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ky Jul 2023
You were like a little kid looking to buy a new toy.

You picked the expensive one because it was
shiny and pretty and new,
but you didn't have enough money.
So you settled for the cheaper toy
even though you wanted the other one
so much more.

Eventually, you were happy.
But you still dreamt of that shiny toy
every time you closed your eyes.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2023
walking daily during my diurnal preamble ramble,
my city-street-eyes are well trained to tread careful,
for numerous are the hazards, but fewer the delights

always on the lookout for the itinerant penny,
I skip a heartbeat and a step, when eyeing a
shiny penny brightness lying in a concrete crack

no longer wonder how came it to be discarded,
who would willing part with such man made beauty,
a shiny penny, methinks, omen for a shiny, brighter day.

but let me share.a secret, relying on your honest discretion,
such pennies collected never ever abide for long in my pocket,
honor bound to redistribute direct, lest I deem myself the lesser

for shiny things unshared, become dulled, outcasts, unbecoming,
‘tis in the shining, value lying,
the things we share,  shine best, including ourselves…
Thu Feb 2
LC Apr 2021
than sweet moments suspended in time
like thick, dark, smooth molasses
resisting the strong pull of gravity
as it flows from a shiny silver spoon.
#escapril day 26!
Aleka Aug 2020
Dear Shiny Star,
Guiding me from above.
There are millions like you,
but none are as bright.

Dear Shiny Star,
So far away from here.
I stretch my arm to touch you,
but I never seem to reach you.

Dear Shiny Star
Do my pleas fall into deaf ears?
Will you ever embrace me into your light,
and take me away from here?

Dear Shiny Star,
We will finally be together.
May our light fade into one,
now that my end is near.
miki Aug 2020
our love was dipped in luxury
and you were made of gold
i always liked pretty shiny things
until they got old
golden eyes, 2am nights
made loving you seem worth it
but secrets, lies, and unresolved fights
made loving you a burden
they could have hung us in the louvre
had we stayed in gold forever
but we were only carat plated
and nickel at our center
Safana Jul 2020
At the end of rain
The earth is soggy
Weather is chilly
And faces are sun
in the shiny
After All wars and battles the world will be peaceful place to dwell when there is nobody living in.
You need a hue in life
If you want me sing my song
At a shiny night
I'll arrive
Your look gives me a feeling as smoking
When kisses become time breaking
& Breaths are left on your neck
Than I couldn't get enough of those Gentle imaginary flick!
kinda like song lyrics!
Riz Mack Apr 2020
A view obscured in clarity
Overlooked in surety
Determined by a nation
inspired by Mrs Timetable's gem, "Crystal clear"
AADI Dec 2019
just looking at sky with northern shiny star ...
luminary AF so you are !
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