Mary-Eliz Apr 15
artful creations

colors, charcoals


stone and clay

wood and paper

bringing life


can the artist choose?
garden creations

shades of green


fern, forest

mint, moss

tea, olive

a multitude
of blooming

can the gardener decide on one?
kitchen creations

sweets and treats

savories and piquants

cakes and pies

meats, stews

butter, garlic



onions caramelized
to sweet


tamarind, turmeric

combined in
joy and

can the chef say which is best?

and thus
I challenge any poet

can you choose your favorite "child"?
I made myself hungry in that one part!
My garden is small
Think nothing at all
Vegetables here and there
No weeds to interfere with care
I water my vegetable plants, I keep them healthy
I give them sunlight, prove I'm wealthy
They grow as strong as can be
Surely they're grateful for my help, you see

My garden has flourished
But my status?
My plants are strong, they bear great food
I ask politely, not to be rude
"O plants of mine, may you spare a meal?"
Ripe vegetables before me, 'tis quite the steal
As I come close, they begin to rot
Inedible food scattered all over my lot
My plants must've spoiled, surely the case
I buy new seeds, the old ones a disgrace

My garden has grown
New seeds have been sown
Water, sunlight, I should have known
These plants grow just like the last
Rotten vegetables, I am left to fast
Others approach, they find a feast
An untouched garden, abundant at the least
Carrots, Spinach, and Peas galore
Except for The Gardener, for which they abhor

My garden has forgotten
I thought they remembered
The help I have given them, I would never dismember
The stalks that I brought into life, caressed with care
But to not feed The Gardener, completely unfair
Starvation upon me, bitter with grief
"I dare not water you, may you lose every leaf."

My garden has betrayed
I ask for a meal
In return for my help, they leave me misdeal
Without my help, they continue to grow
Healthy and proud with others to show
The Gardener is left with no food to survive
"Rot in my garden, you do naught but connive."
I lay in the grass, my garden grow strong
As I lay separate, I did not belong
My vegetables feed all but me
The life I live, no longer a guarantee

My garden has taught
Me of devotion
I gave my life for your growth with great emotion
To not repay the bargain, I cannot see
Why you would choose to grow without me
Without The Gardener, you are healthy as ever
The debt of my help, the payment due never
Live as you would, proud and bold
But I simply ask;
"Do not leave my story untold."

Bee is such hardworking
To comply the clover,
Reluctant to do in present;
Behold another flower!

Seemering on summer's call  
And all the leaves today,  
Honey is replenished  
Through Gardener's supply.

love is the sweetest seed
you'll ever plant in a heart
to make it enduringly flourish
tend it well from the start

love's blossom shall grow
into a beautiful array
an exquisite rouge rose
cherished for its display

Valentine the perpetual
gardener of endearedness
cares with a loving touch
profound in true closeness
Belinda Jan 26
One footstep at a time
I think I’m getting closer
to where I belong
Is this it?

I just saw the most beautiful garden
Can I stay here?
I know I want to

When people ask me
Why don’t you just pick the flower and go
I said, for what?
It’ll be dead in the next few days

I love this place
I want to see those flowers grow
Stand tall

Little did I know
Turns out the garden is mine
It’s a gift
From above
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
the Wanderer
seeks redemption
seeks home
in the strange land

the Gardener
seeks life
in the dying desert
seeks oasis
in the barren sands

their footprints
carry on forever
ever seeking
never finding
ever longing
to cease
the fruitless travel
Star BG Jul 2017
Freedom and love I sow
as gardner of my own heart.

I weave the rows of footsteps
to dance with self and others.

I weave a blanket like delicate cloud
to send it outward in breath.
Out to the world to end war
separation and greed.

Out so all mankind shifts
into their hearts.

Out so one may be showered
with seeds of love
so new gardens for peace can grow.
inspired by Poetsaresad
Miss Clofullia May 2017
I think that I might've been wrong this whole time
and that all my life's been an endless road of false imagery
about myself and the ones surrounding me.

Everyone's sayin' these days:
"just do your thing!"
"be more egotistic!"
"risk it!"
"live a little!"
"give less shits about what others think!"
"you're on your own!"
"don't get involved in other's lives, as they don't get involved in yours"
and I seem more and more confused,
not getting any of the words they're sayin';
feeling silly all of a sudden...
like I imagine some people in those pictures
or videos where they put a black box over someone's eyes.

I feel like I've been livin' as a small,
odorless flower in a big garden,
all a long waiting for the right gardener
to thin out the seedlings around me and now
I've ended up alone in the most beautiful vase,
in the house of the most gifted perfume creator,
that normally feels every bird fart,
but now feels nothing.
I smelled
the sweetness
of the flower,
and asked
the gardener, what
Is the name of this
beautiful one?
he says to me
has no
Austin Bauer May 2016
Take away the 
Disease in these branches;
The tares from 
This fertile ground.
Remove the stones
From this heart and 
Plow the earth
Until I am nothing 
But pure, organic soil
Ready for your
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