaning ***** plates.

from saturday night until sunday morning: making love to the woman from the pub; putting ***** plates...
lifestyle remains lifestyle
change causes change
Jamie Sep 2019
She stands there,
In her own world,
Siging to her music,
Lost in the moment.

I stand watching,
Loving every inch of her,
Loving every second,
Lost in her and in this moment.

Her shirt,
Her underwear,
Her soft,

She wears her gloves
Her dorky,
Dish gloves.

Hairs in a bun
Shoulders swaying.

And water,
All of it together.

I watch,
My heart swells,
This is my love,
This is my favorite moment.
This is the moment I knew.

She was there,
She was everything,
She was perfect....
So perfect...
My perfect Memory
K Apr 2019
busy movement of dinner time
frantic dashing to make a dish
insults were thrown in as spices
bitter as they roll into the ***
oven alarms blare to make us aware of how loud we are yelling
a spoon has fallen, but so has some tears
"it's ready" has been uttered

the blur of busy has stopped
we shift to the table
the table is set,
and I'm set for the argument sure to disrupt  
silence seeps out of open mouths
chewing and calculating the next move
its dinner time after all
no one is satisfied until the dishes are done
Poetress2 Mar 2019
I stopped at a run down Diner one day,
on the menu were dishes I couldn't even say;
I asked the Waitress, "What do you suggest,"
"Poodles and Noodles, it one of our best."
"I need a minute, could you give me a few,
I can't decide on what I will choose;"
"That's fine sir, but the soup of the day,
is pickled Grasshoppers, on a bed of hay."
My stomach did flip-flops, as she walked away,
but I decided I'd try something new, anyway;
She returned shortly after, with a large Menu,
"I'll try number 4, the Baked Possum Stew.
How fresh is this dish, did you catch it today,"
"This morning our cooks scraped it off the Highway;"
I waited patiently for my meal to arrive,
hoping that after this, I would survive.
It wasn't half bad, if I say so myself,
     so I paid the bill, left the tip on the shelf;
I decided that if I ate there again,
I'd bring one of my very best friends.
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