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CasiDia Dec 2020
What appeared in the waters
is best remembered as dawn.

The beginnings again, new day.
All patterns and colors of excellence,
sweet glowing truth.

What prisms lack in brilliance
they make up for with charms.

Within parables some
deciphered meanings
on which to build reality.

The castles have been visited.
The story has been told.
The heroes written down.

Mama owl closes the book
and the beds, they all shook.
CasiDia Nov 2020
No one is to blame
No one is blameless
The truth is a place
That meets in-between
finally Mercury job truth place no one
CasiDia Aug 2020
If I were a stone I would not believe
that the medow looks after the rose
To be harded is to be made muted
any stone that blackens will not shine
In my heart of hearts I know this truth
that freedom is made from aching hearts
who sigh beneath the fullest moons
If sweetness is a weakness then think of me
as the lonely rose hidden by the tall grasses
I have thrived where others would not survive.
CasiDia Jul 2020
You always bring up that time I broke the pint glass and cut my finger.

It leaks out onto the floor and becomes a habit.

Nobody salts the wound more than me.
pony boy salts wound
CasiDia Dec 2019
Providence the dreadful mystery;
The impeccable dignities and places
Sweep in spirals, from the sand;
that blowed And licked at your feet
The world Conceived before those hills
Foot-fast; Look, where He strove to get at.
CasiDia Dec 2019
The gardener from thee-
a meager seed and humble need
a leaf within his reach
The spell enclosed,
apricot and peach.
Pineapple in bloom
No rose
No jessamine
Symbols of all interposed
With a flower so sweet,
like a blue eye
the gardener sighs.

"this Plant, is not mine."
CasiDia Oct 2019
Today, I am awake
Reminding myself how to be gentle
It’s a process, it takes time
Remembering how to co-create

Yesterday, I did not stir
I could barely even function
Perturbed, or disturbed it seemed
I never thought I would begin

In those days, all was still
Even the ghosts dare not speak
But even still, my house was warm
Every book held its own space

Back then, the thunder shook
And cracks became unglued
But slowly, a light poured in
Giving hope for what should have been

Now, the words come slowly
However they do not hesitate
To fill my aching heart with wonder
Heavily, a stone set into place

Today, I am noticing
Familiars that have always been
So much older than any tome
Faith works miracles out of sight
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