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Summer 3d
But what is eternity, if not
a whisper of frost,
landing softly
on the red lily’s lips —
the deadly flower on the other
side of the wall
spidery fangs, stretching claws
a breath away from
a beckoning memory
of our last parting
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
chang cosido Aug 18
Sleep calls from a distance
I turn; on a bed of yesterday's tears
and tomorrow's dreams.
The weight of their expectations
lies heavy like a nursing baby
on my chest.
I do not want it.
I'm afraid the bed is too small
for the both of us.
Kevin Zed Aug 18
Sometimes I wish
I had a graph
Of where I allocate my thoughts
So I could see
In plain, naked sight
How much negativity consumes me
And I'll finally realize
I have so much to be mad about
But a lot to be happy about
annh Aug 24
I rest my head on her shoulder,
The shoulder of the earth;
Cradled in her warmth,
Caught by shifting currents,
Cleansed by ****-frost’s pervasive bite;
Tutored by seasons’ changes.

Musing to myself that she has faith in me,
That I have something to offer her;
Negotiating with my intellect,
Letting my imagination run wild,
Enough to entertain the idea that
I am capable of something more than this.

‘In the end, the bedrock of existence is not made up of the family, or work, or what others say or think of you, but of moments like this when you are exalted by a transcendent power that is more serene than love. Life dispenses them parsimoniously; our feeble hearts could not stand more.’
- Nicolas Bouvier, The Way of the World
ibkreator Jul 10
Liberty tasked to a brass bell
Feigns dull a **** on consequence
Heather wanes wilt oer rosy death on winters mete
Bellowed ripe in reprise a thick on natures breach

In hurried flush a hue sets on sire scalp silken sheath
Feathering fire to lucidious claim a flay
Ambushed by echoes martyr
A drench in brines commence

Set down as thorn on kreep of ivy
A bit to writ
Chucks tic to a tocs tail
Wapping wimp to a mustard sail
Words on me,
Adoring my body.
Poetry in my soul,
Lighting up my insides.
Heart fragile,
Taking in the wild emotions.
Head aches with glory,
Trying to write an unwritten story.
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