Seema Sep 2017

The clouds rush
Collide and crush
Sweeping the sky
With a silent brush
While trees hush
Singing melody
Calling unto a name
Calling on somebody
The blown leaves,
Fall from grieving trees
Swaying over my head
As I lay on my death bed
The clouds are rushing
The sky looks fevery
My breath is crushing
My body awaits, delivery...


Spilling thoughts.
Chris Neilson Feb 2017

I was a home delivery driver
of groceries and frozen food
working with many a skiver
some lazy and many lewd

Eggs in cardboard boxes
were the driver's chagrin
in this job of paradoxes
rarely did I win

Stuck in traffic one day
late for a rural drop
to an aged woman in grey
known to get in a strop

Unlikely to escape her ire
and no time to waste
unchecked eggs would backfire
loaded earlier in haste

Overshooting the time slot
grey lady waited outside
she quickly lost the plot
nowhere to hide

She grabbed the egg carton
opened it in a hurry
3 eggs were broken
now was the time to worry

She had invited many guests
to her cottage for dinner
on deaf ears landed my protests
I was not on a winner

Another 30 mile round trip
now on my to do list
for 3 eggs for her ladyship
the rural raging tempest

I suggested it unwise
putting all her eggs in one basket
piercing me with her eyes
she wanted me in a casket

A true story from when I was a slip of a lad
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Slipping and sliding, that's how she flies
Dodging the taxis, avoiding semis

Expert in the clinch, a move of her hip
Death so defied, a professional trip

Delivery assured, she's never been late
Vouchers and packets, she makes no mistakes

Gliding the white line, a perfect traverse
No greater her time, in this universe

She prefers her Schwinn, it's light and it's fast
Weaving a path, all traffic to pass

Don't try to catch her, she's over the moon
She ducks as she hums, singing her tune

No records to break, nothing to prove
Doing the freak, shooting the groove

Flying off to the left, a sexy sensual move
She does as she wants, all silky and smooth

Kinda gleaned this from a Dire Straits song "Skate-a-way".
Took it down a bicycle bend, based on seeing vids of delivery riders in NY, who did crazy things on a bike. :D

Remember when life was delivered

from milk right on down to your meat

There'd be people  out delivering groceries

At least two on every side street

If you neglected to pick up an item

Just phone up and talk to the store

A delivery boy would soon bring it

You don't get this service no more

Each house had a door for deliveries

Your milk, cheese and eggs would all fit

If you call up today and said "tab it"

The person you're phoning would shit

Ice was delivered in wagons

Horses pulled them around every town

But, today ony fast food is delivered

And delivery horses aren't  found

Every morning when you'd get your paper

It was delivered as well by a kid

You could smell the fresh bread in the morning

with the glass bottles of milk with gold lids

Remember when life was delivered

It was all a much simpler time

Back when customer service was special

No it's gone and that's just a crime

CDs Dec 2015

First snow, we watched,
Blueprints breaking apart.
A paradox talking loudly,
Over no one in particular.

Our house became haunted
by so many curses,
and none of them watched
the inches stack onto
piles of dead earth.

They were too busy deciding
which one could laugh
the longest without breathing.

One month from today was the delivery.
Everyone whispered into their hands.

Meanwhile, the blizzard exploded
inside the walls and left us
with all these bite marks,
exposing our circuits to the cold air.

Everyone picks themselves up and waits until tomorrow.

Lillie Frank Nov 2015

I should have said no
And stayed in bed
(I don't think they really need me)
But -I guess- wanted to wait
(Because you're well worth it,
Even if you're not mine)
So now I listen to every footstep and hope
And write to pass the time

Lillie Frank Nov 2015

I listen to the white walls and
The sound of padded footsteps,
Opening and closing doors
That will eventually lead me to you.

The baby in me is moving,
I just know it.
My breasts ache,
But it's nothing compared to what you are now breathing.

I don't think I am worthy of God's ear,
Especially not these days,
But I pray his calm presence over you.

May angels lead you in.

Kwasi Boakye Sep 2015

Talking to the moon,
I realized it wasn't too long before it was noon
With a lot on my mind,
I prayed the moon makes an exception
And stay longer than usual
Because this message
Only him I can trust to deliver,
Some say coward, some say setback,
Some say something else
But I say reason, I say season,
The season for the reason I do this
The reason of the season I did that
I had that but decided to make it right
And I hope you get it right
Just the way it is,
Just the way it sounds
Just the way it sings,
Just the way it rhymes
Because after this, I may never have the courage
To say again what I have wanted to say for 10years…..

Jay Ash Aug 2015

You are in darkness
and cannot see

How truly beautiful
you can be

and so I did
what I could

to ensure
the light of the good
deep within your heart

You are far
and much beyond

any fair star
in your kindness,
beauty and friendly bond

You have awoken my heart
to the great and beautiful art
of life and love

and as the dove,
angel of peace
I will fly
and deliver
your blue sky

For you Alessandra
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