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puting aninaw Nov 2017
Pighating ito
Makakapal na ulap
Sakit sa ulo
CasiDia Jun 2016
on the horizon of our tribulation
 variables hover as unwritten expressions
       the plane of abstract thought
         a stream of consciousness
           holds memories from long ago

                       what comes forward
                     as sudden flashes
                   blurs the distinction
           between past and present
   uncertainty holds us close as a ghost
       our worlds float further away but
       the fatigue remains intimately alive

      when i sit alone
     he shows me that i'm small
      too imbued with a tendency
          to exude, to emote
              i am barely vocal

         the plan is predictable
       you pluck sentiment from thin air
          and with a flap of your wings
               take off into trepidation
Nath Rye Mar 2016
her eyes glistened
as she stared blankly
and trod upon
the fine line between
her imaginative world and her reality.

as she realized that
the life people think she's living
and her reality
couldn't be farther apart
a tear rolled down her cheek
followed by another.
and another. and another.

This girl, was the one I tried to love.

I tried to love a girl
that seemed to simply
need guidance and support

but little did i know
she was a void
that longed for care
but was never satisfied
with what she had.

I gave my all. I really did.

i gave my all
but as she gently nodded
and pretended to be fine,
she looked the other way
and began sobbing
lying in wait of someone who
could actually help her.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't be the elixir
for the problems that kept you up at night

I couldn't be sufficient

I couldn't be your **messiah.
it's another 5am work, i'm so sleepy, i did this in 10 minutes
When I am most confused,
I can feel a profound sense of happiness,
Within debilitating sadness.
It is the sublimation of emotions.

— The End —