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Andrew Rueter Feb 21
I'm on a delivery
speeding down this precarious winding road
                  speeding for efficiency
    speeding for style
the sun strobes yellow through the trees
    like a sign for yielding
but the cars behind me tailgate
speed is maintained for fear of getting hit.

          Time flies as fast as
the lines on the road entrance me
          driving through a haze
the sun is obscured by cumulus clouds
           then disappears.

There's low visibility at night and my headlights are fading.
            Everything is blurry through my win shield.
         Weather gets colder in the absence of the sun
                                                       ice forms on the road.
A decision is made to maintain speed at the expense of control.
  A dusty bible slides back and forth in my glove compartment
                 dancing with my wayward movements.

     My light traces the road
like a spark tracing a fuse
the wick burns quickly for a fiery delivery.
My yellow lights trace yellow lines
so the road stays yellow all the time
         but I can see the darkness
over my shoulder as well as the road's
my headlights keep the darkness at bay
        but it's tedious driving this way.

          Movement never ceases
     I shouldn't be texting and driving
but I need someone to know I'm trying.
   This road took everything from me
       this road became my purpose
       something somewhat special
         that couldn't be purchased.

I'm on a delivery
destination undefined
it's not about where I'm going but how far
which is why I wish I could buy a new car.
Dee Jan 24
Wish upon a star they said,
And everything turns out alright,
But where is my order of a happy ending?
The one that was guaranteed tonight.

There must have been a delay in the delivery,
Or my product was out of stock,
However I haven't received my email yet,
To tell me who's head will be on the block.

So where is this happy ending?
And the package of happily ever after,
It seems all hoping and wishing,
Doesn't seem to get it here any faster.

How did all the fairy tales end,
With such a baffling amount of joy,
I guess they didn't have the postal service to deal with,
Or their happiness dependent on a boy.
Tam Jan 10
She smiles at customers
while making rounds
in this busy town.

Pizza comes
out of the oven.




Taste buds are in heaven.

Children smile
with splendid delight
when the pizza delivery
gal is in sight.


It’s not all smiles.

She can go for miles
with no gratitude
because of an
*******’s attitude.

she gets tipped.

Other times,
she gets gypped.

when she tells stories
of tips and smiles
from pizza glory,

I remember,

This is the life
of pizza delivery

Sometimes it *****

There's hope within
the misery.
This is literally the cheesiest poem I've written.  And probably the cheesiest one you've read. It was inspired after hearing many stories from my ex about delivering pizza to various different customers... customers ranging from horrid to wonderful.
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Either vent out whatever is boiling inside you and extinguish that fire that is burning your soul and heart or keep quiet with deliveries of fake smiles and live your whole life as a pyre.
Choose wisely !
Just a motivational quote.....
Redaviel Jul 2020
Bouquet of pink roses wrapped in conversations
All I wanted was to see you happy and fill the vase
Your door will never be wide open for this affection
But I'm happy that I'm allowed at the doorstep place
Because I'm the lucky winner of past rejections
I'm bad at connecting strings and keeping bonds
Yet the doorbell still rings a welcoming sound
And when I stand on the welcome mat, the world warms
Because I'm the lucky winner in your embracing arms
Nadia Sep 2019
You release your words
Measuring each syllable,
Carrying all the consonants,
Gathering up the vowels,
And waiting for the light
Before you cross.
Certain words put a curve
To the shape of your mouth
And your eyes, confidence.

My words are forced unwilling
out the door; each one
pushing on the one ahead,
an unbalanced mass;
tipping forward until they fall
Out in a rush, elbows out,
Knees weaponized;
Falling over each other, still
breathlessly barrelling on.

NCL September 2019
Desire Mar 2019
Deliverance is not delusional.   No duhh!
Its definite, deliberate, and distinct,
and yours is long overdue!
Boo the damns and dooms.
Fight despite defeat.
Dance with victory.
Finally be free.

I dare you.
Discover divine deliverance
from within, down and deep...

Arisa Mar 2019
I bet that man,
he with his white cap,
smashed my box against the wall
as he so carelessly
my package on the doorstep.
A little aggravated at the state of my packages.
SelinaSharday Feb 2019

Such formality
Such normality
So back to reality.
Saddened by my delivery.

Yet I found some chemistry.
Wish One would confer with me.
Give me time I'd like to be exemplary.
You may not be aware due to my delivery.
Give me time.. give me rationality.
Remove the formality.

I can handle goin back to the normality.
I wasn't quite ready..
but keep the sweet gifted beauty.
Seen in this Rarity..
known as my melody..
The true gift of Being Me.

ShardayRose..S.A.M 2019
a poor delivery.. not really who I am.. or poorly shown who I can be..give me the chance to confer.
her spirit
is there
today with
her dime
that fear
her face
like Nefertiti
but in
a garage
that fit
her sleeve
these peeves
roar her
suffrage but
shakes her
clams in
a menagerie
news scene
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