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rgz Apr 9
A view obscured in clarity
Overlooked in surety
Determined by a nation
inspired by Mrs Timetable's gem, "Crystal clear"
AADI Dec 2019
just looking at sky with northern shiny star ...
luminary AF so you are !
Andrea Oct 2019
Wake it up on a shiny day
She's always waiting. She's like a predator who patiently waits before attacking you. She waits the perfect moment.
And when it's time, she is fatal.
The Vault Sep 2019
Jewellery and trinkets
Are nothing compared to your hug
Even though
I love a shiny thing
It doesn't matter
When I have your love
Gift or not
I love you deeply
Even if we have neither a penny to our name
zee Apr 2019
i think of people as if they're stars
billions are existing, brightly shining
each star necessary to complete variations of constellations
but when one star dies out, you can never complete it.

much like people,
billions are existing, brightly shining
unaware of the purpose they have
blinded by other's lights they forget their own
forgotten brightness, they forget the purpose they have
in other's lives.
i looked up one night to stop myself from crying but instead i was captured by the most beautiful mess of twinkling stars, almost blinded of how brightly lit they were.
Donna Mar 2019
Hello little stars
I love that you twinkle bright
And make this world smile

Loving the night sky full of wonderful happy shiny stars x
Myrrdin Oct 2018
The moon and the star
Laid back in the sky
Discussing their grievances
"I am just a lifeless rock"
Said the moon
"At least you never have to die"
Said the star
"Yes, but you are at least shiny and dead."
I don't even know.
I have seen a man
watching me stare
at him
with a sense of loss
through a
shiny shiny
mirrored window.
Once I slept
besides a red telephone and
hung up on the
human race.
Again, I have seen that man
watch me stare
at him
with a sense of loss
but this time
through a
less shiny
mirrored window...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
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